Big day!

Bocce playoffs this morning!

Whether we win is immaterial. We are thrilled to be in the playoffs.

We have been a team for about 8-10 years. Some additions and deletions along the way. We always got beat at the beginning. It takes 15-20 years as a team to become extremely good.

A few years ago, we came in last. The next season we came in 4th. Made the playoffs! A very big deal!

We got crushed that first time 16-0, 16-0. We did not score one point! We did not care. We were thrilled to be there.

Two seasons ago, we made the playoffs again. We won the first game, lost the second two. To the team that eventually won.

We have been making progress. Today, we hope to do better.

I enjoyed doing the Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday on TV and the Internet. A professional setting. I have a producer and engineer.

Post show comment indicated interest/discussion involving two topics.

The first was the Chinese woman who sat on the toilet and ejected her new born baby into the toilet. The baby disappeared down the drain. Firemen saved the baby. I thought this was a unique situation. Turns out it was not. Several people told me it was common place and not newsworthy. Interestingly, one such comment came from an Italian viewer and another from a Chinese one.

Teen pregnancy and the rise of HIV among 13-17 years old drew much attention. A serious topic. A scary one.

The TV station is located at the beginning of Stock Island on Route 1. I decided to walk a bit of Stock Island immediately following the show. I walked streets rarely seen. Streets I had never seen when driving through Stock Island.

The streets were a disgrace. Monroe County should be ashamed that people are permitted to live in this fashion. I could not believe what I saw. Run down homes and buildings, filthy streets, on an island in between two rather nice living areas. Key West and Key Haven. There is no question affordable housing is needed.

Where is it? Why is  it not getting done?

Syracuse basketball last night. On ESPN, so I was able to watch from my bed at home.

Syracuse won 91-82. Beat Arkansas.

I was disappointed in the Syracuse team. They do not have it together yet. They were missing easy shots and having the ball stolen from them. Syracuse’s fabled zone was being penetrated. Except for a 12 point run in the middle of the second half, they did not look like a Syracuse team. Many times I thought Arkansas did.

Big sports day today. Bocce this morning. The Alabama/Georgia football game this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!


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