It was Super Bowl Sunday. Key West rose in anticipation of watching the game early in the evening. For many, it was not to be. Comcast was down. TV and internet wi-fi connection.

For me it meant I had to get over to Lisa’s to do this week’s KONK Life column which was due yesterday. The game did not bother me. I could watch it at Don’s Place. He has all those extra expensive hook ups.

To further compound the disaster, my cell phone would not work.

I piled my computer, phone, and electric hookups into the car and headed to Lisa’s. I could do my column there.

As I walked in the door carrying all my communication equipment, Lisa said forget it. Our Comoast is down. It stayed down till I left around 4. Lisa was on the phone with Comcast. They said that everything was ok. Lisa said not here! A repair man is coming today.

I suspect many, if not all, in Key West were affected to some degree by the Comcast shut down.

I went home. I was gong to shower again and head back to Don’s Place. Lo and behold, my computer was working. So too was my TV. Plus my phone which had nothing to do with Comcast. I called Lisa. She still was without.

By the time I finished the KONK column, it was Super Bowl time. I decided to watch the game from the comfort of my bed.

The game was a shocker! I thought Denver would win. Peyton Manning would not be denied. What a beating! Seattle is to be complimented.

The KONK Life column is about the flu epidemic of 1918. Affected 500 million worldwide, killed 50 million. Bad! A noteworthy comment I read was that the 1918 flu bug killed more people in 24 days than AIDS did in 24 years!

Before Lisa’s, I stopped at the Plantation Coffee House. Skip was there.  Met him a couple of weeks ago at the Chart Room. I did not recognize him. Sorry, Skip. He is now living in Key West and doing a radio show.

Syracuse basketball again tonight! I have yet to recover from the Duke victory. Syracuse plays Notre Dame at the Carrier Dome at 7 this evening. Syracuse is a 15 point favorite. I plan on watching the game and eating at Lukas’ Sports Pub.

Tomorrow night my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 for a fast moving half hour.

The Key West Citizen in it’s This Day in History section this morning made mention of Willie Shoemaker. Shoemaker was a great jockey. Perhaps the best of all time. On this day in history, he rode race number 40,350. His final one.

I make mention of Willie Shoemaker because I knew him. Back in the early 1970s, I had a condominium at Miami’s Jockey Club. One of the members and residents was Willie Shoemaker. Many the evening we shared a drink at the bar.

Enjoy your day!




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  1. i use verizon mobile broadband for laptop internet. and it always works in key west when other providers are down. 5 gigabytes a month is adequate for my internet usage, but maybe Lou needs more – hence comcast unlimited i imagine.

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