Two things bugged me yesterday. Though I have labeled them in the title as the complaints of an old man, they are such that would bother an adult of any age.

Publix. I was grocery shopping around 10 yesterday morning. A good crowd of shoppers. Such as one would expect on a Saturday morning. With all those people and all the carts they were pushing, why did Publix pick that time to stock its shelves? Boxes stacked here and there in every aisle. Stock clerks busy.

It was no fun shopping. For anyone!

Next came the Syracuse/Pitt football game. I was surprised to find it being shown on TV. It was on channel 3. Six minutes to go in the last quarter. The score 17-16. Syracuse down by one point. Syracuse had just gotten possession of the football via an interception or fumble. All of a sudden, I was watching another game. The station never went back to the Syracuse/Pitt game.

Can you blame me for being upset? Syracuse lost, by the way. 17-16.

My morning yesterday started with an early visit with Tammy for a manicure. Then to Publix. Following which I visited Larry Smith.

Larry is home convalescing from surgery. Double knee replacement. The surgery was done about 10 days ago. Larry was half propped up in the middle of his bed. There was a machine moving his leg up and down. The machine was periodically moved to the other knee.

Larry’s walking is limited to a walker to and from the bathroom.

He looked good. Apparently convalescing well. He was calm. Unusual for Larry. I suspect it was the pain pills.

I enjoyed my visit with Larry and Christine. Christine, always the dutiful wife,  was constantly doing her part. Move the machine, a new setting, etc. Whatever Larry needed. A terrific woman! A first class wife!

The World Upside Down has a review. On In Italian so I do not know if it is good or bad.

The adage that you get what you pay for always seems to run true. Two years ago, a friend bought me a large flat screen TV. Forty five inches. It was purchased over the internet. When delivered, the delivery guy carried it in and set it up. Great service.

I looked for the brand name on the set. Could not find one. Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth, however.

The TV died this week. I had Tim Reynolds in to evaluate the situation. The problem has to do with the picture part. He told me I would be better off buying a new one.

I sense the purchase price was a bargain.  The set lasted only two years. An example of getting what you pay for.

My TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour is available on You Tube. Enter Key West Lou and the date of the show. The show is each Friday so it is easy to recall the date. The show will come out on top and be easy to click on.

I share this information with you to simplify things. I thought all one had to enter was Key West Lou. The show did come up but was buried amongst my shows for the past year. By putting in the date, no further searching is involved.

I am probably going to irritate some people now. I do not mean to do so. However, I have an opinion I feel compelled to express.

The deal with Iran announced in the last 24 hours bothers me. I question the trustworthiness of the Iranians. I question the competence of Kerry to have made the deal. I worry about Obama embracing it.

My experience business wise has always been that when doing business with a Middle Easterner, he would shake my hand with one hand while picking my pocket with the other. Or, at least trying.

The deal concerns me.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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