I walked out on the deck first thing this morning. I could smell rain. It is coming. The sky is gray. The sun has difficulty breaking through. A rainy day will not hurt.

There has been a rumor floating about in Key West the past several months that the Pier House was for sale. The grand dame of Key West.

The rumor appears to have legitimacy. This week’s Keynoter reports a sale is imminent. A Dallas corporation is interested. The corporation presently owns Key West’s La Concha. The price is not known. It is thought that it will be in the $60 million area.

Dick Jacobs and his group have owned the Pier House since the 1980s. Jacobs is best known as the owner of the Cleveland Indians baseball tea. I recall several years ago that Jacobs was celebrating some event. He brought the whole Cleveland baseball team to Key West to party with him. The party was held in the Wine Galley.

Jacobs unfortunately died in 2009. His family has been operating the Pier House since.

New owners sometime mean changes. I hope the Chart Room and Wine Galley are left alone. You cannot make better what is already perfect. This includes much of the staff also.

Decided to go to the beach yesterday afternoon. Higgs Beach. Me, my sand chair, and towel. I was able to get into the chair with no difficulty. Getting out was another story. Oh, my back!

My back is actually much better. It generally only hurts when I sit in a straight backed chair or try to sit up in bed.

Stayed at the beach a while. Packed. Lovelies running in and out of the water. Good for my old eyes!

Grabbed a fish sandwich at Salute’s afterwards.

Dinner last night was with Lisa and the family. A good meal!

Jake is loved by the entire family and he loves them. What a lucky dog!

Jake and I are having bonding problems. I tend to move towards him too fast when I come in. He jumps and barks in defense. And he does not stop! I am going to have to crawl in on my hands and knees. My deep voice is a problem also. Lisa keeps telling me to talk soft.

My blog talk radio show tomorrow night. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. Nine in the evening. www.blog talkradio.com/key-west-lou.

I am never sure what I am going to talk about till the last minute. News changes by the minute and my thoughts with those changes. Tomorrow’s topics may include the aftermath of the Boston bombings, the dirty Tulsa dentist who gave over 60 people HIV, the news that food poisoning is on the rise, and/or  kilt wearers having a higher sperm count. One of them, all of them. Whatever. Join me.

My friday morning Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You Tube. The Tuesday evening blog talk radio show is archived. If you miss either show at the scheduled time, you can still catch it through either of these sources.

Enjoy your day!




One comment on “PIER HOUSE TO BE SOLD?

  1. Lou, we feel the same about the Pier House.

    “New Owners please don’t change what is perfection”

    Out of all of the wonderful accomodations in Key West, we always opt for the Pier House on our yearly visits. It’s ambience is old Key West, not corporate cookie cutter resort.

    Let’s hope the new owners realize the gem they have in the Pier House property and STAFF included. It ain’t broke so don’t go and make a mess fixing it!

    Best regards,
    John from Jersey

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