I was sitting at the table in the Plantation Coffee House around noon yesterday researching. Two couples were seated nearby. Chatting. Eventually, I got involved in the conversation. Best as I could. It was difficult with so many people around.

One couple appeared to be 40ish. Both good looking. The lady was from Dubai, the man from New York City. The man had previously lived in India.

They had met initially on the of the couple matching sites on the internet. The email meetings led to their meeting in Key West this week. The face to face meeting was for the first time. Excitement was written all over their faces.

The couple they were talking with had a similar experience. The lady lives in Key West. The man from New York City. They now live together in Key West. They appeared to be in their 60s.


I was unable to get names. Too many people again and little time. However, both heart warming stories.

Syracuse finally won and won decisively yesterday. Beat Florida State by 16 points. 74-58. Florida State was no slouch. My recollection is that their record was 18-11 going into the game.

This was the last season game for Syracuse. Next week the ACC tournament. Syracuse is the second seed, Virginia, first. Syracuse plays next this friday evening. Then the big tournament! Syracuse has to do well in the ACC tournament to be considered a #1 seed in the big one. Probably win the ACC tournament.

I watched the game at Lukas’ Sports Pub. I was the only Syracuse fan. John sat with me most of the game. My heart fluttered on occasion. Syracuse was up 11, then up 1 before they came back to go up 13 and then 16.

I am anxious to see the national rankings which come out later today. Syracuse dropped from 1 to 7 the past two weeks. However, everyone good lost this weekend. Syracuse won. I see Syracuse moving up to #5 or #6. Maybe even #4.

A concern has been developing in me since the Cuban earthquake of 2 months ago. It was felt a bit in Key West by some. Not me. There were three aftershocks till yesterday. Yesterday, the fourth occurred which was felt. It was a 4.7. Just after 7 yesterday morning. I did not feel it. Some at the Casa Marina did.

After the initial earthquake, I did a little research. Seems there were around 400 quakes last year off the north coast of Cuba. Small. Ergo, we did not hear of them. The article pointed out the quakes are increasing in frequency. Therein lies my concern.

My friend Grant is going to be on national television friday night at 10. On the Food Network Channel. Grant is a chef at Bad Boy Burrito. Cooking famer Guy Fieri chatted with him when his show covered the Bad Boy Burrito two months ago. Go Grant! Everyone will be at Don’s Place waiting for him to appear on the screen. He will receive a big applause.

Fantasy Fest nudity continues to waste the time of the Key West Commission. No one cares about bare breasts, except for a few old time politicians and ultra conservative church ministers. Sixty thousand other people who attend Fantasy Fest come to view the  breasts, amongst other things.

A woman who was instrumental in the first Fantasy Fest some 30 odd years ago is one of the ones upset. She wrote “…..get rid of the PUBLIC debauchery, the vomitorium and the debacle.” She and I are not seeing the same Fantasy Fests. I am sure a minimal amount of what she describes occurs. However, I have never seen an orgy or vomiting. I cannot respond to debacle because I am not sure what she is specifically referring to.

Interestingly, the first Fantasy Fest parade she was instrumental in getting started had leading the parade a completely bare assed woman painted in silver riding on the hood of a car.

Tomorrow night at 9, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My cup runneth over with material. The story of the mother who knew best, Russia’s new terrorist law, China’s bubble bursting, Crimea, what Ukraine should do to set Russia on its ass, the head of the neo-Nazi party running for President of Ukraine, how the bank looting of Ukraine has begun, polygamy in Utah’s today, and more. Listen and enjoy. A stimulating and revealing half hour of dialogue.

Enjoy your day!



Sometimes things happen all at the same time. Then it is the mundane for days. Yesterday was big for happenings…..All new!

Lets start with the earthquake. Yes, Key West experienced an earthquake. At 3:57 yesterday afternoon. The quake actually occurred 10 miles off the north shore of Cuba. Well below the ocean floor. Its impact was felt in Key West. By some, not all. Key West experienced neither damage nor injury to life.

The earthquake was a 5.1. A significant number. We were immediately advised by television reports not to worry about a tsunami. Apparently a 6.0 or better is required.

I did not feel the earthquake. I did not know one had occurred till I reached the Chart Room and Emily told me. When the quake hit, I was in my car driving from the Plantation Coffee House to the Pier House. It seemed that anyone who was driving did not experience the earth’s movement.

However, those who were on the second and third floors of buildings did. Sheila was on the third floor of the Custom House and felt it. David was on the second floor where he works. He experienced it. Jean and Joe, Peter, and Emily did not.

The locals group were all at the Chart Room early comparing notes.

My compliments to Sean Kinney. He is a reporter for a local newspaper owned by the Miami Herald. He is also the Miami Herald’s man in Key West. Within minutes, Sean had reported the quake and it was being carried on the Miami Herald website.

A television star from a popular TV show was in town. Guy Fieri of the Food Channel’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Guy and crew had come in Wednesday. Did their work. Stayed overnight at the Pier House. Enjoyed the hospitality of the Chart Room later in the evening. Guy and most left yesterday morning. It appeared one of the show’s producers remained.

The show hit three Key West places of note. I know two. Bad Boy Burrito and Garbo’s. Famous they will be once the show airs. Tourists will seek them out for the next ten years. Look what a bit of notoriety did for Louie’s Back Yard.

The most important thing is that the show will be recognizing a Key West luminary. One who people have paid little attention to up to this time. The cook at Bad Boy Burrito. It is our own Grant. Grant of Don’s Place fame who I periodically mention. A good man!

The third noteworthy item was that this week’s KONK Life hit the streets yesterday. My picture on the cover. The whole page. Basically a reprint of the cover of my new book The World Upside Down. It thrilled me! My vanity is showing, I guess.  My thanks to publisher Guy de Boer.

Dan…..Where are you? I have stopped at Don’s outside bar four times looking for you. Have you given up drinking? Syracuse plays North Carolina tomorrow at noon. I will be at the Sports Pub. I hope to see you and Lisa again.

Enjoy your day!