What a great day yesterday! Sports and Father’s Day all rolled into one!

I was glued to the TV most of the afternoon and evening. Martin Kaymer shot outstanding golf the whole tournament. Erik Compton became well known to the viewing public not only because of his golf prowess, but also his two heart transplants. The Heat/Spurs game told us what we were beginning to understand. The Spurs were the better team.

In between, it was Father;s Day dinner at Lisa’s.

The family had just returned from the Fort Zach beach as I arrived. Happy Father’s Day hugs and kisses from the grandkids and Lisa.

I missed the Key West Gay Parade. No time. Today’s Key West Citizen reports it was its usual success. Outstanding!

Iraq is beginning to concern me. As I assume it is you. Mass executions of the opposition, mass graves to hold them. Sick people.

Obama has some difficult decisions to make. I am glad it is his job and not mine. The responsibility is ominous.

Dinner tonight with Larry and Christine and daughter Journey. They are soon to leave for a first time trip to Italy. I am playing tour guide.

Enjoy your day!


I received an education last night at the Chart Room. From an active US Marine. The Marine and team have been in Key West for a week training. They leave this morning.

The Marine was a career person. Served already once in Iraq and twice in Afghanistan. An officer.

I got Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia from a different perspective. A learned one. Bush 2 and Obama thrown in, also.

It appeared we do not understand what is going on world wide because we do not know all that is happening. Especially the driving forces/motivations behind decisions.

Education time last night was too short.

I left the Chart Room and walked over to Burger Fi. Very few people. Enjoyed a double cheeseburger and some fries.

Then drove to the Key West Pub. It was a little after 9. The Fabulous Spectrelles were supposed to have started their show at 8:30. I never got out of the car. I could see inside. Three people at the bar and no Spectrelles. It was home for me.

My day yesterday was spent writing next week’s KONK Life column. Children Walking Into America. The 50,000 children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Houndrus who entered the Texas from Mexico this year.

Two major events this weekend in Key West.

My publisher Shirrel Rhoades has arranged a mystery writers event. Mystery Writers of Key West Fest. Today at the Double Tree. Work shops and talks. I am not a mystery writer. If I were, I would attend. This is the first such event and people have booked to attend from all over the United States.

PrideFest Weekend, also. Gay celebration time! Duval will be closed today in the area of 801 and Bourbon Street for a street festival. Tomorrow at 5, the parade. Always a big event! Especially the Gay Pride flag.

In recent days, we have been reading and hearing about the roughly 50,000 children crossing the border from Mexico to Texas. These children are not accompanied by adults. They are their own Pied Pipers. Their trips originated in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Many in our country view immigrants unfavorably. Like criminals. This bunch are different. They are children. Only children. They should be viewed from a different perspective.

We must all keep in mind the words emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty…..Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

Enjoy your day!


The shoulder was still sore yesterday morning, though better. Should I keep my gym appointment? I decided to stop by and tell Albert and see what he thought. No problem, he said. And it was not. He worked my lower body the whole hour. Nothing above the navel. Felt not a twitch in the shoulder.

Though only half my body was exercised, my whole body was tired afterwards! Big time!

I had a manicure/pedicure appointment with Tammy a couple of hours later. I fell asleep during the manicure. Then fell asleep again  during the pedicure.

Stopped briefly at Don’s Place on my way into town last night. Hellos all the way around and I was gone.

I had a 6:30 appointment at the Chart Room to meet Diana Millikan. Diana is a loyal blog reader.

Enjoyed Diana’s company for about an hour. Her home is outside Flint, Michigan. She visits Key West several times a year. Has a birthday coming up the 24th of this month. She is writing her first novel. A mystery.

It was Hot Tin Roof for dinner. Nothing exotic. Shrimp warmed in melted butter and mashed potatoes. Hot Tin Roof has the best mashed potatoes!

Joseph stopped by to say hello. He is the general manager. He does an excellent job running the Hot Tin Roof. Josh was bartending.

The humidity gets heavier by the day. Rained big time during the night. Woke me a couple of times. Raining right now. Sky black. May rain all day. No question, the rainy season has arrived.

Medical marijuana is going to be on the November ballot in Florida. An opposition group is running a cute ad: Don’t Let Florida Go To Pot.

There was an interesting editorial in this morning’s Key West Citizen. Opposed to medical marijuana’s approval. Claimed today’s pot not the same as Mom and Dad smoked in the 1980s. Today’s is increased in potency fourfold and therefore presents a danger.

This marijuana thing can be confusing. It was used for medicinal purposes during the Civil War. Although banned, use went crazy in the 1970s and has continued in varying degrees. Billions have been spent to catch and incarcerate those who smoke and sell the dirty weed. Jails are expensive. More monies have been spent trying to put growers out of business.

It is realistic to say attempts have failed. Several States permit medical marijuana use. Colorado now allows recreational use. Lets stop chasing a dead horse. Marijuana use is like gay marriage. Its time has come.

A great sport day! The US Open and Heat/Spurs game. I am going to enjoy!

Enjoy your day!