I had a desire to walk by the ocean yesterday morning. Not necessarily for exercise. Rather to enjoy the solitude of the activity.

Mid morning, the sidewalk along Smathers Beach is not crowded. The serious walkers are out before or at the crack of dawn. To beat the heat and humidity of the later day. I walked around 10. It was not yet bad. Whatever humidity existed was negated by the breeze coming in off the Atlantic.

I walked from 1800 where I parked my car to the airport and back. Just me and my mind. The walk encourages the thought process. My mind takes me many places.

The afternoon  was spent researching material for next week’s KONK Life column. The column will concern itself with modern day crucifixions. The kind Jesus experienced 2,000 years ago. Crucifixions are back in vogue.

Last night, the Chart Room. I stayed quite a while.

If I wanted to see Don and Chris, Don e mailed me I had to be there by 6:30. They had dinner reservations. I e mailed back…..Too early! I got there at 6:10.

Don and Chris looked good! They were under some stress the last time in Key West. Obviously gone. Both happy and smiling.

Emily bartending. Sheila, Joe and Jean at the bar. I chatted with all three for quite a while. Sheila just returned from New Orleans. Vacation time. Joe returns home today. Jean here another week. Jean and I are scheduled to have dinner during the week.

Joe read my recent blog re Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He had an interest in the topic and Truman’s involvement. We agreed to spend some time together the next time he returns to discuss what occurred on two different days in 1945 which altered the course of history.

Where to eat? I opted for Kelley’s and wings. Grabbed a free newspaper from the Pier House lobby and was on my way. The wings were excellent, as usual.

Key West is quiet. Very quiet. Has been that way for almost two weeks. It will change beginning friday. It is Memorial Day weekend. Visitors will be back for the long weekend in droves.

Russia and China signed a $400 billion  30 year gas deal yesterday. Sort of solidifies their relationship. I find it interesting that in the developed world, dollars have become the bullets of today.

I have a haircut appointment with Lori later in the morning. She will be shocked when she sees I shaved the beard off. In a sense, it was partially hers. She trimmed it every two weeks for two years.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday’s blog was entitled Breasts Neither Genitals Nor A Sex organ. The article was concerned with Fantasy Fest and nudity. What a reaction! Based on comments received, many enjoyed the breast analysis by Key West officials. Which proves most people get a healthy laugh out of a bit of nonsensical sex talk.

Finally! Robert and I sat down at Lisa’s kitchen table to look at my photos of Greece. Ally joined us for a short while. She is a year behind Robert and not into Greece yet. Her attention span was limited.

Out of over 300 photos, I only shared a dozen with Robert. Ones having to do with the Parthenon, Acropolis and Hadrian’s Library. He already knew from school half of what I talked about. He enjoyed viewing those places. He further enjoyed the other half as I presented those with short side stories added. He was particularly taken with the first photo. Louis standing near the top of Acropolis with the Parthenon above my left shoulder. No question Poppa had been there!

Lets skip over to China for a moment. Three years ago, I started  warning in writing and on my TV show that China was on the bubble of a big bust. Though China’s problem had to do with  real estate, it was not exactly similar to the U.S. mortgage problem.

China does things in a strange way. China wanted a middle class. What they did was provide educations cheaply and then good paying jobs on a volume basis. The emerging middle class was earning unwarranted big bucks.

A middle class needs housing. China built tons of houses. There were not enough people to buy the houses. Many lay empty for years while the building never the less continued. They still lie empty. The same with office buildings. Huge ones constructed. Floor space never rented.

I predicted the bubble would burst and in a few years there was a good possibility China would be in trouble. The trouble has begun. China is cracking. As predicted, the bubble is bursting. I have a curious concern. The U.S. owes China lot of money. What happens if China demands payment? We do not have the resources to pay back. An interesting scenario in the making.

Keith went in the pool yesterday to remove the umbrella and ceramic jar. The weather was cold. The water freezing. The umbrella easy. The ceramic jar full of water and difficult to remove. He got it all done, however. Thank you Keith!

The same storm this past week that knocked the umbrella and chair into my pool, broke free from its mooring an unoccupied sailboat. The sailboat drifted into the waters off Key Haven Road and snapped and burned the electric cable.

Keys Energy spent $1,200 repairing the cable. They are now seeking the identity of the owner of the sailboat so they can recover the monies.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports the Island House is for sale. Something in the $13 million area. Well worth it! I unfortunately have never visited the Island House. It is purportedly Key West’s premier gay guest house. Extremely well run I am told. The two men who own it have done an outstanding job creating a glamour spot for their guests. I will not be surprised if the Island House sells for the asking number or close to it.

Speaking of sales, there is an open house today from noon to 4 at my home in Key Haven. I am not leaving Key West. Merely wish to size down. I now live in 3,300 square feet alone. Too much house for one man. My intent is to move somewhere near downtown Key West into a small apartment. I want to walk or ride a bicycle  wherever I go.

Syracuse this afternoon at 2. Against Florida State. Florida State a one point favorite. I have no further comment to make. I will watch and cheer my team on.

I will be watching the game at Don’s Place.

Interestingly, the regular season ends today for the ACC and Syracuse. Wednesday is the start of the ACC tournament. Then the big tournament. Two weeks ago, Syracuse was touted as a #1 seed in the big show. After losing 4 of the last 5 games, sports writers are describing Syracuse as a hopeful #3 seed.

Enjoy your Sunday!




Key West is experiencing one of the finest Fall seasons in memory. So good! The days are generally in the low 80s. No heat. No humidity. No sweating. Nights just right. Air conditioning not required.

Heavenly bliss!

Tonight is my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou. Nine o’clock. Join me. I guarantee an interesting half hour.

One of the topics to be discussed concerns the $8.5 trillion of taxpayer money that Congress authorized the Pentagon to spend. It cannot be accounted for. What a way to run a business/government! $8.7 trillion is half the national debt. And they want to cut food stamps, Social Security and Medicare! Take care of national waste and nothing would have to be cut. Waste not, want not applies here.

I shall also be sharing the thoughts of a federal judge who this past week asked in a speech to the New York Bar Association why no Wall Street executives have been prosecuted. A point I have made many times in recent years.

My recently published book The World Upside Down is out there. Other than the 10 sold in Italy, I do not know what is happening.

As you are already aware, yesterday’s morning was spent doing a nuclear stress test in the hospital. Doctor will tell me results thursday. One of the nurses said to worry not. If anything was wrong, the doctor would be seeing me sooner.

I still feel wiped out. Between the flu and chest pains, I am dragging around.

Spent yesterday afternoon in bed.

I would have stayed in last night, except Don and Chris were in town and we had a meeting scheduled at the Chart Room. I missed them on their last visit to Key West.

We met as arranged. They have become friends. It was good to see them. Both world travelers for business purposes. Don recently returned from an Asian trip. Chris from Dusseldorf. I had a couple of drinks and some interesting chatter with them.

That was all I could handle, wanted to handle. The wiped out feeling. Went straight home and to bed. It was around 8 o’clock.

Enjoy your day!


Weather changes are abrupt in Key West. We move from one season to another overnight. It looks like we are moving into winter. A Key West winter. Not so bad. Better here than up north where they have already experienced snow.

The wind was strong yesterday and from the north. Especially on the gulf side of the island. Waves and white caps were discernible in the water.

The temperature was ok, however. In the high 70s. As it will be today. The wind brings with it the cold off the ocean, however. I was out last night. A sweat shirt would have helped.

The reaction to the book thus far has been gratifying. Emails from all over. Even China. Thank you one and all. Now I hope someone buys the book.

Once again, the title is The World Upside Down. It has been published in ebook and paperbook versions. It is available via the internet from three sources: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and AbsolutelyAmazingeBooks.com.

I occasionally get screwed up. Keith was over Tuesday night. He told me my license plate had expired. It was to have been renewed in July. I was in Greece in July. Never saw the registration renewal letter. I have been driving for three months an unregistered vehicle.

Now that I knew, I was not going to drive the car till it was registered. Ergo, I had to beg rides. Twice.

DMV Florida has stringent rules on anything and everything to do with cars. I went to the internet first to see what was required to renew a previously registered Florida vehicle. I brought everything the official State DMV site said was required. The nice lady at DMV told me I needed one other item. I said it was not on the internet. She said, I know but you still need it.

So it went. I finally got the car registered. The people at DMV here in Key West are pleasant. Rules are rules, however.

A friend in Italy emailed me yesterday to tell me I had dual citizenship. I am an Italian citizen also because one of my parents was born in Italy. My mother. I plan on doing nothing with the knowledge. I am happy where I am as I am. In spite of everything going on, there is nothing like the USA!

The Chart Room last night. My one and only stop. Visited with Emily, Peter and Sean. Peter was dressed for the weather. Long pants, a sweater and a denim jacket.

A lot of tourists. I was surprised because there is nothing of significance this weekend, other than a film festival.

Bocce tonight. The last night of the season. It will be a fun evening. Nothing at stake. We will finish somewhere in the middle of the standings.

Tomorrow morning The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Ten my time. Via television from Key West through Boca Raton. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide. www.weyw.com.

If you miss the show, you can see it on You Tube at your convenience. Enter Key West Lou.

Some interesting and revealing topics will be discussed. Like a U.S. accommodation of the Tea Party that is disturbing, an abuse of police power you will find hard to believe, additional poverty exploration, some cattle rustling, corporations getting bigger, how taxpayers are coming up short with regard to the GM bailout, and more.

Enjoy your day!


I received an email this morning from my friend Tom Dixon. He, his charming wife Fran, daughter, son in law and son in law’s parents are in China. Good for them!

Tom told me they have been in four cities. All sold Beefeater Gin. He and the family have become accustomed to Beefeater martinis. Good once more!

Tom is an interesting guy. He comes from Buffalo. Still lives there. Visits Key West 3-4 times a year. He owns a piece of the Ocean Key House. A Syracuse fan. I enjoy his company immensely. I enjoy wife Fran’s company also, though she does not make all the trips.

Yesterday was Meet the Press time. I spent my morning in bed watching the political talk shows.

Lunch time found me at Higgs Beach. I needed sun. My body was looking white. My eyes required a bit of relaxation, also. Watching the bikini clad ladies.

Two hours was enough for me. I headed downtown to Duval. Poker Run festivities were still ongoing. I walked several blocks. Some had magnificent motorcycles parked one after another. I enjoyed a late lunch at one of the food stands. An Italian sausage sandwich.

Sunday dinner once again at Lisa’s. Jake went crazy when I came in. He is doing it again. I fear he is going to attack me. Then it is over and we are friends. Robert was doing last minute homework. Ally playing games on her tablet.

I changed my mind on the column for this week’s KONK Life. I wrote yesterday and early this morning about Pope Francis and why I believe he is a flaming liberal. Written with respect and admiration. Relatively short. If you have the opportunity to read it, I suspect you will agree with my characterization of the Pope.

I just heard from Dee. She is up in Boston teaching. I had not heard from her in several weeks.

Anna emailed me from Camogli. She spent yesterday in Portofino. Her son and my friend Antonio has been trying to reach me via Skype. He is working somewhere in southern Italy at the moment.

The weeks run by fast. Tomorrow is tuesday again. Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. I will be chatting about the Pope, guns, and I don’t know at the moment what else. Join me. The show is a fast moving half hour. Nine in the evening at www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Enjoy your day!


I flew from Athens to Milan yesterday. I had the good fortune to be seated next to a woman of beauty and intelligence. She was from Australia.

The young lady is a public servant. Civil Service type for the Australian government.

I obtained significant insight from our chat.

From the 1990s into the early 2000s, Australia was on the verge of an economic crisis. Jobs and cash flow were needed. The two political parties running the government got together. They passed laws appropriating monies for infrastructure. Jobs were created, money flowed. The stimulus plan worked. A financial crisis was avoided.

Note that the two Australian political parties worked together. Politics in Australia is as adversarial as in the United States. However, when the chips were down, the parties joined together to do the necessary.

The United States needs an infrastructure stimulus program. Obama pushes it. The Republicans reject the idea. When will country over politics reign in the United States?

Australia biggest export customer is China. They export more goods to China than any other country. China needs everything. They are buying. Australia imports Chinese goods, also.

Obviously, no balance of trade problem between Australia and China.

Why does the United States have one and not Australia? What is the United States doing wrong with regard to its China trade policies? Why can’t the United States and China work together as Australia and China are?

Australia did not experience the bank problem we have had in recent years. The reason is that Australia required the banks to have more liquidity. Higher surpluses and reserves.

United States banks have not been held to the same high standard as the Australian banks. Probably because Australia’s leaders are less prone to favor banks over the electorate. I have a feeling corporate/banking lobbyists do not have the same influence in Australia that they do in the United States.

It is interesting that a democratic nation similar to that of the United States appears to operate more intelligently and effectively where economics are concerned. Perhaps it is the air they breath on the other side of the world.

I was shot when I arrived in Novara late yesterday afternoon. First time I have really been tired this trip. I was in bed asleep at 7. Woke at 4. Stayed in bed till 6. Feel a hell of a lot better this morning.

I have started working on next week’s KONK Life column. The Beggars of Athens. From Diogenes to present day. Guaranteed interesting!

Enjoy your day!



The sun is shining. There are no clouds in the sky. The temperature is 74 degrees. However, it is cold at my house.

My Key West home sits on open water. Any wind from the north, northwest or northeast hits it head on. Ocean wind is always cold. Even in the humid heat of summer.

The wind is still blowing today. Around 20 miles per hour. It is hitting my pool perfectly. There are waves in the pool.

Did the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday morning. My TV/internet show. There were some technical difficulties at the beginning. The audio was screwed up. No one could hear me. Otherwise, the show went well.

My Mc Cain comments to the effect the once hero was now an arrogant old man initiated quite a deal of comment. Most agreed with me.

The other topic that generated a great deal of interest had to do with the 60 year old woman who just won a $1 million lottery. She wanted to give back, help others. Since 2008, this woman and her mother were financially destitute. They relied on charitable organizations to get along.

One such organization provided toilet paper to her and her mother. One roll per person per month. Apparently not enough. She wanted to send a truck load of toilet paper to the organization.

Visted Tammy for a manicure after the show. Tammy’s company is always a pleasant experience. I could not help wondering what Vietnam has been without her.

Tammy became a US citizen last week. I shook her hand in congratulations. She is proud.

When I returned home, it was time to do next week’s KONK Life column. The publishing deadline was 5 o’clock.

I wrote about China and its one baby per couple rule. China is now considering going to two babies. Together with the reasons therefore. Read the article if you have the opportunity. It is interesting. An eye opener.

Dinner with Jenna was to end my day. I called and canceled. I was tired. I had been tired since the day before. Decided to go to bed instead. I did. Fell asleep early. I feel energized this morning.

Do not think I am letting Jenna get away. In place of dinner last night, we have decided to attend a performance at St. Paul’s Church this evening.

Remember Sound of Music? The story of the von Trapp family escape from Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. Lots of children.

One of the von Trapp granddaughters is singing tonight at St. Paul’s. I am excited. I am sure the program will include songs from Sound of Music.

I saw my first Broadway shows in 1960. The second was Sound of Music.

Syracuse/Pitt basketball at noon. I am concerned. More than ever.Though Syracuse is ranked #6, it is going to be difficult to stay in the top ten. Our sixth man has been benched for academics for several weeks. This week a starter had knee surgery and is on crutches. The team only went 7 deep at the beginning of the season. We are in trouble.

I have decided to watch the game from the comfort of my bed. It is being broadcast on ESPN.

Ed Koch died yesterday. A great New York City Mayor, a respected voice since he left office, and an all around good person. The world has lost a great one.

May he rest in peace.

Enjoy your saturday!














Big day!

Bocce playoffs this morning!

Whether we win is immaterial. We are thrilled to be in the playoffs.

We have been a team for about 8-10 years. Some additions and deletions along the way. We always got beat at the beginning. It takes 15-20 years as a team to become extremely good.

A few years ago, we came in last. The next season we came in 4th. Made the playoffs! A very big deal!

We got crushed that first time 16-0, 16-0. We did not score one point! We did not care. We were thrilled to be there.

Two seasons ago, we made the playoffs again. We won the first game, lost the second two. To the team that eventually won.

We have been making progress. Today, we hope to do better.

I enjoyed doing the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday on TV and the Internet. A professional setting. I have a producer and engineer.

Post show comment indicated interest/discussion involving two topics.

The first was the Chinese woman who sat on the toilet and ejected her new born baby into the toilet. The baby disappeared down the drain. Firemen saved the baby. I thought this was a unique situation. Turns out it was not. Several people told me it was common place and not newsworthy. Interestingly, one such comment came from an Italian viewer and another from a Chinese one.

Teen pregnancy and the rise of HIV among 13-17 years old drew much attention. A serious topic. A scary one.

The TV station is located at the beginning of Stock Island on Route 1. I decided to walk a bit of Stock Island immediately following the show. I walked streets rarely seen. Streets I had never seen when driving through Stock Island.

The streets were a disgrace. Monroe County should be ashamed that people are permitted to live in this fashion. I could not believe what I saw. Run down homes and buildings, filthy streets, on an island in between two rather nice living areas. Key West and Key Haven. There is no question affordable housing is needed.

Where is it? Why is  it not getting done?

Syracuse basketball last night. On ESPN, so I was able to watch from my bed at home.

Syracuse won 91-82. Beat Arkansas.

I was disappointed in the Syracuse team. They do not have it together yet. They were missing easy shots and having the ball stolen from them. Syracuse’s fabled zone was being penetrated. Except for a 12 point run in the middle of the second half, they did not look like a Syracuse team. Many times I thought Arkansas did.

Big sports day today. Bocce this morning. The Alabama/Georgia football game this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!



Pleasant weather. Makes you feel good to be in Key West

Walked again yesterday. Parked the car again at the airport. Instead of walking along Smathers Beach towards 1800 Atlantic, I walked in the opposite direction. Towards Flagler

What a difference turning around made! An equally exciting view as the Smathers Beach walk. This time the time shares, restaurant and fort on the other side of the road. Another flavor of Key West.

Lunch was at home. Had to be. I am on a diet and have to prepare certain foods.

I spent the early afternoon working on friday’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Initial topics prepared include teen emergency contraception, Toys ‘R Us and a stupid gender discrimination case, Euro banks in trouble, Germans want to link tax Google, woman arrested for riding a manatee, sex toy industry big in China, and Alaskan waste.

Remember to watch the show, if you can. Friday morning at 10 my time. Airs on TV two ways. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show is available from Key West through Miami-Dade County. The show can also be seen via the internet world wide. www.tvchannel19.com.

I played grandfather later in the afternoon. Took Robert and Ally to swimming practice. They are on a swim team. Practice is at the college.

I felt sorry for them. The air was cool, the water cold. The pool is not yet heated. Robert and Ally came hurrying over after practice was concluded. I had huge towels and jackets with hoods for them. Wrapped them immediately. Robert said it was cold. I felt bad for the both of them.

Drove them home. Visited with Lisa and Cory for a while. Did not stay for dinner. I can only eat special diet food.

I arrived home famished. Prepared and gouged  my meal  down. A very small pizza and one cup of grapes. Not enough food. That is the price I must pay for having overdone for quite a while.

Diet or not, I still have to get out. To see people. To socialize.

I headed over to Hogfish. Two diet Pepsi’s at the bar and the good company of some local fishermen.

The Key West Citizen reported Kelley McGillis flag football would be returning to Key West. I knew Kelley McGillis socially back when I first bought a home in Key West. Then she divorced and left. She returns on occasion for flag football and Womanfest.

For those who might not recognize the name, Kelley starred in many movies. Two of her most famous were Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Witness with Harrison Ford. Yes, that lovely woman!

Old movies are my forte. Love them. Woke this morning and watched a part of Treasure Island. A 1932 movie based on the Robert Louis Stevenson book.

The star was a boy. Jackie Cooper. The same Jackie Cooper I would spend time with years later at La Costa. Cooper’s movie career  had concluded. I think his last movie was as the editor in a Superman film. When I knew him, racing was his thing. He owned and raced horses.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday was a quiet day for obvious reasons.

The emails and telephone calls being received are overwhelming. As George M. Cohan used to say…..My Father thanks you, I thank you.

There is an old Italian saying that death comes in threes. It may be every group subscribes to such a belief. Number two is Larry Harvey. He died Wednesday at the age of 91. Larry was the most loved gay in Key West. I was always impressed by the respect the community had for him. I suspect he must have been one of the first that outed himself. Many years ago.

Rest in peace, Larry.

My home town is Utica, NY. It sits in the Mohawk Valley. The Valley is named Mohawk because way back when there was an Indian tribe living there by such a name. The Mohawks were part of the larger Iroquois Nation.

Many Revolutionary battles were fought in the Mohawk Valley. A significant one was the Battle of Oriskany. Oriskany sits to this day in the Mohawk Valley. The colonists made such a fight of it that the British were delayed in getting to Saratoga. That delay was instrumental in the colonists winning the war.

In 1814, the United States government commissioned the first USS Mohawk. Named after the Indian tribe and Valley. There have been four more since. Some having participated in various wars. With distinction. The last Mohawk vessel was commissioned in 1935.

That Mohawk sits in the Truman Annex waterfront portion of the Key West Harbor. Heretofore, it has been a museum for tourists. The cost to maintain the vessel is $400,000 a year. It can no longer be afforded. The Mohawk will leave shortly for a place off Sannibel Island where it will be sunk. The purpose is to have it evolve into an underwater home for fish and a place for divers to enjoy.

A worthy final resting place. Especially when the alternative was being sent to a naval junk yard and scrapped.

The Mohawk will have a home for all time as the Vandenberg which was sunk for similar purposes off Key West several years ago.

Tomorrow, the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Yes, I am doing the show. Ten in the morning my time. Join me. Great topics to be discussed. www.konkbroadcasting.com. Topics include a misogynist, Limbaugh’s Rich Babes for America, 9 Muslims sentenced in England for raping and prostituting young white girls, North Carolina same sex marriage vote, drunk driving at its worst, a paraplegic woman who ran the London Marathon, Fortune 500 companies, and viewing child porn decreed legal in New York. Plus more.

Enjoy your day!