It was manicure time yesterday. Tammy at Lee Nails. Tammy has a new hairdo. Outstanding! Frames her lovely face perfectly.

I have always had a soft spot for Asian women. Why, I do not know. I find them attractive. Perhaps a bit mysterious.

Tammy is short and thin. Tiny better describes her stature. A sweet face to go along with a sweet disposition. A mere 32. Looks 18.

Tammy was lovely before her new hairdo. More so now. So good, I would label her Miss Vietnam!

I spent a good two hours at the Plantation Coffee House yesterday morning. Got involved in the New York papers. I find it relaxing to sit and sip and read. The atmosphere at the Coffee House is conducive to a quiet time experience.

Chart Room big last night! Key West continues to be packed. I feel sorry for the tourists. It has been 80 degrees for months. Now we are into our first week of cold. The weather does not keep the vacationers down. They are in the bars, restaurants and coffee houses having a good time. A simple change of venue for them from the beach to indoors.

There was a buzz in the Chart Room. CNBC was in town. Some reality show. No one knew exactly which one. I was told the show helps businesses. The show people were working with one of the key lime businesses.

Kevin sitting at the end of the bar. I enjoy his company. Sheila and Peter at the bar, also. Jim Cox was back. The last one whose ashes will be placed in the bar rail.

We talked about Jim’s Dad, Jim Cox also. He was a banker. Made money when the savings and loans went under in the 1980s. Retired thereafter in his 30s to Key West. Retirement bored him. As it did me. He went into business. He designed and had made a special men’s pants. Billowy, open on the sides. Attached to the pants was a whistle. Ergo, the pants were known as whistle pants. He sold them in stores. He would also ride around on his bicycle selling them on the streets.

The senior Jim Cox became known as Whistle Pants. Similar to my being known as Key West Lou. Mr. Cox’s name appears on the bar rail as Whistle Pants.

I met Sandy from Wichita, Kansas. She was looking for a book store. Wanted to get some local books to read. I directed her. Told her also about The World Upside Down. She was very interested. Wrote down for her that it could be ordered from Amazon.com and Barnesandnoble.com. I also recommended she read The Shack. She gave me the name of a book she thought I would enjoy reading.

I liked Sandy. Hope I run into Sandy and her husband again before they leave.

Dinner was at the Hot Tin Roof with Jim Cox. An enjoyable time. Talked of many things.

I had a simple meal. I did not wish to over eat. Shataki and mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes at the Hot Tin Roof are special.

Big basketball this afternoon! Syracuse/Pittsburgh. Syracuse remains undefeated at 17-0. Pittsburgh has lost only one game and is 16-1. Syracuse will be tested as it was against Villanova a couple of weeks ago. Though Syracuse is a 7.5 point favorite, I am uncomfortable. I plan on watching the game at Don’s Place at 4.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “MISS VIETNAM

  1. What a game. A little sloppy. But the last 10 minutes were exciting. I started to scream at the TV until my wife yelled at me….

  2. Lou: I’m glad I came across your blog. Its my connection to Key West now. Although I have a few friends there, I don’t get daily updates as I do from you.

    So keep up the good work.


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