An interesting title! Only peripherally related to some of yesterday’s happenings.

I was at Don’s Place last night for the Syracuse/Notre Dame game. Dave sitting next to me. He watching his Ohio State team win big time. I watching Syracuse take a drubbing from Notre Dame. Thank god for basketball! Otherwise, I might never get to cheer and feel good about a Syracuse team.

Don and Steph had gone to the movies and then stopped by. Dave, Don and Steph all left me at the end of the Ohio State game. There was yet the final half of the Syracuse game to play. It was a boring game.

Mary Todd became the wife of Abraham Lincoln. Mary Todd had nothing to do with last night. Mary and Todd did.

Mary and Todd are newly settled in Key West. About two weeks. Mary is originally from Don’s area in upstate New York. She grew up in Dunkirk. Todd is out of Pittsburg.

Todd is a banker. Prefers a smaller banking operation as opposed to a larger one. He has worked for banks in Phoenix and Naples 16 years combined. He wants Key West and one of its smaller banks. I am sure he will find the position he seeks.

I was more interested in Mary. Turns out Mary has been religiously reading my blog since 2007. Welcome to Key West, Mary! I love you!

The two have already settled in. They are living in Peary Court. A 20ish daughter living with them.

I look forward to sharing their company more.

One of the Yacht Club staff stopped in. I am forgetful. Could not recall her name. It was good to see her, however. We talked of Greece.

Jackson Pollack! One of the greats of the art world! He came into the picture yesterday with grandson Robert.

Ally has been painting. Easel, canvases, etc. She draws/sketches well. Still getting into the actual painting thing.

Robert has not wanted to participate. I feel bad since I am spending so much time with Ally. I do not wish him to feel neglected.

Turns out Robert does want to paint. His way!

He took a canvas outside and with brush and otherwise threw several different colors on the canvas. A Jackson Pollack masterpiece!

Robert came back into the house. Both Robert and the canvas were totally covered in paint. Lisa had Robert in the shower immediately.

Afterwards, I took Robert to the computer and showed him that some artists do paint in the fashion he had. One being Jackson Pollack.

I suspect I now have two artists in the making.

I spent my day otherwise working on next week’s KONK Life column. It will have to do with banks. The enemy of all!

Banks have a new game they are playing. It is called de-risking. They are dumping certain groups of customers. Those that might reflect unfavorably upon a bank. Like adult porn stars. What bugs me is that they still handle Mexican and Latin American drug cartel monies and those of terrorist groups. Billions in fees to be made. I call it hypocrisy.

Oh my Syracuse! I knew we would lose last night. Ergo, I was not disappointed. Syracuse played a good first quarter. Part of the second also. That was it. Notre Dame remains undefeated and ranked 8th nationwide.

I am going to Church this morning! The roof will probably cave in.

Larry Smith has been playing at Unity Church. He said I should hear the preacher. His sermons are fantastic. Not hail and brimstone as we Catholics were raised. Rather love. I will let you know what I think.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Just when I think I have heard it all, that I can not be surprised, something occurs to prove me wrong.

This morning on the Today show it was announced that Bradley Manning wants to be a female. He said in a written statement read that he wishes to be referred to from this point forward as Chelsea and hopes to immediately begin hormone therapy.

Manning is 25 and was sentenced this past week to 35 years in jail for leaking 700,000 pages of secret government information. He was considered by many to be a hero rather than a wrongdoer.

The only advice I have for Manning is to watch out when he is in prison.

Worked a bit yesterday on tomorrow’s television/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Compiled interesting information. Bradley Manning, of course. Then the Muslim treatment of Christians in Egypt, breast implant bombs, Obamacare and spousal coverage, Pope Benedict’s God told me to resign statement, ingesting tapeworms to lose weight, insulting the office of President, Rudolph Valentino, The Butler, and more.

Join me. Ten Friday morning my time. On television all the way up the Keys and through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

I guarantee you will enjoy the show.

Spent a significant portion of yesterday working on my first book to be published. A reality in the making.

Worked with Sloan for two hours organizing and editing material for the book.

Babysat from 5 to 7. Enjoyed the time immensely with Robert and Ally. We talked about school, teachers, Jake and Monopoly. I heated their dinner and sat and chatted with them as they ate.

Jake and I continue to have problems. I think it is my voice. If I forget and speak loudly, he feels threatened.

The grandkids wanted me to play Monopoly with them. I agreed. By the time the fight was over as to who was going to be banker, who got what piece, and the board set up, Lisa returned. I had to go. We agreed to play another time.

Drinks and dinner last night at the Yacht Club. I was heading for Don’s and the Chart Room, stopped into the Yacht Club for a drink, and never left.

Bocce tonight. I hope. It has rained heavy the past two days. It has already rained heavy twice this morning. In between, the sun shines bright. It is going to take a lot of sun today to dry the courts.

Enjoy your day!



The Washington, DC trip tired me out. I figured I should go easy last night. I decided on a quiet dinner at the Yacht Club. Good luck! It was like New Years Eve! People and noise. A fun time. I played and am paying this morning. I was too tired last night and feel worse this morning.

Instead of going home from the Yacht Club, I went to Don’s Place. No Don. But everyone else. Mostly from my bocce team. It was good to see everyone again.

Tonight is the bocce banquet. For the whole league. Something like 50-60 teams. At Turtle Krall. I plan on being there.

Yesterday was busy by day, also.

The morning began with the Key West Lou legal Hour. My tv/internet show. Love doing it! Post show comments indicted most enjoyed hearing about theWashington trip.

Yesterday was my last show till August. I leave on my European trip thursday. The show will go on, however. Reruns. If you have not seen all the shows, tune in. You might catch one you have missed. The Key West Lou Legal Hour is also televised saturdays at 4:30 and sundays at 3. In addition to which, it is You Tubed.

I will be doing my blog talk radio show. It is going to be exciting! I will be broadcasting from Italy, Greece and France. Live. Tuesday evenings Florida time at 9.

The show is archived and available all the time for listening. Weekly stats indicate that most of my listeners tune into the archived version.

I will continue to write my KONK Life column from where ever I am. They should be terrific! I most likely will be writing about some of my trip experiences.

Saw my doctor Jackie Lefferts for a pre trip check up. She says I am ok to go.

Spent some time at the opticians. I had three pair of glasses to be repaired. I stepped on one prescription pair. Did a number to it. Lost the lens on another. Fortunately, I found the lens. The third pair needed the frames tightened.

Now I am ready for Europe! I can see!

KONK Life has been on the stands since thurday. It carries my article on the Holocaust and my thought that man is inherently a killer. I did next week’s column yesterday.  The College Loan Program…..A Ripoff. Unfair and corrupt. The article is an eye opener. It comes out next thursday.

A busy day today. Sloan will be here shortly. I took a lot of pictures  in Washington. Want to put them on WordPress and Facebook. I hope I learn well. My plan is to post some pics every day while I am in Europe.

Enjoy your day!





I shoved Mother’s Day aside yesterday to express my feelings regarding the possible closing of the Chart Room and Wine Galley.

Sorry Mom! I still love you!

My mother is no longer with me. She passed on some 25 years ago. However, I am certain she walks with me every day.

To all mothers everywhere…..Happy Mother’s Day! Belatedly!

I now celebrate Mother’s Day with Lisa and her family. We went to Sunday dinner at the Yacht Club. Always a pleasant family experience.

Ally is 7, soon to be 8. She has begun to express her independence. She wants long hair. Long long hair! It is already down to her shoulders, if not a bit below. Her bangs cover her nose.

I suggested to Ally she have her hair cut. No way!!!

Robert is 8. He will be 9 wednesday. His independence is obvious, also. His hair is a bit long. One missed haircut long. Robert’s hair has become extremely curly. He looks terrific! The young ladies will be after him some day.

Great golf yesterday afternoon! I am glad Tiger won. Golf needs the excitement he brings to the game. I was pulling for Jeff Maggert, also. At 49 considered old for golf. He was in it till the end. Came in tied for second. Sergio committed the master screw up of the day. He put two in the water on 17.

Dinner was over by 8. I was showered, shaved and dressed. I did not want to go home. Decided to stop at Don’s Place. Only five at the bar. I knew no one. I surmised everyone was celebrating with their mothers and went home.

Jake got out of the yard. Lisa’s home is surrounded by fence. Robert and Ally left the front gate open when they came home from school. Jake went exploring.

Lisa was terrified! She found him a block away. Running all over. Jake is not car trained. She finally got him. Got Robert and Ally also. They were properly admonished. I doubt the front gate will ever be left open by them again.

The annual Truman Symposium is at the end of this week. Technically referred to as the Truman Legacy Symposium. May 17-18. At the Little White House. Truman made 11 different trips to Key West while President and stayed a total of 175 days.

Key West loves Harry Truman!

Doom and gloom abounds! Word is the Chart Room is going down. Could be unfounded gossip. The rumor is based on the fact that the Chart Room will be closed today. The employees have been told not to come in. As I understand it, they have not been told either way whether they have or do not have jobs.

No word on the Wine Galley.

Show time tomorrow night! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Two items up for discussion. One is the IRS oppressing tea party organizations. The other, Muslims beheading 813 Italians in the late 1400s for refusing to convert to the Islamic religion. Plus anything else that comes to mind. Mine or yours.

Join me at 9 in the evening. An internet radio talk show.

Enjoy your day!



























Most of yesterday, I was in a stupor. This morning I feel great! Rarin’ to go!

During my recent back problem, I was on pain killers. I had difficulty sleeping. So I took Advil-PM. Supposedly helps to relieve pain and makes a person sleep. It did. I slept terrific the two nights I took the Advil.

I have had trouble sleeping the past few days. Two nights ago, I decided to pop an Advil-PM. I slept 10.5 hours straight without waking. Wow!

A problem was evident when I woke yesterday morning after my long sleep. I was heavy headed, moving slowly. The word stupor I used earlier is the correct description. I even had trouble doing yesterday morning’s blog.

I was still in the condition described when I went to the TV studio at 3 to record friday’s show. My sense was whatever my thoughts were, the words were coming out slowly. My biggest problem was pronunciation. Bangladesh and blasphemy would not come out right. I finally looked the camera in the eye and said…..I have difficulty pronouncing big words!

I am anxious to see friday’s show. To see how bad it all came out.

Krystal was engineering the show. She said she could see nothing wrong. I don’t know.

If you are interested in watching, the show is available via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West through Miami-Dade county. World wide via the internet.

The Key West Lou Legal hour airs at 10 in the morning my time.

The show is also You Tubed. People are apparently viewing the show on You Tube. Many who are unable to watch at 10 in the morning have told me they are watching the shows at their convenience via that mode.

Returned home after the recording and decided to trim my beard. A mistake! I was still feeling tipsy. I ended up chopping my moustache too short on one end. Went back to the other side and cut some off to balance it. Cut more than I should have. So it was back and forth. Needless to say, my tache is a bit shorter this morning.

I also did a number on my neck. Irritated the hell out of it.

By dinner time, I felt better. The clouds had left me. I was famished. Dee joined me at the Yacht Club for dinner.

Bocce tonight! Can’t wait!

Enjoy your day!



We have a mix today. Italy, Key West, Afghanistan, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Bangladesh.

Today is La Festa del Lavoro in Italy. Labor Day. Actually it is Labor Day in most of Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America. Only the United States and Canada celebrate Labor Day in September.

A big time national holiday in Italy. Very few work. Rome annually has a concert this day in the Piazza San Giovanni. More than 500,000 will attend.

I visited the Piazza more than 30 years ago when I was visiting Italy with the family. My whole family. Wife, 3 of my 4 children, and my parents. The Piazza is a huge open space surrounded with medieval buildings. Beautiful! Magnificent!

The day celebrates International Workers Day. Sounds a bit socialistic or Communistic. For that and other reasons, Mussolini did away with the holiday when Fascism ruled Italy. It was only after World War II that the holiday returned. It has been an Italian holiday since 1890, except for the Mussolini years.

Let me stay with Italy for a moment.

Italy has a new Prime Minister. Latte. It is questionable how long he will last. Berlusconi’s party made it possible for Latte to become Prime Minister. However, Berlusconi has made it clear that unless Latte pushes through the return to the citizens of the additional real property taxes paid in 2012, that Latte will be yesterday’s news. He will call for a confidence vote and Berlusconi’s party will not support Latte. Latte cannot survive under that circumstance.

My day yesterday started with a CAT scan at the hospital. A quickie. Took all of 5 minutes.

Then headed over to the Yacht Club for lunch. Enjoyed a very delicious crab cake and read the newspapers while seated at a corner of the bar.

Spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

Following previous shows, some complained my voice was scratchy or cutting out. I contacted the Blog Talk people. They said try a land line. I had been using bluetooth and my cell phone.

Several telephoned after the show to tell me the voice was perfect. No scratching or cutting out. I am glad the problem is behind me. I am learning that it is always something with TV, internet, and radio shows. For real. Nothing runs perfect. Nor consistently.

I talked about money last night. Labeled the topics rip offs. Where our tax dollars are being misspent, where money is being misspent.

I talked about Karzai and Con Edison in that regard.

It was reported Karazi has been receiving bags of money every month for 10 years from us.

Regarding Con Edison, after failing to effectively resolve the Sandy hurricane problems and shutting out 8,000 employess during salary/benefit negotiations last year, Con Edison’s Board gave hefty bonuses to top echelon execs for a job well done. Con Edison’s Board Chairman and President received a total of $7.4 million in compensation. At a time when Con Edioson is seeking permission to increase its rates an additional $400 million a year.

I also talked about a hearing scheduled by the government in Washington, D.C. Seven former Congresspersons have been appointed to a committee. The purpose of the committee is to study contacts made by extra terrestrial beings. Yes, you understand correctly. Creatures from outer space who may have communicated and/or visited the United States.

The hearings are limited to 5 days. They are being held at the National Press Club. The former Congresspersons are each to receive receive $20,000 plus expenses. Before these hearings are concluded and a report filed, I bet total monies exceed $300,000.

What a waste! Especially in poor economic times.

I also spent some time telling/exposing the Social Security story as I see it. No one gives it to us straight. We are getting ripped off in more ways than one.

Bangladesh and the 300 plus dead from a building failure was also discussed. Shades of the sweat shops of the 1920s and 1930s in the United States.

These issues will also be discussed on my friday tv/internet show. They are too good to let go.

Lisa took Jake to the vet yesterday. One of his back paws and part of his foot were swollen. Jake favors the leg. Vet said it probably is a broken toe. As with humans, nothing to do. If he still favors it next week, Jake is to be brought back to be x-rayed.

The Smokin’ Tuna Songwriters Festival begins today in Key West. The 18th year for this event. Country and western vocal and composing celebrities world wide participate. They come to
Key West in droves. There will be music the next several days morning , noon and night. In bars and show rooms and on the streets. Some will hang out on street corners and play.

Enjoy your day!




Jake visited my home for the first time yesterday. The house he liked. The outdoor deck he enjoyed. The pool…..forget it! Jake is afraid of the water, whether ocean or pool.

Really afraid!

Corey and the grandkids gently took him in the pool on three different occasions. He came right out. Once when he thought one of them was going to pick him up and take him back in, he ran like hell the other way.

So be it. At least we will not have to worry about Jake drowning.

After the family left, I headed over to Publix to pick up a few things. I went to the old Publix.

I bought little and the cost was $71! How do families do it, plus the cost of gasoline?

The old Publix is being remodeled. Signs everywhere. Dust settled around. I could not help but think the remodeling was one of the places Publix’s huge profit was going. I would have preferred their keeping the store as it was and offering lower prices.

Sunday dinner was at the Yacht Club. Love dining with the grandkids.

Lisa serves very little meat to her family. She herself is a vegetarian. Definitely no meat bacon. Turkey, yes. When Robert was at camp this summer, he was served pig bacon each morning with his breakfast. He acquired an instantaneous taste for it.

When he returned home, he turned Ally on to bacon.

Lisa did not and does not relent. It is still turkey bacon in her house.

The Yacht Club has a salad bar. One of the items is bacon pieces. Robert and Ally headed to the salad bar immediately upon arriving. They loaded up on the bacon. Two helpings each!

When dessert time arrived, we ordered three hot fudge sundaes. One for Robert, one for Ally, and one for me. I have my weight under such control that I can eat bad stuff on occasion. The hot fudge sundae was good!

Ally told me she finally decided on what to make for the recyclable project. A paper dress.

My back still bothers me. An occasional abrupt spasm. Please make it go away Lord!

Big doings in the Keys starting mid-week and running through Sunday.

The first is the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival in Key Largo. The first of what is hoped will be an annual event. Key Largo is the perfect venue. Bogart and wife Lauren Bacall made the movie Key Largo there. Plus, for several years there has been a Key Largo visitors’ site at the house which was featured in the film.

Many of Bogart’s films will be shown. Among them, two greats. Casablanca and the African Queen. The boat that was in the African Queen putting around African waters was brought to the United States several years ago and restored. The original African Queen will be a feature attraction at the Bogart Film Festival. Available for rides.

The other biggie this week is the Annual Smokin’ Tuna Key West Songwriters Festival. A mouthful!

This is the festival’s 18th year. Country and western stars from all over come to Key West to play and party together. From what I have seen in previous years, the partying actually involves sitting together and jamming. Is jamming the proper word? Whatever. They sit and enjoy playing music together.

The playing takes place all over Key West. Day time and night time.

Some big names in country and western music will be in Key West for the event. The hit maker Jeffrey Steele, guitarist Gary Clark, Jr., twice Grammy Award winner Rebecca Lynn Howard, and the legendary duo Steve Cropper and Chuck Cannon.

A big time with big names!

Today would have been my parent’s 79th wedding anniversary, if they were still here. My mother passed away 24 years ago. My Dad last year. At 98, I might add.

For their 50th, I threw a party. A big one. It was the wedding reception they never had. About 300 guests. At Alfredo’s in the Utica area. My mother was dressed in long. She had broken one of her big toes earlier in the day. It was not going to prevent her from having a good time. She danced barefoot all night.

I miss them both.

Enjoy your day!



I watched the Congressional hearings yesterday where Hillary Clinton was the witness. She looked terrific! Handled those against her well.

Some of you will disagree with me. Those who are philosophically opposed to her. On the other hand, I say give her credit for a job well done. As Secretary of State and as a witness yesterday.

I did not consider her Presidential timber four years ago. I did not think she was up to the job. However, her overall performance as Secretary of State has changed my mind. Hillary Clinton could lead us.

A great dinner last night! It was neighbor time. Andrew and Cliff. Andrew owns the MTV house across from me. Cliff lives three houses down the street from me.

Two interesting guys.

Andrew is a former car dealer. His second wife Jasmine is Swiss. They have a 2 year old son, Kai. Jasmine and Kai are presently in Switzerland. Andrew returned to Key West for a few days to make sure everything was in order at his home here. He tells me next month he and the family are visiting Thailand for a month.

What a life!

Cliff never has retired. He has been in several businesses successfully. He presently has two homes in the New York area and a farm in Ulster County.

Cliff is a classic car collector. A passion with him. I received an education on classic cars last night.

We had dinner at the Yacht Club.

Tomorrow the Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time. Airs of television from Key West through Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Also available world wide on the internet.

An interesting show has been prepared. I will be discussing the inauguration, Hillary and her Congressional testimony, the filibuster issue, jail inmate fraud, a new weight loss procedure, Girl Scout cookies, an update on the Python hunt, the Subway Footlong, a Brazilian judge deciding Fifty Shades of Grey too sexual, and more.

Join me for an informative and fast moving hour.

I have to hustle. Have a 10 o’clock hair appointment with Lori.

Enjoy your day!





Santa Claus arrived last night! At the annual Yacht Club Christmas party for the kids.

Robert and Ally were there. It was their party.

I am beginning to suspect they may know. They were rather quiet and lacking in enthusiasm.

I continued my diet while everyone else ate a terrific meal. Switched. Two diet Cokes. And a cup of decaf.

The diet is working. I am into it. Thirteen pounds in two weeks.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour this morning. Ten my time. On television throughout the Keys and Miami-Dade County. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide.

Join me. A good show.

One of the topics to be discussed is the withdrawal from their present positions of Dick Armey and Senator DeMint. Another topic  is a plan underway to place cameras and microphones in TV sets in your living room and bedroom for the benefit of advertisers. A decided no no.

Have to move to get to the TV station on time.

Enjoy your day!


My home town is Utica, N.Y. Yesterday in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI canonized several new saints. Two of them had Utica ties.

Recall my Cousin Rose who died two years ago. A nun. A black Franciscan nun. My Cousin constantly prayed to Marianne Cope, a black Franciscan nun who died some 100 years ago. Rose believed that some day Marianne Cope would be as a saint.

Yesterday, Marianne Cope became a Saint. She was canonized by Pope Benedict XVI.

Marianne Cope was born in Germany. Her family came to America and settled in Utica. Marianne was raised in Utica. Later in life, she became a nun and served as Mother Superior of her Order in Syracuse, N.Y. The Third Order of St. Francis. It is popularly referred to as the black Franciscans. The black denoting the color of the habit Marianne Cope and her sister nuns wore.

Marianne Cope’s major undertaking which gave her a seat at the right hand of God was neither her Utica upbringing nor her stewardship of the black Franciscans. It was her work with lepers.

Leprosy was and is a dreaded disease. Years ago, lepers were herded off like animals to one of the Hawaiin islands. Moloki. Marianne Cope opted to help the lepers. She lived and worked among them for many years. She assisted the already sainted Father Damien.

Kateri Tekokwiths was aslo canonized yesterday. A Native American. The first Native American to become a Saint.

Kateri was born in Auriesville, N.Y. Aurieville is 40 miles east of Utica.

Upstate New York was Indian country. The Mohawks were an Iroquois tribe residing in the area encompassing Utica and Auriesville. Today, the valley Utica sits in is known as the Mohawk Valley.

Kateri was born of an Algonquin mother and a Mohawk father. She has become known religiously over the years as Lily of the Mohawks. Her life was brief and rugged. She was persecuted for her Catholicism. Kateri died at age 24 in Canada.

So it was, so it is.

The story of these two blessed ladies overwhelms my Key West experiences of yesterday.

A blessed day to you!