This morning’s Key West Citizen announced that the anchor store for the proposed shopping center at MM 9 might be a Wal-Mart. The site is the location of the former adult book store.

Wal-Mart may be at the bottom of the list of desired department stores. However, it is better than nothing. I do not see any other chains clamoring to come to Key West. The reason is simple. The volume of business is not here.

Presently, we shop at Ross which is a cheapie selling primarily clothes that are overruns and seconds. Then there is K-Mart. Can you imagine shopping for clothes at a K-Mart? We do. Finally, we have Sears. Nothing to excite.

Already, a local politician, who seems to have his head screwed on wrong, has spoken up against Wal-Mart. The newspaper quotes him as  saying he visited a Wal-Mart once and had to leave. Could not stand it. He was also disappointed because he thought Target was in the running for the site.

The lower keys are desperate for a store such as a Wal-Mart. Yes, I would prefer something better. Perhaps a Macy’s. But you take what you can get. And if it is Wal-Mart, so be it.

I spent yesterday afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. Growing Dope Makes Sense. An intriguing title. It raises the question why the opium fields in Afghanistan and the marijuana fields in Syria had banner years in the drug trade. At a time when both nations were being devastated by wars.

Bocce last night. We won 2 out of 3. No Don. He is in California visiting family. The weather was perfect. With the clock change, we play after dark. Lights, of course. The cold front  is a bit cooler in the evening. Playing in the boiling sun can be onerous.

No power boat races yesterday. A day off. They race every other day for three days. Wednesday, friday, and sunday.

On this day in 1918, the Bolshevik Revolution experienced a major change. The Red Russians overthrew the White Russians. Lenin was leader of the Reds. The Leader of the White Russians was Alexander Kerensky. He was the first President Russia after the fall of the Czar. Kerensky had to flee Russia at the time since Lenin’s people were out to kill him.

I make mention of this historical event because Kerensky taught me Russian history in college. A wild course. Listening to a man who was there leading up to and the actual overthrow of the Czar. Followed by his battle as leader of the Whites against Lenin and the Reds. A battle he lost.

Syracuse football again tomorrow. I can’t wait for the season to be over. Syracuse is bleeding. Syracuse fans are bleeding.

Syracuse plays Duke. Duke is 7-1. Syracuse 3-6. Need I say more?

Enjoy your day!


Sometimes an event occurs which outshines all others which happened on the same day. An event which causes all others to fade in comparison.

Such occurred yesterday. Not the Syracuse/Duke game standing alone. Nor Syracuse’s defeat 66-60. It was Jim Boeheim going berserk with ten seconds to go in challenging a ref’s call.

I know Boeheim. I have watched him coach more than 30 years. I have played golf with him. We have had dinner together. He is not the expressive person we saw running around last night on the court. His conduct will be remembered for years to come.

I thought the referee’s call was a bum one. I have watched the video of it at least a dozen times. The defender was moving. Fair was already in motion. What was done was done, however. There was no way to rectify the call.

I am glad Boeheim blew up. Shows us the man does feel. He is not the ice cold coach many perceive him to be.

This whole situation is probably good for Syracuse. Syracuse lost two this week. The pressure of when are we going to lose is off Syracuse’s back. The team can go out and enjoy!

The thought has occurred to me since last night how terrific it would be if Syracuse and Duke could meet in the Final Four championship game. It would be a game of games!

Enjoy your Sunday!



Bobby Mongelli owns Hogfish. Bobby Mongelli owns Roostica. Bobby Mongelli owns Geiger Key. The man is a genius! He deserves the success he is experiencing.

I lunched at Geiger Key yesterday. Keith is Bobby’s friend. Keith told me Geiger Key just got its liquor license. I had not been to Geiger Key in ten years. It will not be that long again.

The place is another Bobby Mongelli winner! A shack sitting on the edge of ocean  wetlands. A perfect site. Mongelli has expanded the seating considerably from what I recall ten years ago.

The food was the same as Hogfish. Exactly. Why change what works. I enjoyed fish and chips. Hogfish, of course.

The place is another Key West fun place. The people kept coming in. I could not believe the volume.

When I was last at Geiger Key ten years ago, I was with Howard Livingston. He was then a Chicago industrialist. Beardless, no mustache, no long hair. A conservative American!

We were both with our then wives. Time does bring changes. Howard has since divorced and remarried. To wonderful Cyndy. I too am divorced. Still alone, though.

We danced that night. Guess who was playing? Yankee Jack! His dog lying quietly in front of him.

Geiger Key is about ten miles up from Key West on US 1. There is a Shell station and large convenience store on the corner of Geiger Key Road. Take a right. About 1-2 miles down the road is the restaurant. About a 1,000 yards off the road. You will have to look for it.

I needed gas. I got it at the Shell station just mentioned. Explain the following to me. Regular was $3.70 a gallon at the Shell station at Key Haven. At the Shell station at Geiger Key Road, only $3.55. Ten miles made for a 15 cent difference? How we get ripped off!

Prior to going to Geiger Key, I took a ride on Stock Island. I was looking for the Stock Island Marina. Everyone is talking about it. Lovely! Terrific! Want to dock my boat there! All favorable comments.

I found the place way down on Shrimp Road. It was everything people had said. There are very few places on Stock Island that can be described as lovely. The marina is one of them.

I forgot yesterday to mention an interesting experience at bocce thursday night. I cut my index finger. By the nail. It kept bleeding. I did not have a band aid. I was drinking a Beefeater on the rocks. I stuck my finger in the cold gin. The bleeding stopped! Just like that! A new found cure! Additionally, my drink was now cranberry and gin. I threw it away, of course.

Matteo Renzi is the new Prime Minister of Italy. Latte resigned. Renzi was previously a mayor. He is 39. Renzi and Latte are of the same political party. Latte’s own party dumped him.

It will be interesting to see if Renzi can pick Italy up out of its economic doldrums.

A Milan friend wrote yesterday that American bonds are selling well in Italy. A recent thing. Italy is supposedly in recovery and is considered in some circles to be an emerging market. Another reason for the Italian investment is that South America is no longer considered a good place for one’s money.

I got into fracking yesterday afternoon. Spent several hours researching Florida and fracking. Fracking appears to be on the horizon. It is coming. Sooner to Florida than most think. Three counties are already doing it. Collier, Hendry, and Santa Rosa. Not yet Monroe.

I have a concern.

I am not opposed to fracking. We need cheap fuel, we need jobs. With appropriate safeguards, problems should be minimal. There will be problems. Nothing is without. The government has to strictly oversee and control the fracking.

My concern has to do with transparency. A bill recently came out of the Florida House’s Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee. The bill exempts from public disclosure the chemicals used in the fracking process. An immediate red flag! The public should be aware. Specify the toxins. Then all can make sure appropriate safeguards are put in place. To legislate silence is to tell Floridians that there is a problem and the government does not want you to know about it.

The people’s right to know continues getting kicked around.

Tonight, tonight…..Syracuse and Duke. At Duke. Seven o’clock. Should be a battle. It is a test of Syracuse, especially after Syracuse’s defeat this week at the hands of Boston College. I will be at Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub watching the game.

Enjoy your day!




I love bocce! Everyone that plays loves bocce! However, it can be frustrating at times!

We cannot seem to get it going. Last night was our team’s second week. We lost 2 and won 1 game. The same as last week. We are consistent, at the least. We play well, but do not win. Captain David is trying everything to find the correct mix that will lead to victory.

Maybe we do not drink enough. We play sober.

I had a haircut at 10 with Lori. Then it was over to the Plantation Coffee House for several hours. The realtor had called me to say he had several people to show the house to. Which meant I had to get out.

I took my computer and notes with me. I was at the Plantation Coffee House from 10:30 to 3 working. A pleasant atmosphere. Quiet. Food and drink readily accessible. Nice people occasionally saying hello or nodding hello. I wrote yesterday’s blog from there. Accomplished a lot of other work.

This morning’s Key West Citizen had a front page article on the Charles Eimers affair. Eimers was the Michigan tourist who was arrested on Thanksgiving Day and died several days later while still in police custody. State investigators were in Key West interviewing the police officers involved.

The Eimers matter deserves investigation. Eimers had 10 broken ribs and other injuries when he died. The question is when did the injuries occur and why. Time will tell.

Duke lost 74-66 to North cCrolina last night. Syracuse plays Duke tomorrow night at Duke. It has all the makings of a terrific game. Syracuse presently #1 and Duke #5. The game is at 7. I plan on watching it at Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub.

Yesterday tired me out even before bocce. I had to be up early and out of the house. Which meant I had to tidy the place up quickly for those coming to look at the house. The several hours spent at the Plantation Coffee House were intense. I never stopped

Today is going to be another story. Slow and easy. In a few minutes, a shower. Then some property I want to look at on Stock Island. A former club  is now a marina. I understand the marina is beautiful.

I plan on a quiet lunch at Hogfish. Outside in the shade with the newspapers. Tonight I am out! Where, I am not yet sure.

Enjoy your day!


The Syracuse / Duke game was everything last night. While I watching it, Don and Herschel were in a french fry cook off. Cutting the potatoes, cooking them and sampling them all around.

Who won? Don cut his larger and cooked them in peanut oil. Herschel’s were a bit smaller. He cooked them crispy. He cooked them in lard.

The lard made the difference. Anything bad has to taste good! Congratulations Herschel! Don, you live to fight another day.

Now for the game.

We were watching the game outside behind the outside bar. Skaneateles Dan and Lisa were with us. They own a restaurant. They paid special attention to the way the fries were cooked.

Don is a gentleman. He knew how important the game was to me. He had all four TV sets tuned into the Syracuse game. Together with audio!

It was a game of games! Syracuse by 2 points. 91-89. You had the feeling you were viewing a Final Four Championship game. Two different basketball styles. Two different ways of playing. Two big time coaches. A WOW!!!

Even Dick Vitale spoke well of Syracuse last night.

We play Duke in two weeks again at Duke. Another knock out game in the making.

Syracuse is now 21-0.

I am in a hurry this morning. I have to get out of the house. The realtor is having an open house.

If you have not bought my book yet, please consider doing so. I know you will enjoy it. The World Upside Down. The title alone should be enough to tweak your curiosity. The book is available on and

Enjoy your Sunday! Enjoy the Super Bowl tonight!