What a great day yesterday! Sports and Father’s Day all rolled into one!

I was glued to the TV most of the afternoon and evening. Martin Kaymer shot outstanding golf the whole tournament. Erik Compton became well known to the viewing public not only because of his golf prowess, but also his two heart transplants. The Heat/Spurs game told us what we were beginning to understand. The Spurs were the better team.

In between, it was Father;s Day dinner at Lisa’s.

The family had just returned from the Fort Zach beach as I arrived. Happy Father’s Day hugs and kisses from the grandkids and Lisa.

I missed the Key West Gay Parade. No time. Today’s Key West Citizen reports it was its usual success. Outstanding!

Iraq is beginning to concern me. As I assume it is you. Mass executions of the opposition, mass graves to hold them. Sick people.

Obama has some difficult decisions to make. I am glad it is his job and not mine. The responsibility is ominous.

Dinner tonight with Larry and Christine and daughter Journey. They are soon to leave for a first time trip to Italy. I am playing tour guide.

Enjoy your day!


To all fathers, Happy Father’s Day! Recognition earned and well deserved. Ain’t easy to be a father!

Who do we thank for Father’s Day? The idea began in 1910. A woman named Sonora Dodd started pushing the concept. It took hold a bit, and then kerplunk! The idea bounced around, was suggested off and on, over the years. It started taking hold again with World War II.

President Johnson signed a Proclamation in 1966 declaring the 3rd Sunday in June to be known as Father’s Day. President Nixon made it law. He signed the necessary legislation in 1972.

Walked yesterday. In Home Depot. That is where I will be walking for the next three months. The humidity is already a killer!

Researched further in preparation for my Tuesday blog talk radio show. Some interesting points of information will be discussed. Like Merkel and the Muslims, England and the Muslims, the Kurds and oil companies, the US Supreme Court permitting a lawsuit against Coke for false advertising, a skirt a half inch too short, the impact on Boeing of Eric Cantor’s defeat, and more.

Bobby Nesbitt and a prime rib! Last night at Marriott Beachside’s Tavern ‘n Town. A great combination! Nothing better!

Don’t forget PrideFest’s parade tonight beginning at 5. One of the best of the year!

Enjoy your Sunday!



“She burned too bright for the world.”

Spoken of another Cathy. Cathy of Wuthering Heights.

The words befitting our Cathy.

Cathy Hollner was my friend. She was everyone’s friend in Key West. A lovely charming person.

I first met Cathy at La Trattoria. Probably where we all met her. Kathy was a bartender and waitress. Always a smile. Always a cheerful greeting. I sometimes went to La Trattoria for no other reason than to enjoy Cathy’s company. We had similar backgrounds. Both from upstate New York. She, Albany. Me, Utica. We agreed we hated northern winters. We agreed Key West was the place to be.

Cathy got sick about three years ago. What, I am not certain. Whatever, it was worthy of several operations, The first in Miami. The surgeries and ailment took their toll. She went from a good figured woman to pathetically thin. Non recognizable. That bad.

During her illness, we spoke a few times on the phone. She telephoned me last about a month ago. Just to talk.

I saw her last about two weeks ago in Publix. I almost did not recognize her. She was even thinner. Drawn. We hugged and kissed. She told me she was getting better. She had gained 10 pounds. I could not see it.

Cathy died a couple of days ago. Sad. Very sad. I hurt.

There is a service scheduled tomorrow at one in the afternoon. At an appropriate place. La Trattoria. I will be there. As will most of Key West.

On a happier note, today is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to all who so qualify. We deserve such a day!

Yesterday was a quiet one for me. I read and watched the PGA. A tough course! Sloan snuck in for an hour. I am still learning how to post photos. Published a few to WordPress and Facebook. Anna stopped by to iron some shirts and shorts for me for Europe. I leave Thursday.

For whatever reason, I thought I was leaving Wednesday. Good thing I checked my itinerary. I can see myself standing at the Delta counter at the airport saying there must be some mistake…..can you get me on anyhow?

Florence and Venice have been added to the trip. Both places will be a first for me.

It was bocce banquet time last night at Turtle Krall. I was not up to it. Too much partying recently. Needed a light meal and sleep. No drinking.

I had dinner at Roostica. A strange sounding name. It is Bobby Mongelli’s new Italian restaurant on Stock Island. Second time I have gone.

Outstanding! Roasted chicken and potatoes. Just like my mother used to make.

The place was packed. Tables turning over. Bobby’s got another winner. He also owns Hogfish.

Today a special time in Key West history. The 45th anniversary of the Chart Room. A celebration party is scheduled from 5-8. I will be there. I would not miss it.

Marty, I hope you come in for the party! I have not seen you in ages.

Enjoy your Sunday!