The Washington, DC trip tired me out. I figured I should go easy last night. I decided on a quiet dinner at the Yacht Club. Good luck! It was like New Years Eve! People and noise. A fun time. I played and am paying this morning. I was too tired last night and feel worse this morning.

Instead of going home from the Yacht Club, I went to Don’s Place. No Don. But everyone else. Mostly from my bocce team. It was good to see everyone again.

Tonight is the bocce banquet. For the whole league. Something like 50-60 teams. At Turtle Krall. I plan on being there.

Yesterday was busy by day, also.

The morning began with the Key West Lou legal Hour. My tv/internet show. Love doing it! Post show comments indicted most enjoyed hearing about theWashington trip.

Yesterday was my last show till August. I leave on my European trip thursday. The show will go on, however. Reruns. If you have not seen all the shows, tune in. You might catch one you have missed. The Key West Lou Legal Hour is also televised saturdays at 4:30 and sundays at 3. In addition to which, it is You Tubed.

I will be doing my blog talk radio show. It is going to be exciting! I will be broadcasting from Italy, Greece and France. Live. Tuesday evenings Florida time at 9.

The show is archived and available all the time for listening. Weekly stats indicate that most of my listeners tune into the archived version.

I will continue to write my KONK Life column from where ever I am. They should be terrific! I most likely will be writing about some of my trip experiences.

Saw my doctor Jackie Lefferts for a pre trip check up. She says I am ok to go.

Spent some time at the opticians. I had three pair of glasses to be repaired. I stepped on one prescription pair. Did a number to it. Lost the lens on another. Fortunately, I found the lens. The third pair needed the frames tightened.

Now I am ready for Europe! I can see!

KONK Life has been on the stands since thurday. It carries my article on the Holocaust and my thought that man is inherently a killer. I did next week’s column yesterday.  The College Loan Program…..A Ripoff. Unfair and corrupt. The article is an eye opener. It comes out next thursday.

A busy day today. Sloan will be here shortly. I took a lot of pictures  in Washington. Want to put them on WordPress and Facebook. I hope I learn well. My plan is to post some pics every day while I am in Europe.

Enjoy your day!



4 comments on “YACHT CLUB

  1. man is inherently a killer
    end quote
    Of course he is, he has to be. Look at the placement of our eyes. We are predators.
    I don’t why I say this. We have been at the Chart Room and Hogfish while you there.

  2. Have meant to get in touch before. Still remember the MC days with you, Frank Medici, Geoerge Paulding and others.
    When you get back, please get in touch (410) 667-9049.
    I’d like to see if you can help me publicize my books about La Salle Military Academy, Christians in he Movies and Life on the Lower East Side (see my website and the LSMA alumni website). A lot of the potetial audience is in Florida.
    Peter Dans

    • Peter Dans| Yes, I remember. You ended up a doctor. Are you still doctoring or retired? My recollection was you wished to go into research.
      Armogos in a couple of weeks. I will check out your works while sitting under an olive tree. If I fail to call you by the end of August, call me. 305-393-6673. I would be happy to assist in any way possible. I just started a two month European vacation. I am writing from Novara, Italy. In a few days, I will be in Greece for a month. Then France.

      I am a retired enviromental attorney. Got bored. Seven years started writing this blog. It has a huge numbers of viewers. Followed in 49 countries. Amazing!

      I also have a tv show. I am the only live show between Key West and Miami. I write a weekly newspaper column. Publish once a week a small essay on Amazon Kindle. I started a blog talk radio show four months ago. It has taken off. Do everything as Key West Lou.

      I am ashamed to say I have not seen Frank Medici or George Paulding in more than 25 years.


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