The title could be misleading. It sounds like I might have got lucky. I did not. Nothing changes.

First, yesterday morning. I did my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Post show comment suggested the first topic discussed as the most interesting. I chatted about a recent Huffington Post survey. The question was whether Congress should be drug tested? Should Congressional members be required to periodically pee in a cup? The survey was extensive. Seventy eight per cent said yes. Seven percent no.

We should go for it! If Congress requires persons in entitlement programs and certain unemployed to be drug tested in order to receive benefits, they should required to pee in the cup also. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander!

My evening was outstanding. Started early. Too early perhaps. It was a drinking night. I am no longer accustomed to as many as I put away last night. I am surprised I slept so well and woke with no hangover.

I stopped first at the Hot Tin Roof. I wanted to autograph my new book The World Upside Down for John, the General Manager. This autographing thing is new to me. A bit humbling.

Then it was the Chart Room. I was to meet Cheryl and Roger for dinner. I enjoyed a drink with Frankie first. Then with Cheryl and Roger. Then another. Met a nice lady. Nancy. A nurse from the Boston area who recently purchased a condo in Key West.

At 8, Cheryl, Roger and I moved over to the Hot Tin Roof. An excellent meal, as usual. We all ate the same entre. Unusual. The special. Mushroom ravioli covered with an alfredo sauce. Good! Drinks also, of course.

Back to the Chart Room after dinner for a night cap. Turned out to be several. I was on a roll.

I did everything bad. Even smoked. I was bumming cigarettes from Ollie.

Alicia, David, and Sheila came in at one point. Alicia’s Dad owns the popular Fairvilla in Key West. An adult toy emporium. Alicia leaves tomorrow or Monday. I hope I run into her one more time before she leaves. She does not live in Key West.

We were sitting at the round table. Several Pier House guests joined us. All nice people. My recollection is they bought two rounds and Roger one or two more. I am not bragging. Just sharing. That much consumption is highly unusual for me. Even worse, I was not feeling it.

The Pier House guests were fun.

There was Dan and Heather. From southern Jersey. He owns a mechanical engineering business. She a stay at home Mom raising three children and a husband.

There was also Tom and Chrissy from Myrtle beach. Tom is in human relations. Chrissy a for real doctor. Her specialty is family medicine.

Another  lovely lady with them. Joan from Myrtle Beach. A waitress.

Heather and Chrissy have been friends for years. They were both celebrating their 40th birthdays yesterday.

It was a late night. Long past my bed time when I finally hit the pillow.

Tonight is one of Key West’s best events. The Christmas Parade. Floats galore. Santa Claus riding into town on the last one. Candy being tossed to the children at curbside. I will be there with my grandchildren Robert and Ally. Would not miss the parade and being with them for the event.

Enjoy your day!




St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Duval  has existed almost since the beginnings of Key West. A much loved institution. Till recently. Dissension has arisen.

Joe Lowe has been organist at St. Paul’s for forty years. Besides playing during religious  services, Lowe has also for many years played either the organ or piano or both at noon each week day. Many the day when I would be walking Duval, I would stop in for a few minutes to listen to Lowe’s rendition of classical and Broadway show tunes. Yes, Broadway show tunes in the House of God. A perfect setting. Many tourists enjoyed Lowe’s noon time endeavors, also.

St. Paul’s recently opted to let Lowe go. He will no longer be the musical mainstay at the Church. Some parishioners were not pleased. One was Mary Deasy. Mary had sung in the choir for years and, if I recall correctly, may also have been a member of the Church’s board at one time.

Mary picketed St. Paul’s. Two signs. Each in support of Lowe and in opposition to the Church’s position. Apparently Mary felt strongly about Lowe’s dismissal.

What a weird wind this morning! Strong! Coming in from the north east. More from the east. Off the Atlantic. Palm tree bending wind. Never the less, the weather will be in the low 80s today. It will continue in the low 80s till Thanksgiving Day. Then it will drop to the low 70s. Cold for us locals! A storm up north that will hit the eastern seaboard Wednesday will be the cause of the drop in temperature. When the weather up north is bad, it is bad here. Bad as we understand it.

I spent a good six hours yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Walmart’s Shame. It has to do with the reasons behind Walmart low balling its employees pay wise and Walmart’s reluctance to do its fair share charity wise. Interesting stuff. Read the article, if you can.

The World Upside Down. My first published work. I will receive my copy of the book today. The bound covered one. I am excited. The book is apparently being well received in Europe. gives it five stars.

Enjoy your day!




From the depths of the Bible comes today’s David and Goliath story. Syracuse v. Florida State.

Florida State is ranked #2 in the country. Syracuse unranked. Florida State is 9-0. Syracuse 5-4.

The Vegas line is 38.5 points.

Take Syracuse. A chancy but good bet in my opinion.

In the 60 odd years I have been a diehard Syracuse fan, there have been 3-4 upsets. Games where a lowly Syracuse team beat a high ranked one. It happens.

This year’s Syracuse team has been improving. If our quarterback and receivers can meld and the defense plays its finest game, Syracuse wins! Again, it has happened. It can happen.

I have that feeling. Nothing more.

As to the 38.5 point Vegas difference, a good bet. I do not see a 50-7 game here. Again, simply my opinion. One which is not supported by any data.

The game will be nationally televised on ABC at 3:30. I will probably be at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub watching the game.

I spent a day and a half in bed. By last night, my stomach appeared back to normal. I did not eat, however. Waited till this morning.

Around 9 last night, I got chest pains. Sort of big. They came and went for 5 minutes. I used my nitroglycerin spray. Within 45 seconds, the pain was gone. A few minutes later, they came back. Nitroglycerin spray again. Pain went away again in 45 seconds. A few minutes later, the chest pain again.

This time I telephoned my heart doctor. I spent some time in the hospital last night. He examined me, had me tested, etc. While all this was going on, I had no chest pains. He could find nothing. That was ok with me. There have been no pains since.

However, I am scheduled 7:30 Monday morning for a stress test. He also has put me on a small dose nitroglycerin pill which I am to take every day.

There are some inconveniences to getting old. I do not view them as disadvantages. The inconveniences are health problems. As long as correctable, who am I to complain.

Almost forgot! My book! The World Upside Down. The book was published last wednesday. It is available in ebook and paperback on and

Enjoy your day!


Weather changes are abrupt in Key West. We move from one season to another overnight. It looks like we are moving into winter. A Key West winter. Not so bad. Better here than up north where they have already experienced snow.

The wind was strong yesterday and from the north. Especially on the gulf side of the island. Waves and white caps were discernible in the water.

The temperature was ok, however. In the high 70s. As it will be today. The wind brings with it the cold off the ocean, however. I was out last night. A sweat shirt would have helped.

The reaction to the book thus far has been gratifying. Emails from all over. Even China. Thank you one and all. Now I hope someone buys the book.

Once again, the title is The World Upside Down. It has been published in ebook and paperbook versions. It is available via the internet from three sources:,, and

I occasionally get screwed up. Keith was over Tuesday night. He told me my license plate had expired. It was to have been renewed in July. I was in Greece in July. Never saw the registration renewal letter. I have been driving for three months an unregistered vehicle.

Now that I knew, I was not going to drive the car till it was registered. Ergo, I had to beg rides. Twice.

DMV Florida has stringent rules on anything and everything to do with cars. I went to the internet first to see what was required to renew a previously registered Florida vehicle. I brought everything the official State DMV site said was required. The nice lady at DMV told me I needed one other item. I said it was not on the internet. She said, I know but you still need it.

So it went. I finally got the car registered. The people at DMV here in Key West are pleasant. Rules are rules, however.

A friend in Italy emailed me yesterday to tell me I had dual citizenship. I am an Italian citizen also because one of my parents was born in Italy. My mother. I plan on doing nothing with the knowledge. I am happy where I am as I am. In spite of everything going on, there is nothing like the USA!

The Chart Room last night. My one and only stop. Visited with Emily, Peter and Sean. Peter was dressed for the weather. Long pants, a sweater and a denim jacket.

A lot of tourists. I was surprised because there is nothing of significance this weekend, other than a film festival.

Bocce tonight. The last night of the season. It will be a fun evening. Nothing at stake. We will finish somewhere in the middle of the standings.

Tomorrow morning The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Ten my time. Via television from Key West through Boca Raton. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

If you miss the show, you can see it on You Tube at your convenience. Enter Key West Lou.

Some interesting and revealing topics will be discussed. Like a U.S. accommodation of the Tea Party that is disturbing, an abuse of police power you will find hard to believe, additional poverty exploration, some cattle rustling, corporations getting bigger, how taxpayers are coming up short with regard to the GM bailout, and more.

Enjoy your day!


Let the drums roll out, let the trumpets blare…..My book was published this morning!

The World Upside Down has gone on sale.

I cannot tell you how excited I am! It is the first time I have ever done anything like this.

The book is available in two versions. Ebook and paperback. It can be found on,, and In addition, Amazon Kindle.

I hope you enjoy reading it.

Enjoy your day!