Somehow yesterday morning I forgot to press a button. Necessary to publish yesterday’s blog. It failed to get published. Discovered the error this morning. Pressed the button.

Ergo, you will have two blogs to read today. Yesterday’s and today’s.

I walked around feeling sluggish yesterday. Had to be the two Thanksgiving meals from the day before.

Did something pleasant for Louis. A manicure. Tammy her usual bright cheerful self.

Tammy has two children. Pre schoolers. I asked if she cooked a turkey. No, she said. I told her she has to do the American holidays. Her children are growing up Americans. She cooked Vietnamese dishes instead. Her excuse was she does not know how to cook a turkey. I believe her. She promised to try next year.

Bocce last night. I felt like the living dead. It was a make up game. We were the only ones using a court.

We won all three games. The most points the opposing team scored were six. It was a good night, an easy night. Before you get the impression we were that good, I have to confess that the team we beat is either at the bottom or next to the bottom in standing. They are new and relatively inexperienced.

The three victories help. We are close to making the playoffs. There is only one week to the season left.

Herschel and Erika brought a goodie. Smoked snapper dip and crackers. Herschel had smoked a turkey the day before and smoked the salmon along with it. Delicious!

The team headed over to Don’s Place afterwards. I had one drink and left.

Frankie. Frankie. Frankie. My partner, my bocce team mate. The best bocce player in the thursday night league. Perhaps the best player in the whole league.

Frankie did not play last night. Though he did stop by with his wife Sandy to say hello. Frankie is having heart valve surgery monday in Miami.

I wish my friend well.

This Fifty Shades of Grey book is being discussed by most people. Especially  women.

I reviewed the book from my perspective yesterday on the TV/internet show as I did recently in this blog. My main thrust was that the book was an event which would elevate sex to a new level. As had the birth control pill in the 1960s, the Joy of Sex in 1972, and the g-spot in the early 1980s. My review received big time comment. Mostly from women. All excited. All loved the book. Some commented they even agreed with my observation. With one exception.

The importance of the Joy of Sex was that the clitoris was unknown by most prior thereto. For real. The book introduced the world to the clitoris and clitoral orgasms.

One female reader did not like my use of the word clitoris. How else would I label it? That is what it is. That is what it is called. I did not think it offensive. It is an appendage on the body. Like an arm, leg, the tongue. My comments were to the point, brief, and not sexual in nature. I was reporting on a fact which had occurred.

So much for today. Read yesterday’s blog, also.

Have a good saturday!





Book review time! I finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey yesterday morning.

The book is a trilogy. The three volumes fast moving. The author is a woman. E. L. James. I specify her sex since from my perspective it is a woman’s book written by a woman.

Fifty Shades is #1 on the New York Times best seller list. It is being read world wide. Book stores keep running out.

Fifty Shades is a love novel. Again, written by a woman for women. Not generally the type of book men read. Too lovey dovey.

My sense is the book is going to raise sex to another level.

Sex and love are big time in the novel. They are integrated. One.

I am 77. This is the fourth time in my life that I have seen something occur which affected societal mores.

The birth control pill became popular in the 1960s. It freed women from the fear of unwanted pregnancy. Pre-marital sex and promiscuity were rampant. The female was liberated.  Women were able to have sex like men without the fear of consequence.

The pill elevated sex to a new level.

Then came the Joy of Sex. A 1972 novel. Explained the mechanics of sex. Advised men and women how to better enjoy sex.

The major piece of information in the book was the clitoris. Not known as well then as it is today. Hard to believe, but that is how it was.  Women were generally only enjoying vaginal orgasms. The clitoral revelation made it possible for them to enjoy clitoral orgasms. And for some, orgasms for the first time.

Joy of Sex was an international best seller, #1 on the New York Times best seller list.

Once more sex was elevated to a new level.

In 1981 and 1982, two relatively small studies were done regarding the g-spot. Medical science had been aware of the g-spot since the 1940s. A Dr. Grafenberg identified it by name in the 1950s. The g was taken from the first letter of his last name.

Some men’s sex magazine became aware of the studies. Playboy or Penthouse, perhaps. A major article was written. The thrust was that a man’s knowledge and use of the g-spot would place him in a position to better satisfy his woman.

The g-spot raised sex to even a further level.

Now comes Fifty Shades. No question a love novel. Different, however. BD/SM is the primary method of sexual play and expression.

More women than men are reading Fifty Shades. Most will want sex to provide the pleasures reflected in the book. The belief being that  BD/SM will provide increased sexual satisfaction.

Fifty Shades elevates sex to another level. Just as the pill, Joy of Sex, and the g-spot did.

Exploration time in the bedroom again!

Lets move to the more mundane.

Last night was fun! Jenna and Krystal were my guests for drinks and dinner. It was the Chart Room and Hot Tin Roof.

After the ladies left,  I stopped into the Chart Room again. Che was at the bar. I said hello. Did not have a drink. Told Che I was heading over to Don’s Place. He opted to follow me in his car.

Don was at the bar talking with Stan. I joined them. Bocce the conversation. We are team mates.

I missed Thursday night bocce this week. I was behind with the material for my Friday show. Every time I do not play, my team wins!
There has to be a message in that. The team beat Larry’s team 2-1.

Che arrived. The conversation changed. All sort of problems were discussed. The conversation got cerebral. I left. My head could take no more.

Syracuse beat Missouri in football yesterday 31-27. Good for Syracuse! A struggling team this year. They are now 6-5.

Today Syracuse basketball! One pm. I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten Pub.

Syracuse is playing Wagner. A warm up game for Syracuse. Syracuse should win easily.

My Utica good friend Gus graduated from Wagner. It would have been nice if we could have watched the game together.

The college football picture was screwed up big time yesterday. Both Kansas State and Oregon lost. Notre Dame is the only undefeated major college team. Notre Dame has to get by USC next week to stay numero uno.

Enjoy your Sunday!