I am down this morning. I just heard about a dear friend in Utica. Her husband e-mailed me. She has been diagnosed with cancer. Everywhere. Breasts, lungs and spine. Plus a mass in the pelvic area larger than a softball. The doctors are still testing to determine if the mass is cancerous.

A sweet woman. Never hurt a soul. Her husband my best friend.

In a split second, the world turns. Life changes.

Don’s 60th birthday party last night at Don’s Place. Packed! Larry Smith and his group entertained. Christine and the lovely Kathleen Peace singing. Ray on the guitar. Skipper on the drums. A loud night.

The crowd was a three way combination. Don’s friends, Larry’s followers from the Wine Galley, and Don’s usual friday night crowd. A good time was had by all!

Don is one of the finest people I have met in my lifetime. I feel fortunate to have met him. We are friends. I wish him sixty more years!

Hershel and Erika are in town. They left Key West several months ago for a northern state. They flew in for Don’s party. Good people! Love them both!

I saw something last night I never thought I would again. Gas under $3! $2.99 at the K-Mart station on the boulevard. My sense is the price will continue its downward trend for a  while.

Every time I think about the price of gas, I recall its cost when I first got a driver’s license. $.16 a gallon! Would you believe!

Today is Joyce Kilmer’s birthday. He died in World War I at the age of 31. He was part of the Fighting 69th.

Kilmer was a poet. Trees being one of his finest compositions. The best lines…..”I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…..Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree.”

Syracuse basketball tonight. Play St. John’s. A former Big East foe. Syracuse is a 7.5 point favorite. I hope.

I recall when Lou Carnesecca coached St. John’s. A short, thin amiable sort. A powerful sense of humor.

I met Lou two times. The first in Utica. My son was chairing the United Fun Drive. The final dinner a big deal. We were able to get Carnesecca as guest speaker with Jim Boeheim’s assistance. We met prior to the dinner. My father was with us. Carnesecca said several nice things about my Dad during his speech.

Lou would not take pay for his attendance and speech. Only asked that his plane ticket and motel be covered. That is the kind of guy he was.

The second time I saw him was about a year later. I was in New York City to see the Syracuse/St. John’s game at Madison Square Garden. My seats were first row behind the St. John’s bench. Lou saw me and came over to chat for a few moments.

Lou Carnesecca is still alive. He is 89. God bless him!

Dinner tonight with my Buffalo friends Tom and Fran. We are meeting at the Chart Room and then off to Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The third consecutive night I have been out on the town. For a while there, I thought I had slowed down.

Enjoy your day!


Their birth dates crossed. Don and Jennifer. Don 60, Jennifer 30.

A birthday dinner took place last night. To celebrate the occasion for both. Some two dozen people. At Benihana. Don and Jennifer both enjoy Benihana.

A good time!

Tonight, another birthday party. For Don alone. Sixty is sort of milestone. Starting at 6 at the outside bar.

Larry and Christine will be entertaining. Together with the wonderful Kathleen Peace. A voice! I suspect Ray will be there also playing a wicked guitar.

A huge crowd is expected. Should be a great party!

I spent a lot of time yesterday working on next week’s KONK Life column. It discusses the loss of the American dream. I still have about four hours more writing ahead of me today or tomorrow.

Pope Francis did it again! He tolerates little disagreement. He fired the head of the Swiss Guard. The Pope considered him too Teutonic. That’s calling it as you see it!

This Pope continues to impress. He goes out of his way to help the poor.

Rome’s homeless have few places to bathe. The Pope ordered three showers built in the heart of historic St. Peter’s Square for them.

The saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness has to play in here somewhere.

Enjoy your day!


An interesting title! Only peripherally related to some of yesterday’s happenings.

I was at Don’s Place last night for the Syracuse/Notre Dame game. Dave sitting next to me. He watching his Ohio State team win big time. I watching Syracuse take a drubbing from Notre Dame. Thank god for basketball! Otherwise, I might never get to cheer and feel good about a Syracuse team.

Don and Steph had gone to the movies and then stopped by. Dave, Don and Steph all left me at the end of the Ohio State game. There was yet the final half of the Syracuse game to play. It was a boring game.

Mary Todd became the wife of Abraham Lincoln. Mary Todd had nothing to do with last night. Mary and Todd did.

Mary and Todd are newly settled in Key West. About two weeks. Mary is originally from Don’s area in upstate New York. She grew up in Dunkirk. Todd is out of Pittsburg.

Todd is a banker. Prefers a smaller banking operation as opposed to a larger one. He has worked for banks in Phoenix and Naples 16 years combined. He wants Key West and one of its smaller banks. I am sure he will find the position he seeks.

I was more interested in Mary. Turns out Mary has been religiously reading my blog since 2007. Welcome to Key West, Mary! I love you!

The two have already settled in. They are living in Peary Court. A 20ish daughter living with them.

I look forward to sharing their company more.

One of the Yacht Club staff stopped in. I am forgetful. Could not recall her name. It was good to see her, however. We talked of Greece.

Jackson Pollack! One of the greats of the art world! He came into the picture yesterday with grandson Robert.

Ally has been painting. Easel, canvases, etc. She draws/sketches well. Still getting into the actual painting thing.

Robert has not wanted to participate. I feel bad since I am spending so much time with Ally. I do not wish him to feel neglected.

Turns out Robert does want to paint. His way!

He took a canvas outside and with brush and otherwise threw several different colors on the canvas. A Jackson Pollack masterpiece!

Robert came back into the house. Both Robert and the canvas were totally covered in paint. Lisa had Robert in the shower immediately.

Afterwards, I took Robert to the computer and showed him that some artists do paint in the fashion he had. One being Jackson Pollack.

I suspect I now have two artists in the making.

I spent my day otherwise working on next week’s KONK Life column. It will have to do with banks. The enemy of all!

Banks have a new game they are playing. It is called de-risking. They are dumping certain groups of customers. Those that might reflect unfavorably upon a bank. Like adult porn stars. What bugs me is that they still handle Mexican and Latin American drug cartel monies and those of terrorist groups. Billions in fees to be made. I call it hypocrisy.

Oh my Syracuse! I knew we would lose last night. Ergo, I was not disappointed. Syracuse played a good first quarter. Part of the second also. That was it. Notre Dame remains undefeated and ranked 8th nationwide.

I am going to Church this morning! The roof will probably cave in.

Larry Smith has been playing at Unity Church. He said I should hear the preacher. His sermons are fantastic. Not hail and brimstone as we Catholics were raised. Rather love. I will let you know what I think.

Enjoy your Sunday!



All good things come to an end. Fortunately and unfortunately. My Friday morning TV/internet show The Key West Lou Legal Hour will no longer be aired.

I started with KONK six years ago doing an internet show. Two years ago moved over to WEYW television which joined television and the internet together for me. The reception has been fantastic! People in many countries watched the show.

I will still be doing my blog talk radio show tuesday evenings, writing my once a week column for KONK Life, and writing my daily blog.

The television show was fun to do. Hard work, also. It took 10-12 hours a week to prepare for the show. Hard to believe. My plate was becoming full. Publishing my first book recently made me anxious to do another. I was working as hard as I did when I was practicing law. Something had to give.

The bottom line is there will be a new book out sooner than I thought. I am restructuring my day so as to work on it at least 3 hours a day.

This week’s KONK Life is on the stands today. You must read it. I am the cover. Me all alone. The cover page in effect announces my new book. I thank KONK’s owner Guy de Boer for providing the opportunity to further publicize The World Upside Down.

Terri White is back in the news! It was announced yesterday that Terri has received the New York Cabaret Award for 2013. The award is for The Best One-Show Special Event of 2013. It was for Terri’s performance at 54 Below, Broadway’s premier supper club. Good girl, Terri! Go!

Interestingly, Terri was blackballed on Broadway in the early 1980s when it was discovered she was gay. Now she receives awards. As the world turns.

I had a good time last night. Don and I went out together. To the Chart Room. Stayed a long time. Chatted with Emily, Peter, Sean, and Sheila. Don is good company to be out on the town with. I was the designated driver, of course.

Enjoy your day!


I appreciate I am being repetitive. However, there is no question about it. There is no place like home!

For whatever reason, I missed Key West the past two months while running around Europe. Missed family, friends and haunts. It is good to be back!

I write this blog each morning from my kitchen counter. I sit by the glass sliding doors to the deck and ocean. Always open.

It poured heavy this morning. Stopped just a few minutes ago. It was a pleasure to hear, smell and taste the rain. Key West rain! Ain’t nothing like it anywhere!

Jet lag is still with me. Not bad. However, consistent. It will probably last another 3-4 days.

Because of the heavy head caused by the jet lag, I hung around the house by day yesterday. Did a bit of writing and a bit of sleeping.

Last night started with the Chart Room. At 5, it was only Emily and me. She makes the best popcorn in town!

A group of guys came in. One was Carl Grooms. A relatively new face in Key West. He has been here 1-2 years. Last night was the first time we met.

Carl has an interesting background. His parents were in the diplomatic service. He did not reside in the United States till he was 15. He graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy. Joined the Navy. Became a jet pilot. Retired early. Went to the Wharton School of Business for his Master’s. Now into business for himself.

Wharton makes bankers. Banking did not interest him. He went into computers and the internet. The business which he operates from Key West is known as Flying Fish Apps. He and his team have created an app that will direct everyone where to drink, eat, events, music, etc. as it happens in Key West. Press the button and you have it all! An exclusive Key West where to go, what to see app.

I wish Carl good luck! He is committed. He cannot miss.

Don’s Place was my next stop. David and I sat together chatting. Bocce the big item of discussion. The new season starts thursday.

Don came in. He had just returned from his annual one month summer vacation in Indiana. It was good to see him again. Unquestionably one of the nicest guys in Key West.

Don enjoys a beer or two or more a day. However, he does not drink at all while in Indiana, except when he plays golf. He played golf three times. It was back to beer for him last night!

Mikey was bartending. It was good to see him again. I like his wife better.

I go back to work Tuesday night. My blog talk radio show will be live again. A quick half hour of interesting chatter. I can tell you now that most of the show will be devoted to the increasing power of the Nazi party in Greece. The media does not talk about it. I do not know why. The situation is real and frightening.

During the eight weeks I was gone and off the air, there was no blog talk show. My old shows are archived, however. As indicated in the past, few listen to my show at the appointed time on Tuesday evenings. However around 2,000 listen to the archive during the week. Even in my absence the past two months, from 600 to 1,000 listened to an archived show at some time each week.

Sloan. A wonder! She was my girl in Key West while I was away. Anything I needed or thought should be done was an e mail message to her. Sloan performed admirably. She handled everything efficiently and expeditiously.

Thank you, Sloan.

Enjoy your day!



There is a sense of pride in living on an island where writers such as Ernest Hemingway and Tennessee Williams once resided.

Williams lived in Key West for well over 30 years. As I mentioned earlier this week, his former home is one block from Lisa’s.

Today’s Key West  Citizen notes in its Keys History section that on this day in 1955 “…Key West resident Tennessee Williams” received the Pulitzer Prize for his Broadway hit Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

I never saw the play. I did see the first movie made of the play. It starred Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman.

Thunder by the ocean is special. At least to me. I have always enjoyed the booming sound while next to the water. I recall years ago when I frequented the Jersey Shore. I would sit on a bench during a heavy rainstorm under an umbrella enjoying the drama of it all.

Yesterday was a similar morning in Key West. It thundered all morning. My home is on the water. No need for a bench or umbrella. It was a thundering morning followed by some heavy rains.

The weather forecast is for similar rains today. At the moment, it is overcast. No rain yet. My concern is that tonight is bocce. We cannot play on a wet/flooded court.

I worked most of yesterday on friday’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. Some terrific topics. Like the Catholic Church becoming too political, a millionaire child support fight, cancer doctors attacking drug companies, psychiatric hospital patient dumping, money rip offs  such as Karzai, extra terrestrial hearings and Con Edison, what we are not told about Social Security, the Bangladesh building  collapse, horse meat being produced in the United States, Syria and chemical weapons, the Japanese war crimes trials, Machiavelli, Joe DiMaggio, and more.

A combination of diverse subjects. A lot to cover. It will be a fast moving interesting hour. Join me. Via television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. World wide on the internet. Ten in the morning my time.

Last night started at Don’s Place. Don wanted to join me for dinner. We stopped at the Chart Room first. Ran into fellow Manhattan College alumnus Jack Kelley. The three of us went over to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. The dinner conversation was interesting.

While I was at the Chart Room, a fellow by the name of Jerry came over to introduce himself. He is a local, though we had not met before. He lives on White Street. He told me he reads this blog every day. Thank you, Jerry. And thank you to every one else who does so also.

I screwed up already this morning. I had a 9 am appointment with my heart doctor. Not to get the results of my CAT scan. Rather for a 4 month check up of how I am doing in a special study I agreed to be a part of. Has to do with fish oil and specifically how it affects the heart. Some miniature aspect is being studied. World wide. I am one of many in the study.

I forgot blood work was involved. Fasting blood work. I ate. Must return monday at 9 to do it correctly.

Enjoy your day!




Book review time! I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday morning.

The book is a trilogy. The three volumes fast moving. The author is a woman. E. L. James. I specify her sex since from my perspective it is a woman’s book written by a woman.

Fifty Shades is #1 on the New York Times best seller list. It is being read world wide. Book stores keep running out.

Fifty Shades is a love novel. Again, written by a woman for women. Not generally the type of book men read. Too lovey dovey.

My sense is the book is going to raise sex to another level.

Sex and love are big time in the novel. They are integrated. One.

I am 77. This is the fourth time in my life that I have seen something occur which affected societal mores.

The birth control pill became popular in the 1960s. It freed women from the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Pre-marital sex and promiscuity were rampant. The female was liberated.  Women were able to have sex like men without the fear of consequence.

The pill elevated sex to a new level.

Then came the Joy of Sex. A 1972 novel. Explained the mechanics of sex. Advised men and women how to better enjoy sex.

The major piece of information in the book was the clitoris. Not known as well then as it is today. Hard to believe, but that is how it was.  Women were generally only enjoying vaginal orgasms. The clitoral revelation made it possible for them to enjoy clitoral orgasms. And for some, orgasms for the first time.

Joy of Sex was an international best seller, #1 on the New York Times best seller list.

Once more sex was elevated to a new level.

In 1981 and 1982, two relatively small studies were done regarding the g-spot. Medical science had been aware of the g-spot since the 1940s. A Dr. Grafenberg identified it by name in the 1950s. The g was taken from the first letter of his last name.

Some men’s sex magazine became aware of the studies. Playboy or Penthouse, perhaps. A major article was written. The thrust was that a man’s knowledge and use of the g-spot would place him in a position to better satisfy his woman.

The g-spot raised sex to even a further level.

Now comes Fifty Shades. No question a love novel. Different, however. BD/SM is the primary method of sexual play and expression.

More women than men are reading Fifty Shades. Most will want sex to provide the pleasures reflected in the book. The belief being that  BD/SM will provide increased sexual satisfaction.

Fifty Shades elevates sex to another level. Just as the pill, Joy of Sex, and the g-spot did.

Exploration time in the bedroom again!

Lets move to the more mundane.

Last night was fun! Jenna and Krystal were my guests for drinks and dinner. It was the Chart Room and Hot Tin Roof.

After the ladies left,  I stopped into the Chart Room again. Che was at the bar. I said hello. Did not have a drink. Told Che I was heading over to Don’s Place. He opted to follow me in his car.

Don was at the bar talking with Stan. I joined them. Bocce the conversation. We are team mates.

I missed Thursday night bocce this week. I was behind with the material for my Friday show. Every time I do not play, my team wins!
There has to be a message in that. The team beat Larry’s team 2-1.

Che arrived. The conversation changed. All sort of problems were discussed. The conversation got cerebral. I left. My head could take no more.

Syracuse beat Missouri in football yesterday 31-27. Good for Syracuse! A struggling team this year. They are now 6-5.

Today Syracuse basketball! One pm. I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Pub.

Syracuse is playing Wagner. A warm up game for Syracuse. Syracuse should win easily.

My Utica good friend Gus graduated from Wagner. It would have been nice if we could have watched the game together.

The college football picture was screwed up big time yesterday. Both Kansas State and Oregon lost. Notre Dame is the only undefeated major college team. Notre Dame has to get by USC next week to stay numero uno.

Enjoy your Sunday!





It is here again! Fantasy Fest! It began last night. With Goombay.

Goombay is a Caribbean street festival. Blocks of food, drink and trinkets. A rap band at one end. The streets very crowded.

My evening started just before 6 at the Chart Room. I was to meet Don and Chris. The bar was empty when I arrived. A table was full. Sheila, David and Ollie. And a woman I did not know. I said my hellos and payed no attention to the strange lady. When I turned to the bar, Emily says that woman is Charlotte and she is waiting for you.

First let me say I do not know what I would do without Emily. She has become Key West Lou’s personal assistant.

I immediately recalled Charlotte. She is a loyal reader of this blog. We have been communicating on Facebook. We ended up in each other’s arms and exchanged excited greetings.

Charlotte is extremely lovely. Turns out last night was an evening of all lovlies. Charlotte lives somewhere in North Carolina. Lives on a boat. The past ten years. She works for United Health Care. My supplemental and drug policies. Travels a lot for her company. This was her fourth trip to Key West this year. Her Key West trips are on her own. She is a Key Wester at heart. I enjoyed her company and look forward to seeing her at the Chart Room again during the week.

Don and Chris arrived. My Syracuse friends. They both travel a lot for business. Key West is their second home, though they still stay at the Casa Marina. Don looked shot. Chris terrific, as usual. They both had returned from a China business trip the day before.

They arrived with two lovely ladies. One was either Don or Chris’ sister. I cannot remember exactly. Marla is the sister. Her friend Kathie was with her.

Both ladies work for Phillips Distilling in Minneapolis. Marla is Design Director. She is in charge of all labeling. Kathie is Director of Marketing. More importantly, Marla is a loyal blog reader. Thank you Marla!

Phillips is the producer of UV Voldka. All those flavors! The proud distiller of Old Grandad back when.

Marla and Kathie recently did a TV show for Lifetime Network. They were the stars! Promoting Phillip’s products, of course. They even had Joe Biden on the show.They showed me a photo taken of the Vice President holding a bottle of beer Phillips named after him. The Vice President had a broad grin on his face.

Before our time together ended, we had circled the bar stools and were all talking. Charlotte included.

I had an appointment to meet Don of Don’s Place. I was off and away. Walked to Petronia Street where Goombay is held. Stopped into 801 looking for Don. No Don. No one I knew. 801 is Key West’s premier gay bar. Don and friends were to meet there and then head into the mass across the street that was Goombay. I missed them.

I walked the several blocks of Goombay. Said hello to many people I knew. Stopped and chatted a few minutes with some. Ate and drank a bit. Finally ended up at the bandstand at the end of the street. Everyone enjoying rap.

Made my way back to Blue Heaven. The second designated meeting place for Don and friends. Don and everyone were at the bar.

Goombay is Don’s party. Everyone is his guest at 801 and then Blue Heaven. Don has a heart of gold.

It was Don’s Place and the bocce team transplanted to Blue Heaven. Don, Stephanie, David, Joanie, Herschel, Erika, Keith, Angus, Sandy, Frankie, and I cannot recall who else.

Frankie is a man of many talents. He is Key West’s premier plumber. He is the man when a toilet is plugged! He is also my bocce partner. Probably the best bocce player in Key West. Last night I discovered he was a musician, also.

The band was on a second level. Up there in the lights was Frankie beating the drums.

It was hot. I was hot. A humid evening to begin. Add the mass of people to the humidity and it could become unbearable. It did for me. So much so that when I arrived at Blue Heaven, I ordered a cold bottle of beer. A Budweiser. David was shocked. He had never seen me drink antything but gin.

I do not like beer. Have never liked it. It did cool me a bit. However, I had that sour after taste. I shall stay with gin from now on. Last night was my first deviation in 45 years. There will not be another.

On the walk back to my car, I ran into Ollie. Ollie is a recent friend. He is a candidate for the Mosquito Control Board. An important position in the Keys. He was with two lovely ladies. I told you earlier, it was an evening of lovely ladies. They were his sisters.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday. Many today topics discussed. The one that garnered the most interest was my discussion of the NFL’s tax status. It is tax exempt. You read it correctly. It has 501(c)(6) status. It is considered a not for profit for tax purposes. Since 1966. Another biggie that does not pay income taxes. The NFL’s cash flow is in the billions. The NFL pays its President Roger Godell $11.6 million. I do not believe professinal baseball and basketball enjoy a similar exemption.

My evening began at 5:30. It was over at 9:30. I was dead! Slept well last night.

Enjoy your day!


MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: My European trip photos will start posting Monday! Finally! Thank you for your indulgence.

The pics will be spread over 12 days. Each grouping will involve a particular activity or place.

The photos are not as good as I would wish them to be. Took all of them with a couple of years old cell phone. Next time, I will do it better. A camera. In addition, I would post the pics daily rather than save them to the end.

Nevertheless, you will enjoy!

Last night was one of the most pleasant I have spent in quite a while. My evenings are always good. Some however are better than others. Last night was one of them.

I attribute the quality of the evenining to the people I ran into. All a pleasure.

I started at the Chart Room. Jean Thornton was back. Seated at the bar. Next to her, Stephanie Kaple.

Jean is known as Key West’s Golden Girl. She found gold and jewelry on a Mel Fisher dive years ago. Changed her life.

Stephanie is Key West’s Island Shoe Girl. She wears the most expensive high heel shoes. The higher the better. She may not eat well, have extra money to spend, but she does have shoes! Stephanie also writes a blog every one should read. Whatever the topic, she ties it into women’s shoes. Many of her writings involve social issues. You can find the blog under

I saw two familiar faces at the end of the bar. Dan and Nancy. We had met before on one of their previous trips to Key West. Dan is from Toronto and works for Dow Chemical. Nancy is a nurse from Detroit. She is a colonoscopy expert.

Love Nancy! She reads my blog every day! Dan is less diligent. An occasional reader. Nice people. I spent a bit of time with them chatting. They are here for at least annother week. I look forward to running into them again.

While I was talking with Dan and Nancy, Jean came over and invited me to join Stephanie and her for dinner at Hot Tin Roof. Jean specified she was paying. I could not say no.

I was a lucky man. Two ladies to dine with. Two lovely intelligent ladies.

We sat at the bar at Hot Tin Roof. Talked a very long time before ordering. One drink too many too long.

While I was sitting there, a couple stopped by. They had been looking for me at the Chart Room. Emily sent them over to Hot Tin Roof.

I am a Manhattan College graduate. A few miles up the road is Cudjoe Key. A fellow Manhattan graduate lives there. He reads this blog religiously and occasionally comments. He too is a Jasper. Jasper is the nick name for Manhattan grads.

His name Jack Kelly. Graduated from Manhattan College in 1968. A young man compared to me. I graduated in 1957.

He was with his charming wife Sabina. A real nice person.

We talked a while. I was excited to have finally met him. He likewise was excited. We are probably the only Manhattan graduates in the Keys.

Jack did the Air Force ROTC while at Manhattan. Later was a fighter pilot. Retired from the military at some point. Now enjoys Key West and the lower keys.

Jack brought back memories of Manhattan College. He was wearing a tee shirt with writing and an emblem on it. The Pershing Rifles. The organization was a gung ho extension of the ROTC at Manhattan. Meant Jack was really into the military thing while a student. Contrasted with Louis. I left the ROTC after two years. It was enough. I hated the marching, left face, right face, etc. Officers were always shouting that I was out of step. Mentally, I would respond that it was not me. It was the rest of the group.

I actually did not go on with the ROTC after two years because a four or five year committment was required upon being commissioned. I wanted to go directly to law school. A four or five year delay was not part of my plans.

We intend to have dinner together soon.

My evening out turned into a big time winner! Dan and Nancy. Then Jack and Sabina. In between, Jean and Stephanie.

I loved last night!

I finished the evening at Don’s place. Toni and Puff at the bar. Puff watched the end of the Syracuse/Pitt game with me. Syracuse won 14-13. I chatted with Kurt a bit. Don came in. Sat next to me. We talked a long while. I like Don. He is first class.

There was some day time activity, also. A haircut with Lori. A manicure by Tammy. A visit with Lisa.

Today is Saturday. I have no plans. Lets see what happens.

Enjoy your day!