Every Sunday at 9, Larry Smith presents his Sunday Showcase. I attended last night. To enjoy my friend Ray Sigismondi’s electric guitar playing.

I arrived an hour early. The Wine galley was already filling up. Fortunately, I was able to grab a table near the wall.

Ray was the featured entertainer. Backing him were the lovely Kathleen Peace and Christine Cordone. Two of the best female voices in Key West. Larry at the piano, of course.

The program was Rock and Roll. The entire show.

To say the performance was outstanding, does not do it credit. It was several levels above. Best may be the proper adjective. Best of the best more correct.

Attendance was overwhelming. Extra tables had to be set out on the deck for those who could not get inside. Ray and the ladies periodically went outside and worked through the crowd.

Picture the scene. Rock and roll. Loud and blaring. From another generation. Guests from that generation whooping it up. Men and women alike. Waving their arms over their heads, jumping up. Some dancing in the crowded aisles inside and out. Faces smiling. Eyes bright with excitement.

This was their night.

Larry, you did yourself proud!

Before the show began, a lovely woman came up to me and asked if I was Key West Lou. Her name was Faye. She lives in Melbourne. She is a loyal reader of this blog.

I was thrilled to meet her.

I kept my eye on Faye. She had a very good time!

She was sitting with friends at a table nearby. Her body moving to the music when the show began. Then her eyes wide. Bright and shining. Her lips mouthing the words. Soon she was standing in an open space. The Wine galley was very crowded. She was dancing in place to the music. The radiant smile continuously on her face.

Whether seated or standing, Faye’s body never stopped moving. This was her music from her time. She was enjoying every note.

As were the other guests. Everyone moving in one fashion or another. Even me. Though not as much as most. My conservative self being difficult to override.

I caught Ali from England dancing. She was out on the deck dancing with another lady as the Rolling Stone ensemble was performed. Her husband John inside. Waving his arms over his head. Periodically jumping up from his seat.

Many friends in attendance. Larry’s friends, also. Amongst others, Pati, Aaron and Karen, Tom and Nancy, Mary Deasy, and Key West’s Southernmost Shrink Doc Covan. The good doctor having been so introduced by Larry.

A lady sitting near me leaned over during the show and whispered…..I think larry is very sexy! I  never saw him in that light. Whatever. Sexy Larry was born last night. He will be so referred to from this point forward.

Larry, my friend, I could not resist.

Permit a digression. Tomorrow night is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Please join me at 9. I promise a fun filled informative half hour.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thanks Lou, This show was alot of fun to perform and we had such a great crown getting into the music. Perfect evening

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