Big night ahead! Larry Smith opens at La Te Da at 9. Everyone will be there. A new gig and a new opening for Larry.

See you there!

My day started yesterday at 5 am. As I explained in yesterday’s blog, I was like four days late in getting my KONK Life column to Guy. Rose early and got it done! A lesson learned. Get it out on time next time.

The column is interesting. It concerns banks and a new game they are playing… I describe it as whorish conduct.

I spent part of the afternoon at Don’s Place watching pro football. Larry was there. We chatted a bit. He asked why I was not at Unity Church in morning. He played. Next week perhaps, I told him.

Aaron stopped by. The Jewish holidays are over. For some reason I cannot fathom, Sy Turret has been on my mind this past week. Of the Jewish faith. He transplanted from New York City to Utica. Sy was a court stenographer. We were close friends for many years. A better person could not be found. Sy has been dead at least 10 years now.

Marty Leshaw is a transplanted New Yorker to South Florida. A court reporter, also. He and Sy were cut from the same bolt of cloth. Typical New Yorkers. Loud, boisterous and friendly. I believe Marty and I became good friends because he reminded me of Sy so much.

I become more impressed with Don as time goes on. He has become a Key West icon. The world can be found at Don’s Place. Many stop in to meet him. He has become Joe of Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony. It is his time.

The five days of steroids got rid of my back/leg pain. However, it created another problem.

I have heart problems. Occasionally my ankles swell. Not healthy. Five years ago, Dr. McIvor got the problem under control. I no longer needed water pills. I was proud of my thin ankles. The steroids accumulate sodium in the body. My ankles are big again! It has been a week since I stopped taking the steroids. I am back on water pills. The ankles have yet to budge. Could be a real problem. The last time I had swelling, it took a whole year to correct.

The water pill encourages bathroom activity. I woke in th middle of the night. My bladder needed emptying. I have lived in my Key West home for 16 years. I walk from my bed to the master bathroom at night in the dark. No problem. Till last night. I walked into the door jam instead. Head first!

The King and Queen race will soon come to an end. Please remember to do your thing for my friend ML.

Fantasy Fest itself is around the corner. Eleven days to Goombay.

Enjoy your day!


I went to Church yesterday. I did.

I am a fallen away Catholic. I did it all. Altar boy, Catholic grammar school, high school and college. Sang in the choir and processions on high holy days. I did a good Pange Lingua.

The last time I went to Church/Catholic mass, the Pope died. For real. The very same day in 1978.

I had not been to Church in years. Was asked to be Godfather at a Baptism. Meant mass and communion first. Did it all. Went to confession and the next day mass.

The Pope was John Paul I. His claim to fame was he died 33 days after becoming Pope. I figured if going to Church did that, better I stayed away. Joking, of course. To be frank however, the thought did occur to me.

The church was Unity. Full name Unity of the Keys Spiritual Center located on the corner of Virginia and Watson. All of two blocks from Don’s Place.

Larry Smith is responsible for the Unity Church visit. He had played there last week and told me how different Unity was, etc. I decided to give it a try. I worried the roof might fall in. It still stands.

Interesting service. Interesting minister. Interesting people. I sat in the very last seat in the very last row. Tried to look inconspicuous. Good luck! This is a hugging hand holding congregation. I was discovered and made a part of the service.

Parking is a problem. Unity has permission to use Bare Assets’ lot. Two blocks away. I was given a Bare Assets parking card to place on my dashboard.

Unity is truly a Key West place. Unity, Don’s Place, and Bare Assets…..all within two blocks of each other.

Will I return. I don’t know. We shall see.

From church to Don’s Place for sunday afternoon pro football. Watched the Buffalo Bills game. What else! Chatted with Don, David, Keith, Angus, and Larry. Met Sue and Gerry. Gerry is Jerry spelled with a G. Husband and wife, they are from Depew, NY, a community outside Buffalo. They were at Don’s to watch the Bills game. I asked how they knew it would be featured at Don’s Place. The internet!

Gerry is a nurse practitioner. He is in cardiology. His specialty aortic stenosis. The problem that concerns my heart doctor the most about me. Wife Sue is a nurse, also. A unit charge nurse at another hospital. They have two children, 22 and 20.

Good people. I hope they return to Key West.

Sunday dinner was with Lisa and family. Her mother in law Karen is visiting. She is a vegan. Karen cooked. The meal was 100 percent vegan. A first time for me. Ok. However, I am not ready to change my eating habits. I enjoy beef, chicken and fish too much.

The Ryder Cup, the Ryder Cup. What can any of us say? The tide will turn. It is the law of nature. Watson as captain failed to impress me. It was his attitude more than anything else. I thought Mickelson was correct in speaking out. Mickelson and Watson are golf greats. Merely from different eras.

Navy pilots on the way. Boca Chica Naval Base is 8 miles outside Key West. The USS Ronald Reagan will be in and the pilots will be training till mid October. There will be a lot of whites on Duval!

This is Man of La Mancha day. The Broadway musical and Hollywood film based on Miguel de Cervantes novel Don Quixote. Today is the birthday of Miguel de Cervantes. The novel was written in the early 1600’s.

Don Quixote…..he fought windmills, was the knight-errant, the last of chivalrous men. He dreamed the impossible dream. He loved and sought to protect Dulcinea.

A moving insight into the unattainable.

Enjoy your day!