These Syracuse basketball games can be too much! Yesterday was one of them. Syracuse beat Pittsburgh by 5 points. 59-54. With 4 minutes to go, I was sure Pitt was going to win. So did everyone else I am sure.

An example of the kind of game it was. Ten minutes into the second half, Syracuse was up by 10. In 1 minute and 9 seconds, Pitt makes three 3s in a row. All by the same player. Now only a one point game.

I watched the game at Don’s Place with Dan and Michael. Michael is Dan’s friend from Syracuse. Michael mentioned he was reading my book The World Upside Down. I was thrilled and thanked him. After the game, he told me he was going back to the house to continue reading it. Go Michael!

Tino came in with Tom after the game. First time I have seen Tino in almost two years. He was looking well. Tino never changes. It was good to see him again.

Angus was a the bar watching the game. One of the best people in Key West.

After the game, I had a drink with Grant and Jeff. Today is Grant’s birthday. Twenty nine! Congratulations, Grant!

Late morning, I visited with Alyson and Chuck from the Boca Raton area. Alyson is a loyal blog reader. Love her! That is how we met. The three of us spent a pleasant hour together at the Plantation Coffee House.

Alyson and Chuck are looking to relocate to Key West. They are searching for a business to buy. If anyone has anything, let me know. I will pass the information on to them

One of my favorite spots to eat is No Name Key Pub. If you have ever been there, you understand why. In one of Mark Howell’s writings this week, Mark made mention that No Name Key was the rugged training grounds for the anti-Castro forces prior to the Bay of Pigs. I did not know. Another piece of information from Louis’ collection is that during World War II, the upstairs of the No Name Pub building was a brothel.

It’s called history!

Big tournament of sorts this afternoon. At Don’s Place. Don’s Annual Rib Cook Off. A delicious place to be. There will be many entries. Don also sponsors a chili cook out. Another winner.

I mentioned yesterday that Peter Max was in town. I wanted to meet him. My plate was full yesterday. Hopefully, this afternoon. Between writing this week’s KONK Life column and the rib cook out.

Enjoy your Sunday!


My internet show tomorrow morning at 10. Ten my time. World wide. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. www.konkbroadcasting.com.

Join me.

In addition to topics set forth yesterday, I am going to chat a bit once more about Sharia law. There have been some recent interesting revelations. Some time will also be dedicated to a discussion of puppy mills and the Amish and Mennonite involvement with them.

An interesting show. Miss it not!

Babysat all day yesterday.

Robert, Ally and I drove to No Name Pub for lunch. We destroyed ourselves. Robert and Ally enjoyed foods their mother Lisa keeps away from them. It is a grandfather’s responsibility to provide such pleasures.

No Name Pub is an interesting place. it is located in the woods no where. Hard to find. Always packed. No Name Pub also has a distinctive history. In the 1930s, a brothel operated on the second floor.

After lunch, we were off to Boondocks for miniature golf. Robert and Ally played. I refereed and offered suggestions. They played equally well. They ended in a tie. Robert and Ally enjoyed the competition.

Some how Robert won a free ice cone. We had two. One for each. I tried both. Tastey and refreshing.

Then to my house for swimming. Lisa arrived later to pick them up.

I took a quick half hour power nap. Needed it.

I was scheduled to have dinner with Billy and Cindy Schoot last night. Met them at the Chart Room. Sheila was there. With family and friends from Indiana. Talked a bit with them.

Dinner was at Hot Tin Roof. A long leisurely dinner. Great conversation. Many laughs.

Yesterday was National Tequilla Day. I ordered Patron Silver shots for the table. It was that kind of evening.

Have to hustle. I have a ten o’clock hair appointment.

Enjoy your day!



Sunday in Key West!

Did something different yesterday.

The sun  was shining. Finally. It was early afternoon. I put the top down on the convertible. Threw a baseball cap on backwards. Off I went!

My goal was No Name Pub. Some 30 miles away.

The convertible, the wind, the sun…..the best.

I arrived. Not many people. The off season. Sat at the bar.

The bar is high. The bar stools correspondingly high. Hard to get on and off. I did not fall, however. Ho ho.

I enjoyed a Philly cheese sandwich. I think they are the best at No Name Pub. Grandson Robert agrees with me. We have made a study.

No Name Pub is an interesting place. It appears to have formerly been a small two story home. Before and during World War II,  a whore house. Now a restaurant.

Afterwards,  decided to visit No Name Key. No Name Pub is not located on No Name Key. It is about a half mile further down the road. Over a long bridge. The Pub is located on Big Pine Key.

Seems confusing. It is not. Once you understand.

No Name Key’s claim to fame is that it has no electric power. No utility lines of any kind. This is roughing it. At least from my perspective. The people living on No Name Key have propane generators, solar panels, and I assume candles. They like it that way. The State of Florida is trying to compel the residents to get electric power. The residents do not want it. There is a new lawsuit pending by the residents to bar electric power from coming to their island.

No Name Key is a desolate place. The homes are not close together. Though the homes are visible to each other. Some large homes, small small ones. All weather beaten. It appears no one paints. Most run down.

All of the preceding adds to that strange feeling one experiences when they visit No Name Key. To me it as a cemetery grown up.

One has to go out of his way to get to No Name Key. Once there, he cannot wait to leave!

There is something lovely and beautiful on No Name Key. Little deer. No more than two feet high. The young ones even smaller.

I was driving through late in the afternoon. The deer were c coming out of the woods. There were literally hundreds on and around the roads. Traveling in packs. Gave no concern to my car. It was their home, their place. I was the one who had to be careful.

The drive home was a delight. The top still down. My head this morning has a large burn spot on the upper forehead where the hat failed to cover.

It was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy your day!