Sunday…..Day of rest! I bought it yesterday. I rested till dinner time.

The only interruption, not really an interruption, was when Lisa and the family showed up. They had been to Sugarloaf dropping off Cameron at his mother’s. Cameron was returning to FSU yesterday.

Robert and Ally are starting school today. All excited! These kids love school!

My rest time was not lying around necessarily doing nothing. Though it did take up a portion of the time. I read a bit. The FDR book. The Mantle of Command.

This week’s KONK Life column has to do with the surrender of Singapore without a fight and the refusal of Indian and Australian troops to assist the British if there was to be a fight. I became aware of the circumstance while reading the FDR book. It motivated further research and resulted in the column.

Dinner at Roostica. Me and the FDR book.

Yesterday was also my 57th wedding anniversary. Rather would have been were I still married. We only made it 52 years. For some inexplicable perverted reason, I celebrated the 57th at Roostica’s. There are still memories.

Ferguson, Missouri again last night. The National Guard had to be called in. The mess is getting worse with the looting and destruction. On the other hand, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The police militarized assault at the beginning struck the match that got the thing started.

Ferguson reminds me of the 1950’s Hungarian Revolution.

Government will win in  the end. That is the way it is. At what price, however?

Enjoy your day!




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