Friday began with The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV/internet show. Jenna was out of town. It was just me and Krystal.

I spent a lot time talking about present day poverty in the United States. Reductions in the food stamp program was my motivation.

Permit me to share three observations.

I recently read that one out of every four Americans works for $10 an hour or less. I also read that one out of four American children are enrolled in the food stamp program. If true, we are in more trouble than most think. Seeds have been sewn that can have serious consequences.

The last item concerns members of the House of Representatives. They went home yesterday. Their schedule for the balance of the year was announced. It indicated little time in Washington, much at home.

We have budget problems and a multitude of other matters confronting the Nation. Some with specific deadlines coming up in the next 2-3 months. What the hell are these guys doing?

Whatever I said on the show apparently hit home. Post show comment indicated a gigantic interest in the poverty issue.

After the show, it was off to Lisa’s for a while. A little father/daughter time. Jake was with us. Yesterday, he did not bark at me once. Was quiet and sedate. Just  hung around my feet. I cannot figure him out.

I continue to be tired. Maybe the blood pressure. Perhaps the diet. Could be a combination of the two.

Dinner with Pati last night. At the bar at the Marriott Beachside.

Pati is an environmentalist of the first order. To the extreme, I occasionally think. Motivated by goodness all the time, however. In one of my recent shows, I made a mistake. The issue involved the environment. Pati wrote. First apologizing all over the place. Then telling me she did not wish to offend. Then laying the error upon me.

I appreciated her letting me know. Last night was a sort of thank you. Also, we have always been saying lets have dinner together. Last night was the occasion.

The bar was packed. Michael Emerson was playing the guitar and singing. He chatted with us during breaks.

I ate a diet meal. Four shrimp. a little  tiny bit of some shredded beef, and a roll. One gin. My big meal of the day! Of the week!

It was a nice evening. I enjoyed Pati’s company.

Three brief comments regarding Greece, Egypt and Germany.

Two members of the Greek Nazi party were shot and killed this week outside a suburban headquarters. A couple of weeks ago, the leaders of the Nazi party, the Golden Dawn Party, were arrested on some BS charges and are in jail awaiting trial. Good cannot come of what is happening.

More than a year ago after my first trip to Greece, I wrote Greece was a tinderbox. Do not be surprised if the match is being thrown.

Egypt’s last President, Mursi, goes on trial Monday. He was arrested and has been confined to jail for months. Has not been permitted a visit by his attorney nor has he been provided with the written charges against him. And monday his life is on the line!

So much for the new democratic Egypt that our leaders cheered about when Mubarak was overthrown. I hope lessons have been learned. A massive street demonstration is no guaranty that a democratic government will follow.

I do not like Angela Merkel. She is a trouble maker and opportunist. It was announced yesterday that she had sent her intelligence people to Russia to interview Snowden about who knew what and when concerning the U.S.’s bugging of her cell phone.

Merkel has economically destroyed many European countries with the Euro Union and the euro. She recently indicated that the member nations of the Euro Union should have one army. With Germany being in charge of the air force and navy. She is blowing the cell phone tapping incident out of all proportion. She is another Putin.

Now to the important. Syracuse plays Wake Forest today. The Vegas line has Syracuse a 4.5 favorite. My fingers are crossed.

Enjoy your day!














No, I did not get way laid at one of those super sexy Fantasy Fest parties!

No blog for two days because some one was trying to hack my personal computer. Had to have it cleaned up. Everything ok now. I caught it in time and did not contaminate anyone. My back up computer (20 years old) refused to type consecutive words as typed. Ends of sentences would all of a sudden be at the beginning.

I could have run to Lisa’s or used anyone else’s computer. However, the computer breakdowns seem to have coincided with a Louis break down. For the past couple of days, I have been tired. Really tired. Bed was the only attraction for me.

I feel alright this morning and hope that whatever was bugging me is gone.

Whether I was actually present is immaterial in describing some of the highlights of this year’s Fantasy Fest. I have seen so many, I know them by heart.

To me, the Toga Party on Thursday night at Sloppy Joe’s and in front on the street is the best! Naked breast time and whatever else. It’s a barter system. The ladies show their privates in exchange for beads. Each woman wants to end up with the most beads. So…..show me your breasts and I will give you a string of beads…..ok!

The interesting aspect of this scenario is that most of the women are middle aged and older. Out of towners. Many from the mid west. Places like Indiana and Iowa. Church goers, school teachers, community leaders, mothers, grandmothers. They visit Key West with their husbands this one week a year and do what they would never think of doing at home. They take off their clothes!

Especially to show their breasts. And  proud to do so. You can see it in their expressions. Even the husbands are beaming. The breasts are not all perky 34-Cs. Some are quite large and drooping. Such is not important. It is the excitement of being a bit risqué in a far away place.

Friday afternoon was Masquerade March time. Tourists and locals join together. Costumed, of course. A lot people. In the thousands. They march from the cemetery to Duval. It got so big several years ago that an extra route had to be added.

I have never done the Masquerade March. However, I have viewed it many times from a friend’s porch on Fleming Street. There are parties going on all over the routes of people observing and drinking. And cheering the marchers on.

The Masquerade March has been ongoing for more than 30 years.

The parade Saturday night was a big deal. Always.  A grand marshal, 50 plus floats, and 60,000-70,000 people watching. The floats loaded with scantily attired ladies. The floats throwing out beads to the viewers. Beads are everything! Yelling and screaming. Hands raised overhead to catch the beads.

I always wonder where the 60,000-70,000 people sleep. There are not that many beds between Key West and Key Largo. I suspect the beaches are full.

The grand marshal this year was Diana Nyad. The lady who recently swam from Cuba to Key West. A big deal in itself.

Diana has become a sort of folk hero already to Key Westers. The town has adopted her with open arms and she has done the same in return. Lisa and family were there to greet Diana when she landed on Smather’s Beach a month ago. Robert and Ally found the experience exciting. Both are serious swimmers.

Yesterday afternoon prior to the parade, Lisa took Robert and Ally to the Tropic Cinema to see Diana. The grandkids were thrilled. Even had their pictures taken with her.

In spite of my dragging ass, I did do my TV/internet show friday morning. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Based on subsequent conversations and emails, Social Security and the U.S. now being the biggest oil exporter world wide were the topics which garnered the most interest.

I keep hitting on the Social Security topic. Most people are unaware that the government has legally stolen $2.7 trillion dollars from Social Security and never paid it back. Social Security is the biggest creditor of the U.S. Not China or Japan.

Social Security is not broke. The U.S. is broke.

Angela Merkel continues to worry me. The woman is dangerous! An opportunist!

Merkel has known for several months that the U.S. was bugging German telephones and emails. She laughed it off each time the issue came up. Now she discovers that her cell phone was bugged. She is upset.

I think it is a too late phony reaction. What I perceive it to be is a reaction to the world perhaps now viewing the U.S. as a weakening power. The recent government shutdown being a major cause. If we cannot govern ourselves, how can we govern/guide the rest of the word.

So Merkel took the opportunity to take a shot at us. She is sending the German intelligence team over to talk with the U.S. Humiliating. The problem should have been taken care of behind closed doors.

I cannot really blame Merkel for taking advantage. I blame those who gave us the shut down debacle. Those who care little or not for the US.’s image. They are too wound up in their selfish ideological interests.

Syracuse did not play yesterday. Fortunately. They needed the extra week to recover from last week’s 55-0 beating. Hopefully, the remainder of the season will be better. I am a die hard fan. I have not been able to stop bleeding orange.

Enjoy your sunday!





Pleasant weather. Makes you feel good to be in Key West

Walked again yesterday. Parked the car again at the airport. Instead of walking along Smathers Beach towards 1800 Atlantic, I walked in the opposite direction. Towards Flagler

What a difference turning around made! An equally exciting view as the Smathers Beach walk. This time the time shares, restaurant and fort on the other side of the road. Another flavor of Key West.

Lunch was at home. Had to be. I am on a diet and have to prepare certain foods.

I spent the early afternoon working on friday’s TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Initial topics prepared include teen emergency contraception, Toys ‘R Us and a stupid gender discrimination case, Euro banks in trouble, Germans want to link tax Google, woman arrested for riding a manatee, sex toy industry big in China, and Alaskan waste.

Remember to watch the show, if you can. Friday morning at 10 my time. Airs on TV two ways. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. The show is available from Key West through Miami-Dade County. The show can also be seen via the internet world wide. www.tvchannel19.com.

I played grandfather later in the afternoon. Took Robert and Ally to swimming practice. They are on a swim team. Practice is at the college.

I felt sorry for them. The air was cool, the water cold. The pool is not yet heated. Robert and Ally came hurrying over after practice was concluded. I had huge towels and jackets with hoods for them. Wrapped them immediately. Robert said it was cold. I felt bad for the both of them.

Drove them home. Visited with Lisa and Cory for a while. Did not stay for dinner. I can only eat special diet food.

I arrived home famished. Prepared and gouged  my meal  down. A very small pizza and one cup of grapes. Not enough food. That is the price I must pay for having overdone for quite a while.

Diet or not, I still have to get out. To see people. To socialize.

I headed over to Hogfish. Two diet Pepsi’s at the bar and the good company of some local fishermen.

The Key West Citizen reported Kelley McGillis flag football would be returning to Key West. I knew Kelley McGillis socially back when I first bought a home in Key West. Then she divorced and left. She returns on occasion for flag football and Womanfest.

For those who might not recognize the name, Kelley starred in many movies. Two of her most famous were Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Witness with Harrison Ford. Yes, that lovely woman!

Old movies are my forte. Love them. Woke this morning and watched a part of Treasure Island. A 1932 movie based on the Robert Louis Stevenson book.

The star was a boy. Jackie Cooper. The same Jackie Cooper I would spend time with years later at La Costa. Cooper’s movie career  had concluded. I think his last movie was as the editor in a Superman film. When I knew him, racing was his thing. He owned and raced horses.

Enjoy your day!


I think I have the hang of getting the photos to publish. Three yesterday! When I complete the blog this morning, one more. The volcano photos!

This photo/pic thing is a constant education for me. I was unhappy that the pics were so small. Detail is important and did not show effectively. Yesterday, I clicked on a pic. Lo and bhold…..it enlarged! Clicked on it again. Got even bigger!

The message is that if you want a larger and clearer photo, merely click once for larger and twice for largest.

Today the volcano! It was hell for me that day. I realized my age. I also became aware that I was definitely out of shape. You will recall I could not complete the climb to the top of the volcano.

There are 10 volcano photos.

The volcano sits out in the bay off Santorini. The first photo is off the volcano. It was taken from the walkway on Santorini. The volcano is the black island in the distance.

The next pic is of me walking up the volcano. There were about sixty of us. Every one made it but me. I started at the head of the pack. Soon I was at the end. Then I was with the stragglers. Finally, I was the last straggler. This photo is of me at a time that I was third from the rear. Only two ladies behind me. The stress of the climb was upon me.

Fifteen minutes later, I was dead last! No one any where near me. All way ahead. Photo 3. I suggest you click once and then again a second time. I would like you to experience the line of people ahead of me and how far behind I was.

Photo 4 is where I said…..NO MORE! I could go no further. I gave up. Happily.

I stopped several times on the way up. To rest and drink some water. such is photo 5.

Photo 6 is of me walking down the volcano all alone. I was not ashamed!

A boat took me to the volcano and then took me away from it. Photo 7 is of me sitting on the boat as it left the volcano. I was dead! I did not care what happened to me! If I did die, dump me overboard was my thought.

On the return trip, the boat stopped at the island of Thirassis. A small nnothing. Two restaurants and a gift shop. The gift shop was operated by a tall bearded Greek dressed in monk’s robes and a hat. Photo 8 is me sitting alone enjoying lunch.

Photo 9 is one of the best. Double click this one. View it at its largest. It is a pic of the reataurant owner grilling lunch. Note the stove. Look especially at the octopus he was grilling. Octopus was a dish served at every restauant. A tentacle was chopped off. Generally, 10 inches. About 2 inches in diameter. Grilled before and after. Rubbed with oil occasionally. Served thusly done. Tender and delicious! Sweet. No sauce required. Fish suvlaki is the other item being grilled.

The last photo is me dead on the bed when I returned. I had never been so tired!

Good night last night.

Started at Don’s Place. Chatted with Don, Herschel, and Frankie. All team mates. Discussed and analyzed our bocce team.

Then the Chart Room. A crowd. Emily bartending. Che and Captain Peter talking. Jean Thornton her usual lovely self. My Jasper friend Jack Kelly and his wife Sabina. Met a criminakl lawyer from long Island. Michael.

I chatted with Jack and Sabina a while. Then with Jean and Che. Che is a Congress of Vienna expert. Which means he is a Napoleon expert as well. We talked about Napoleon. I made mention of the bridges I observed in Northern Italy on my recent trip. Many were built by Napoleon. The northern Italians did not speak ill of Napoleon. They were proud of what he had done for them.

Decided I would walk Duval a while. A lot of people.

I stopped into Sloppy Joe’s. Planned on grabbing a sandwich. No room at the inn. Not a seat in the place.

Walked by Coyote Ugly. About 20 young guys at the bar. Two young ladies dancing and singing on the bar. The Bull was empty. I thought Yankee Jack might be playing. I ended up at Kelley’s. Enjoyed the wings!

Nothing was accomplished by the Merkel visit to Greece. Why then did Merkel even make the trip? The British press reports this morning that Merkel went to Greece to show the British she was not afraid to face the Greeks. It was show time. Her purpose was to insist face to face that Greece pay every penny owed. Plus interest and penalties.

Merkel has an election coming up. Her opponent has been attacking her regarding the Greece pay back problem. He claims Merkel has been too easy on Greece. Ergo, the trip. The Greeks still have to pay, suffer austerity. Merkel was in and out in six hours. Nothing accomplished to assist the Greeks.

No Internet show tomorrow. The Key West Lou Legal Hour will miss another weak. KONK Broadcasting owner Guy de Boer will be in Miami for heart surgery. Good luck, Guy!

Bocce tonight. Bocce tomorrow night. A make up game.

Enjoy your day!


My patience is being tried!

I continue to be inept at posting the trip photos. Sloan just left. I think we have it down to a science now. I am doing tomorrow’s post (Wednesday’s) Tuesday evening. I want to make sure I have it all correct.

You will first read this blog. Then three sets of photos should appear. Novara, Athens and Santorini. In that order. Athens should be after Santorini. However, it printed out in that order and I could not change it.

My grandchildren Robert and Ally could probably do what I have not been able to do here.

Let me share with you some background re the Athens photos.

I loved Athens! Santorini was best for the view. Athens for the lifestyle. There was a constant electricity in the air. Athens reminded me of New York City. Its old town Plaka the Village of yesteryear.

I spent several days in Athens near the beginning of my trip. Three days near the end.

Athens is civilization. First, a today civilization. After my time on the islands, I could not wait to return to Athens for a few days of civilization. A fancy hotel, an ok bathroom, a huge shower and tub. Amenities that were not available while I was island hopping.

Athens is also the home of civilization. The Acropolis, the Parthenon, Hadrian’s Library, etc. All before even Christ. The quality of the construction amazed me. Stone buildings as good as any that could be built today. Perfection in every detail. The homes and buildings also had a water supply and sewage disposal.

Plaka is an adult playground. It is the old part of Athens. Restauants and shops galore. Day and night. Bustling all the time.

There are 9 photos in the Athens grouping.

The first is me standing below Acropolis and Parthenon. To my right in the picture is a long road I had just walked up. Almost 2 miles at a 30 degree angle. My ass was dragging when this picture was taken.

The next photo is me higher up. I am almost to the end of the steps leading into Acropolis and Parthenon.

The finest (and most expensive) restauant in Athens is Dionysos. In this photo, I am seated at the dinner table. Outside.

The next photo explains one of the reasons why Dionysos was so expensive. I am standing in front of the restaurant. It is evening and dark. Behind me high on a hill lit up is Acropolis and Parthenon. From where I sat in the previous photo, I had a clear and unobstructed view of the buildings some two miles away high on a hill. Thrilling!

Welcome to Plaka. The next pic.

I was frequnetly tired. The next photo is me enjoying an afternoon drink in the Plaka. I was there for the chair more than the booze.

The next photo is me enjoying a night time drink in the Plaka. Plaka was the fun part of Athens.

The next photo represents a part of today’s news. I am standing across the street from Parliamwent. Thousands today demonstrated in front of that building and on the street where I stood. Tens of thousands. The news has already reported today that tear gas, stun grenades and molotov cocktails played a part in the protests. All because of German Chancellor Merkel’s visit. I said in this morning’s blog she would not be welcomed. I anticipated disturbances. They occurred.

Greeks frequently protest. They are an emotional people. A couple of years ago, they demonstrated for some reason I cannot recall. The hotel step my foot is on and all the steps going into the hotel were ripped out by the demonstrators.

The last photo is a view of Parliament from my hotel balcony. Visualize the thousands of people surrounding the building today.

During the last few days of the Athens portion of my trip, I stayed at the Gran Britagne Hotel. I never took a pic of it. All I can provide you is the balcony railing in the last photo. I mention the hotel specifically because of its history. The building is absolutely elegant. The service outstanding. I even had my own butler! During World war II, the Germans threw the hotel operation out and used the Gran Britagne Hotel as their general headquarters.

Enough. I need a drink. I am on my way out.

Enjoy your day!


Photo problem resolved. Lost Novara pics found. Thanks to Sloan. Today, Novara and Santorini.

The photos will appear following each day’s blog. Just scroll down and up will come Novara first and then Santorini.

Santorini was spectacular! No other way top describe it. God’s gift to man! I was taken with the beauty of the island.

Santorini is located in the southern Aegean sea. The remnant of a volvanic explosion.

Santorini was one island. 3,600 years ago a volcano on the island erupted. To better place the explosion in time, 1,500 years before the birth of Christ.

It was a volcanic explosion to beat all explosions. The eruption broke the island into several smaller islands.

The volcano still exists. I will be showing pics of it when the volcano photos are published. The volcano is still hot. A devastating explosion occurred as recently as 1956.

A recent scientific article suggested that another eruption is imminent. The chamber below the top is building up with lava. It is ready to go. When I visited the volcano, I could see steam coming up through the rocks. Sometimes as close as ten feet from the path I was walking. The article said that in addition to the steam, carbon dioxide was being emitted. Apparently an additional bad sign.

The split off island I stayed on is still referred to as Santorini. There are several towns located on the island. I stayed in Elia. The best place to stay. I traveled all over the island during the ten days I was there. The island towns were typical beach towns found anywhere. Except for Elia. Elia was old Greece in every way from the cave apartments to the buildings to the people.

I have posted nine photos of Santorini.

The first is me sitting in front of my cave apartment. A good shot of the view, also.

The next is me again sitting looking out over the ocean. A magnificent view! The volcano is the black island to the left.

The third photo is of me sitting on the same terrace with my back to the sea.

You will recall that steps were horrible from my perspective. Steps and hills everywhere. Killers. The next pic is of me climbing the stairs from my cave. Followed by another pic showing the end of the steps at the walkway.

Night times were cool. The next photo is of me at night on the walkway wearing a rain jacket. It never rained on the trip. The jacket was the only covering besides shirts and one sweat shirt I brought with me.

Donkeys all over the Greek islands. Not just Santorini. Some people either do not wish or cannot walk up and down the steps. Donkeys are provided to carry them. The next photo is of the donkey steps. The brown spots are donkey dung. Sorry. I failed to take any pics of the donkeys on Santorini.

My favorite restaurant. The Katina! Ate there four nights. The photo is of me and Igor. He waited on me every evening. Not Greek. A Russian. Igor and I became friends. The food absolutely outstanding!

The last photo is of Santorini at sunset. Whether Key West, Santorini or where ever, islands world wide have their special sunsets.

My yesterday consisted of a walk. Then lunch at Blossoms. Cuban cheese toast with tomato, plus a large Cuban coffee. I stopped at Walgreens and the dentist. The dentist for a minor mechanical change to my implants. Visted Lisa.

Cooked a steak for myself in the evening. Then settled in bed to watch the Jets game. At least they scored a couple of touchdowns! The Jets should play Tebow more. They payed a hell of a lot of money to use him only minimally. Tebow is a winner!

The woes of each country are different. Each nation is suffering financial problems. The problems did not arise in similar ways. The road to almost bankruptcy has been different for each.

I am motivated to make the preceding observation because of Romney’s comments regarding Spain yesterday. Now Spain is pissed at him. As are the Brits. Fortunately for Romney, the people of Spain and Great Britan are not voters in the U.S. election.

My recent two month European trip has made me a half assed international expert of sorts. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in Athens today. She is meeting with the Greek governement. Probably as I am writing this blog. The purpose of her trip is to show the Greek people that she and Germany are their friends, want to help the Geeks resolve their financial difficulties, etc.

A bad idea. A bad trip. You will recall as I wrote in my blogs when I was in Athens and attended two demonstations, the Greeks hate the Germans. The Greeks spit every time Merkel’s name was mentioned.

Merkel’s primary purpose is to show German support for the austerity efforts the Greek government is imposing on its citizens. So Greece can pay the money it owes to Germany. She is not going to be a popular lady!

Nor is she expected to be. Police have been brought to Athens from every where. Seven thousand will be in Athens during her visit. Some of the police include roof top snipers.

The demonstrations will probably start or take place in front of Parliament. Tomorrow I will be sharing with you my Athens photos. Included are a couple of shots of Parliament.

A reminder again of the address changes for KONK Broadcasting. To watch my friday Internet show: www.konknet.com/tv/personalities. To read my weekly KONK Life column: www.konknet.com/konk-life/contributors.

Remember to scroll down for the Novara and Santorini photos.

Enjoy your day!