Who would have believed? All of a sudden, limes are an expensive luxury. Do not expect them with your alcoholic drinks.

There is a shortage of limes.  A recent occurrence. Two reasons. A drought in Mexico. Plus, the Mexican drug cartel. The cartel is fighting for Mexican routes and roads. Limes cannot be safely shipped over the roads.

The price of limes has doubled and even tripled overnight. A case that cost $36 is now $110.

I learned of the lime problem last night. Jean Thornton, Merri and I were chatting at the Chart Room. Jean mentioned Captain Tony’s was no longer serving limes. She understood there was a shortage. My research discovered the rest.

There was a time when an attempt was made to grow limes in Florida. The attempt failed. Florida weather is too cold for lime growing. Additionally, diseases common to Florida vegetation did not help.

There is discussion of attempting lime growing in Florida again. Nothing definite as yet.

I finally was able to get into the art gallery I was not able to last week. Joy Gallery. It is located at the corner of Simonton and Eaton. A comfortable place inside. Chairs, couches and coffee. Free wi-fi. Come in and make yourself comfortable, even if you might not be buying. I suspect I shall be doing some of my writing from there occasionally.

The owner of Joy Gallery is Jim Wallace. Curator is the professional term. I enjoyed my time with him. He is a knowledgeable person.

Stop in and take a look at some of the fine pieces he is showing.

I lunched at Sloppy Joe’s yesterday. A thing I rarely do. I enjoyed lunch with the cruise ship people. A Sloppy Joe sandwich. What else!

I needed some groceries. Stopped at Publix. Apparently I needed little. The bill was only $42. I felt like I had made money!

Merri has been bartending at the Chart Room one or two nights a week for several years. Last night was her last night. Jean, Sheila and I were celebrating her departure. Yes, celebrating. Merri is only moving 100 yards down the walk way. To the Pier House beach bar where she will be working more days a week. More money and constant fresh air. Nil smoke inhalation.

Met Wally Miller in the Chart Room last night. Wally hails from somewhere in New Jersey. His nickname is Mayor. He has visited Key west before.

Wally, his wife and three other couples are staying at the Pier House.

Wally told an interesting story. He and his friends “steal” Key West menus. When home in Jersey, they try to cook certain dishes listed once a month.

It is Che’s birthday again! He is 81 today. Seems like yesterday we celebrated his 80th. Happy birthday Che!

Che sounds Cuban. He is not. Where he got the name Che from, I do not know. Che is a New York City Jew transplanted to Key West.

I briefly discussed neo-Nazism in yesterday’s blog. I was motivated by the Kansas City shooting by a neo-Nazi(s) at two different Jewish synagogues. Three persons were killed. I said the three were Jewish. Turns out one was. The other two were Presbyterians or some similar sect.

Two readers jumped on me in their comments. One said correctly that only one of those killed was Jewish. The other indicated none of the three were Jewish.

Whatever, I was wrong when I said all three. Mea culpa. I try to be careful and get the facts straight. Sometimes I do not. I am only human. I do make mistakes. I would suggest the Bible’s admonition…..Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

In defense, I offer the following. The national news media is always in a hurry to be the first out with a big story. Their facts are many times incorrect. Sometimes I only have those facts to deal with. I write that section of the blog when I read the news on the internet. When the blog is assembled, I unfortunately do not go back to check the facts. There is only so much time in the day. Occasionally, I repeat the erroneous information contained in the news report. As I did yesterday.

Please keep in mind this  is not a gotcha game!

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me. Interesting up to date material discussed. Sometimes with my personal take on the situation.

Tonight some information re the United States’ combat readiness, air pollution in China and France, the economy bringing down some big corporations, how Putin is gaining for his own bank account from monies recently being sent to Ukraine from the U.S., some things I did not know about the Catholic Church, Albuquerque police executing citizens, and more.

Enjoy your day!





Che was 80 years old yesterday. An impressive number. An impressive accomplishment reaching that number. Che is the epitome of good health. A lucky man!

The party was at the Chart Room. Che and Peter did the basic cooking/preparation. Guests brought plates of this and that. Sheila baked a cake.

We sang Happy Birthday! Che beamed as he blew out the candles. Only eight. Apparently some one did not want Che to strain himself.

Che is an interesting name. It is his nick name. I do not know Che’s real name. Though I have known him for years. That is the way it is in Key West.

Che’s name suggests he was a Cuban rebel. He was not. He is a Jew from New York City transfixed to Key West.

The thought crossed my mind…..Too bad Marty is not here. Marty and Che most evenings would stand at the end of the bar and argue. Over everything and nothing. After a while, no one listened to them. Their battles were their own.

I finally got together with Don and Chris. They are in Key West for a long weekend. We met at Che’s party. Good people!

I watched the end of the Masters with Don and Chris. A terrific finish! Adam Scott did himself proud. As did Angel Cabrera. I was especially moved by the hug Cabrera gave Scott when the match ended. Not a normal occurence.

Instead of going home after the party, I dropped into the Wine Galley. Sunday night is the Larry Smith Showcase. I am glad I did. Larry’s guest was a young lady from some small upstate New York town. I never got her name. I did get her singing. A great voce! An equally charming personality!

I wrote of avalanches yesterday. Chamonix, France and Washington State. After the blog was written, there were two more in Washington State. At different times. A half mile apart. One woman dead.

Greece is in the news again. The Euro banks have agreed on a plan to keep Greece going. The Euro banks will loan Greece additional bailout monies to meet Greece’s pension and wage obligations. Conditioned, of course. There is always a condition where a bank is involved. Greece must lay off 150,000 state governmental employees between now and 2015. They are further required to hire 15,000 young people to replace them.

Germany continues to be behind all this pressure crap. They call it austerity. It is destruction. It can only go on so long. At some point, the Greek people are going to say enough is enough to the Germans, Euro banks and their own government. Then rebellion and/or war with Germany. Keep in mind that Greece is not the only country Germany is squeezing.

Tomorrow night at 9 my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for an interesting half hour.

The show is in its third month and growing. The number of listeners increases each week. Generally, I have a fixed list of topics to discuss. However world events are moving so fast that I have given up on any sort of script. The show is an evolving one. Whatever tickles my interest or yours at show time is what will be discussed.

Enjoy your day!



Book review time! I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday morning.

The book is a trilogy. The three volumes fast moving. The author is a woman. E. L. James. I specify her sex since from my perspective it is a woman’s book written by a woman.

Fifty Shades is #1 on the New York Times best seller list. It is being read world wide. Book stores keep running out.

Fifty Shades is a love novel. Again, written by a woman for women. Not generally the type of book men read. Too lovey dovey.

My sense is the book is going to raise sex to another level.

Sex and love are big time in the novel. They are integrated. One.

I am 77. This is the fourth time in my life that I have seen something occur which affected societal mores.

The birth control pill became popular in the 1960s. It freed women from the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Pre-marital sex and promiscuity were rampant. The female was liberated.  Women were able to have sex like men without the fear of consequence.

The pill elevated sex to a new level.

Then came the Joy of Sex. A 1972 novel. Explained the mechanics of sex. Advised men and women how to better enjoy sex.

The major piece of information in the book was the clitoris. Not known as well then as it is today. Hard to believe, but that is how it was.  Women were generally only enjoying vaginal orgasms. The clitoral revelation made it possible for them to enjoy clitoral orgasms. And for some, orgasms for the first time.

Joy of Sex was an international best seller, #1 on the New York Times best seller list.

Once more sex was elevated to a new level.

In 1981 and 1982, two relatively small studies were done regarding the g-spot. Medical science had been aware of the g-spot since the 1940s. A Dr. Grafenberg identified it by name in the 1950s. The g was taken from the first letter of his last name.

Some men’s sex magazine became aware of the studies. Playboy or Penthouse, perhaps. A major article was written. The thrust was that a man’s knowledge and use of the g-spot would place him in a position to better satisfy his woman.

The g-spot raised sex to even a further level.

Now comes Fifty Shades. No question a love novel. Different, however. BD/SM is the primary method of sexual play and expression.

More women than men are reading Fifty Shades. Most will want sex to provide the pleasures reflected in the book. The belief being that  BD/SM will provide increased sexual satisfaction.

Fifty Shades elevates sex to another level. Just as the pill, Joy of Sex, and the g-spot did.

Exploration time in the bedroom again!

Lets move to the more mundane.

Last night was fun! Jenna and Krystal were my guests for drinks and dinner. It was the Chart Room and Hot Tin Roof.

After the ladies left,  I stopped into the Chart Room again. Che was at the bar. I said hello. Did not have a drink. Told Che I was heading over to Don’s Place. He opted to follow me in his car.

Don was at the bar talking with Stan. I joined them. Bocce the conversation. We are team mates.

I missed Thursday night bocce this week. I was behind with the material for my Friday show. Every time I do not play, my team wins!
There has to be a message in that. The team beat Larry’s team 2-1.

Che arrived. The conversation changed. All sort of problems were discussed. The conversation got cerebral. I left. My head could take no more.

Syracuse beat Missouri in football yesterday 31-27. Good for Syracuse! A struggling team this year. They are now 6-5.

Today Syracuse basketball! One pm. I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Pub.

Syracuse is playing Wagner. A warm up game for Syracuse. Syracuse should win easily.

My Utica good friend Gus graduated from Wagner. It would have been nice if we could have watched the game together.

The college football picture was screwed up big time yesterday. Both Kansas State and Oregon lost. Notre Dame is the only undefeated major college team. Notre Dame has to get by USC next week to stay numero uno.

Enjoy your Sunday!





I think I have the hang of getting the photos to publish. Three yesterday! When I complete the blog this morning, one more. The volcano photos!

This photo/pic thing is a constant education for me. I was unhappy that the pics were so small. Detail is important and did not show effectively. Yesterday, I clicked on a pic. Lo and bhold… enlarged! Clicked on it again. Got even bigger!

The message is that if you want a larger and clearer photo, merely click once for larger and twice for largest.

Today the volcano! It was hell for me that day. I realized my age. I also became aware that I was definitely out of shape. You will recall I could not complete the climb to the top of the volcano.

There are 10 volcano photos.

The volcano sits out in the bay off Santorini. The first photo is off the volcano. It was taken from the walkway on Santorini. The volcano is the black island in the distance.

The next pic is of me walking up the volcano. There were about sixty of us. Every one made it but me. I started at the head of the pack. Soon I was at the end. Then I was with the stragglers. Finally, I was the last straggler. This photo is of me at a time that I was third from the rear. Only two ladies behind me. The stress of the climb was upon me.

Fifteen minutes later, I was dead last! No one any where near me. All way ahead. Photo 3. I suggest you click once and then again a second time. I would like you to experience the line of people ahead of me and how far behind I was.

Photo 4 is where I said…..NO MORE! I could go no further. I gave up. Happily.

I stopped several times on the way up. To rest and drink some water. such is photo 5.

Photo 6 is of me walking down the volcano all alone. I was not ashamed!

A boat took me to the volcano and then took me away from it. Photo 7 is of me sitting on the boat as it left the volcano. I was dead! I did not care what happened to me! If I did die, dump me overboard was my thought.

On the return trip, the boat stopped at the island of Thirassis. A small nnothing. Two restaurants and a gift shop. The gift shop was operated by a tall bearded Greek dressed in monk’s robes and a hat. Photo 8 is me sitting alone enjoying lunch.

Photo 9 is one of the best. Double click this one. View it at its largest. It is a pic of the reataurant owner grilling lunch. Note the stove. Look especially at the octopus he was grilling. Octopus was a dish served at every restauant. A tentacle was chopped off. Generally, 10 inches. About 2 inches in diameter. Grilled before and after. Rubbed with oil occasionally. Served thusly done. Tender and delicious! Sweet. No sauce required. Fish suvlaki is the other item being grilled.

The last photo is me dead on the bed when I returned. I had never been so tired!

Good night last night.

Started at Don’s Place. Chatted with Don, Herschel, and Frankie. All team mates. Discussed and analyzed our bocce team.

Then the Chart Room. A crowd. Emily bartending. Che and Captain Peter talking. Jean Thornton her usual lovely self. My Jasper friend Jack Kelly and his wife Sabina. Met a criminakl lawyer from long Island. Michael.

I chatted with Jack and Sabina a while. Then with Jean and Che. Che is a Congress of Vienna expert. Which means he is a Napoleon expert as well. We talked about Napoleon. I made mention of the bridges I observed in Northern Italy on my recent trip. Many were built by Napoleon. The northern Italians did not speak ill of Napoleon. They were proud of what he had done for them.

Decided I would walk Duval a while. A lot of people.

I stopped into Sloppy Joe’s. Planned on grabbing a sandwich. No room at the inn. Not a seat in the place.

Walked by Coyote Ugly. About 20 young guys at the bar. Two young ladies dancing and singing on the bar. The Bull was empty. I thought Yankee Jack might be playing. I ended up at Kelley’s. Enjoyed the wings!

Nothing was accomplished by the Merkel visit to Greece. Why then did Merkel even make the trip? The British press reports this morning that Merkel went to Greece to show the British she was not afraid to face the Greeks. It was show time. Her purpose was to insist face to face that Greece pay every penny owed. Plus interest and penalties.

Merkel has an election coming up. Her opponent has been attacking her regarding the Greece pay back problem. He claims Merkel has been too easy on Greece. Ergo, the trip. The Greeks still have to pay, suffer austerity. Merkel was in and out in six hours. Nothing accomplished to assist the Greeks.

No Internet show tomorrow. The Key West Lou Legal Hour will miss another weak. KONK Broadcasting owner Guy de Boer will be in Miami for heart surgery. Good luck, Guy!

Bocce tonight. Bocce tomorrow night. A make up game.

Enjoy your day!


A good person has passed on.

William S. Calli Sr. Better known as Bill Calli.

Bill was a fellow Utican and attorney. 87 at the time of his passing yesterday. An automobile accident. A distinguished attorney and public servant. He spent many years as a member of the New York State Assembly. He finished his public career as a member of the New York State Senate.

We were friends. Not drinking buddies. Professionally and a bit more.

If there was one word to describe Bill, he was a gentleman.

I interviewed for employment with his law firm when I graduated. It was Bill and his father Rocco heading the firm. Several attorneys were associated with them. I had three separate interviews. I did not make it. I was not hired. I was very disappointed at the time. We used to laugh about it in later years when my practice blossomed. I used to remind Bill he would be sharing in my financial success had he and his Dad hired me back when. Not that he had any need for my earnings. He was extremely successful in his own right.

When Bill arrived at the pearly gates yeserday, if there was any hesitancy as to his admission, I am sure he calmly talked his way in.

May he rest in peace.

The Navy is in town. Ships of several nations. Something like 14 destroyers and amphibious assault ships. All here for a joint Caribbean training excercise. Locals who were in Key West during the Cuban missle crisis in the early 1960s were telling me last night this is the largest assemblage of war vessels since that time.

I started with the Chart Room last night. Mary bartending. Poor Mary is working her butt off. She is covering for Emily who is on a two week vacation. Che there also.

Che and I spent much time together last night. I sometimes introduce Che to people as a participant in the Cuban revolution. Actually, a joke. Che is a Jewish mercant from New York City transplanted many years ago to Key West.

There was a gentleman named Ron sitting next to us. From Atlanta. Here with his new bride of one week. She was not with him. Still in their room. Ron was an interesting and intelligent fellow. The three of us discussed many things. Like religion, Catholicism and politics. A good talk.

There is a new bar in town. On Duval. Opened last Wednesday. The Ugly Coyote. I wanted to see it. Che joined me.

I was not impressed. Nor was Che. Actually, I was depressed. The bar gave me that feeling.

It is an old time salon. The ladies working there get up on the bar and talk, sing and dance. All in tight jeans. Not all good bodies, however. Young. Very young. Early 20s at best. Sad appearing. Tired faces. I doubt they were locals. Appeared imported.

The bar had a good crowd for a Monday night at eight. This is a man’s place. There were only two female guests. The guys were mostly young. A strange group. We needed another bar stool. There were several available. One had a customer’s foot on it. Another an arm. I asked if the stools were in use, could I have them? All I got was a blank look in response. No words.

When Che and I were finally seated, we figured it out. All the young fellows had crew cuts, short cropped hair. They were part of the navys of several nations in Key West this week for joint maneuvers. When I asked for the stools, they did not know what I was saying!

One of the bouncers was named Lou. He seemed to be the boss. He came over to talk with us and invited us to return.

Lou sws a nice guy. Looked tough, however. Big and burly with a gut.

The place obviously is not for the older generation. Che and I were the only ones over 40. Maybe 30.

I had the feeling when I walked in that I could get rolled. The place was tough appearing. Rolled I was not and would not be. However, I share my initial impression with you.

Will Ugly Coyote make it in Key West? I woukd like to be favorable. I cannot. It does not fit into the Key West atmosphere. We like young good looking women who fit into the Key West life style. The bar they work at must also have the Key West flavor. Remember, Hooters did not make it in Key West.

I suspect Coyote Ugly’s rent has to be $35,000 a month. That is the tab in that section of Duval. A big monthly bill to pay!

I doubt Coyote Ugly will be here next year at this time. It may even be gone by year end.

I forgot to mention. Coyote Ugly is a chain. They have been in business for many years. Hooters was a chain also in business for many years.

I hope I am wrong. I wish Coyote Ugly good luck.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Had my final diet coke of the evening. Chatted a bit with Billy and left.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Romney. He cannot keep his foot out of his mouth!

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday’s internet show went well.

One topic received the most post show comment. It involved a Robert who wanted to become a Michelle. A convicted murderer who was spending the rest of his life in jail. He claimed he wanted to be a woman. He went to court to force the State of Massachusetts to pay for the sex change surgery. The court said Massachusetts had to pay. Taxpayer dollars to provide a convicted murderer with what the judge considered necessary medical care.

Society amuck!

I wrote a detailed article on the subject. It will run in next week’s KONK Life.

Lunched at Blossoms. The surroundings are a bit dismal. However, the food is outstanding! I enjoyed my favorite. Cuban cheese toast with tomato. Plus a large cup of Cuban coffee.

Visted with Lisa. She fell the day before. Sprained her ankle. She had it all taped up. Was hobbling around.

The Chart Room in the evening. It turned out to be my entire evening. Never made it to dinner.

Emily was not there. On a two week vacation. I missed her. Mary was bartending in her place. Always glad to see Mary.

I spent a few hours chatting with David, Peter and Che. We covered a multitude of issues. The word issues is appropriate. Everything discussed becomes a battle. We went from Jewish circumcision to cremation to literature to Greece to London to whatever else.

I learned a new word from David and Che. Reliquary. A receptacle for ashes.

There was a lovely young lady seated at the end of the bar. I briefly talked with her. She was Donna from Dearborn, Michigan. Here with her husband Rex who was not at the bar with her at the time. They are in Key West on a one week vacation. Staying at the Pier House.

By the time I left the Chart Room, it was too late for dinner. I drove directly home. Enjoyed a left over half of a roast beef sub from the day before.

Glad it is Saturday. For whatever reason, the week was tiring. I am going to rest and screw off this weekend. After Sloan leaves me this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!



My yesterday started with a business meeting at 11. Then to the eye glass store. Eye Eye Eye. Had to pick up a pair of new prescription sun glasses and have another pair fixed. Followed by lunch with Lisa and the grandkids at their home.

Last night my first stop was the Chart Room. JJ bartending. Captain Peter, Che, and Key West Greek at the bar. Billy and Cindy Schott from the other night sitting at a table with friiends.

Che has a beard. Saw mine for the first time last night. Gave me pointers on how to clean it up and give it definition. It is starting to grow all over the place.

Key West Greek was seated at the end of the bar. Met her once and we are friends. We kissed. I got two kisses. one on each cheek in Greek fashion. Greek said because of my earlier mention of her in a blog, Michael at the Greene Street Cigar Company had hung several more of her paintings. I hope they sell. She also advised that the Hemingway House yesterday started displaying additional pieces of her work.

Billy and Cindy extended their stay through Sunday. I am having dinner with them tonight. They were with friends. Also from the San Antonio area. Herb and Melinda Pounds.

Herb is an attorney. Formerly a bank president, he now is in private practice. His specialty is representing people against stock brokerage houses. Herb and I had a good lawyer conversation. He and Melinda are frequnet Key West vistors. I look forward to getting to know them better the next time they are here.

I was hungary.

As you recall, I have been trying to have dinner at Slopopy Joe’s for a while. Can never get a table. I took a chance and stopped in last night. Got one.

Though not gourmet dining, Sloppy Joe’s has some great menu items. I love their french fries buried in ground beef and macaroni sauce, covered with melted cheese. That is what I ordered. Delicious!

Saw a picture of Donna on Facebook yesterday. She was in a hospital bed in Detroit. I still do not know what happened. She and Terri are due here Monday for a week.

My Friday internet show The Key West Lou Legal hour is coming together.

The Olympics start today. In London. Prostitution was one of the preparatory items for the Olympics.

The English are hypocritical about sex. Sex is legal and not legal in England. It depends where it is being done and/or solicited. Street walkers and brothels are on the no no list. London police have been working the past several months to clean up the Olympic neighborhood of street walkers and brothels. The English do not wish the Olympics to get a bad rap because of prostitution.

If you are wondering, prostitution is legal if done in a room one on one. There can be no street solicitation. Only one girl per apartment. Otherwise, the place is deemed a brothel.

I plan on discussing prostitution and the Olympics on my Friday show. Together with the U.S. poverty level being at its all time high since the 1960s, the Paterno statue, the NCAA penalties against Penn State, Bank of America and Balboa Insurance, and the right to bear arms. Plus more. The show is still in preparation.

Today is a big day. I am babysitting again. All day. Robert and Ally planned our today yesterday.

Swimming at my house in the morning. Then miniature golf at Boondocks. Followed by a late lunch at No Name Pub.

Robert and Ally are excited. Especially with going to No Name Pub. Ally wants fries covered with melted cheese. Both of them look forward to writing their names and mine on a dollar bill and stapling it to the wall.

I am having dinner this evening with Billy and Cindy Schott.

A full day!

Enjoy your day!