Yesterday’s blog was entitled Breasts Neither Genitals Nor A Sex organ. The article was concerned with Fantasy Fest and nudity. What a reaction! Based on comments received, many enjoyed the breast analysis by Key West officials. Which proves most people get a healthy laugh out of a bit of nonsensical sex talk.

Finally! Robert and I sat down at Lisa’s kitchen table to look at my photos of Greece. Ally joined us for a short while. She is a year behind Robert and not into Greece yet. Her attention span was limited.

Out of over 300 photos, I only shared a dozen with Robert. Ones having to do with the Parthenon, Acropolis and Hadrian’s Library. He already knew from school half of what I talked about. He enjoyed viewing those places. He further enjoyed the other half as I presented those with short side stories added. He was particularly taken with the first photo. Louis standing near the top of Acropolis with the Parthenon above my left shoulder. No question Poppa had been there!

Lets skip over to China for a moment. Three years ago, I started  warning in writing and on my TV show that China was on the bubble of a big bust. Though China’s problem had to do with  real estate, it was not exactly similar to the U.S. mortgage problem.

China does things in a strange way. China wanted a middle class. What they did was provide educations cheaply and then good paying jobs on a volume basis. The emerging middle class was earning unwarranted big bucks.

A middle class needs housing. China built tons of houses. There were not enough people to buy the houses. Many lay empty for years while the building never the less continued. They still lie empty. The same with office buildings. Huge ones constructed. Floor space never rented.

I predicted the bubble would burst and in a few years there was a good possibility China would be in trouble. The trouble has begun. China is cracking. As predicted, the bubble is bursting. I have a curious concern. The U.S. owes China lot of money. What happens if China demands payment? We do not have the resources to pay back. An interesting scenario in the making.

Keith went in the pool yesterday to remove the umbrella and ceramic jar. The weather was cold. The water freezing. The umbrella easy. The ceramic jar full of water and difficult to remove. He got it all done, however. Thank you Keith!

The same storm this past week that knocked the umbrella and chair into my pool, broke free from its mooring an unoccupied sailboat. The sailboat drifted into the waters off Key Haven Road and snapped and burned the electric cable.

Keys Energy spent $1,200 repairing the cable. They are now seeking the identity of the owner of the sailboat so they can recover the monies.

This morning’s Key West Citizen reports the Island House is for sale. Something in the $13 million area. Well worth it! I unfortunately have never visited the Island House. It is purportedly Key West’s premier gay guest house. Extremely well run I am told. The two men who own it have done an outstanding job creating a glamour spot for their guests. I will not be surprised if the Island House sells for the asking number or close to it.

Speaking of sales, there is an open house today from noon to 4 at my home in Key Haven. I am not leaving Key West. Merely wish to size down. I now live in 3,300 square feet alone. Too much house for one man. My intent is to move somewhere near downtown Key West into a small apartment. I want to walk or ride a bicycle  wherever I go.

Syracuse this afternoon at 2. Against Florida State. Florida State a one point favorite. I have no further comment to make. I will watch and cheer my team on.

I will be watching the game at Don’s Place.

Interestingly, the regular season ends today for the ACC and Syracuse. Wednesday is the start of the ACC tournament. Then the big tournament. Two weeks ago, Syracuse was touted as a #1 seed in the big show. After losing 4 of the last 5 games, sports writers are describing Syracuse as a hopeful #3 seed.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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