I taped a TV show yesterday. Jenna interviewed me for her TV show. Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer. I am not sure when it will air.

The show was taped at a lovely private home in the Casa Marine area. Assisting Jenna with the filming, etc. were Iris, Leo Martinez, and Austin Svedjan.

Iris is the Boston University student who interned with Jenna this past summer. She is working on her Masters which she expects to receive early next year.

Leo and Austin are seniors at Key West High School. Impressive young men. They have been getting work time with Jenna. Both enthusiastic media people. Tomorrow’s giants in the industry. Both headed off to name colleges to study various aspects of television and radio.

They functioned as professionals. I was impressed. They obviously had a background in TV. I asked where, how?

Turns out the Key West High School has a TV Production department. Key West teens are exposed to television and radio as part of the curriculum.

There is a significance to the program. It is ranked 4th in the nation. Yes, Key West has an apparently excellent media program which worthy of national recognition. Leo and Austin spoke proudly of the program.

Key Westers should be aware of the program. It is a shining star!

My evening began at the Chart Room. Initially, it was me and Emily. Then Che showed. Che and I went at it for more than an hour. He is argumentative and intelligent. Extremely well read. A good person to have a give and take with.

Che asked that I convey a message to Marty. He says he was born in Philadelphia. However spent most of his life in New York. Even though he lost a $100 bet to Marty at one time as to the location of a New York City hotel.

I was on my way home. It was around 7. Stopped at Don’s Place. Ended up going to dinner with John. John mentioned he wanted a steak. I said let’s go to Michael’s. He agreed.

I do not know why I do not go to Michael’s more often. It is a fine restaurant. The ambiance special. A great outside bar to sit at and have dinner. The food outstanding.

Suzette working the bar as usual. Suzette is reason enough to become more of a regular at Michael’s. A charming person.

Syracuse football at noon. It is like sitting in a war zone and knowing that shortly the bombs will fall. Syracuse plays Florida State. #1 in the nation. The spread is three touchdowns. The actual score could be more.

There is always hope. I can remember sometime in the 1980’s, Syracuse was playing #1 Nebraska. That Syracuse team was not as good as the current one which respectfully is bad. Syracuse beat #1 Nebraska!

I will be watching the game at John Lukas’ Big Ten sports Pub.

Enjoy your day!














I was surprised when I walked into the Chart Room last night and Emily asked me about the earthquake. What earthquake? Turns out there was another one about 8 miles off the coast of Cuba wednesday night at 10:20. About  seven miles below the water’s surface. I who read the newspapers all the time had failed to read yesterday’s Key West Citizen. I was unaware.

The earthquake was a 5.1 on the Rector scale. Apparently no damage anywhere. I did not feel it in Key West. Nor did Emily and others at the Chart Room last night.

I have a concern. Earthquakes in this area are uncommon. Now there have been two off the coast of Cuba in a month. Do these two earthquakes portend something? Is there a big one in the making? Should we be concerned about a tsunami?

Don’t laugh! So far the weather media has not discussed this aspect. I am not overly concerned. Such thoughts occur to me, however.

Conch Republic Admiral Frankie was part of our bar discussion last night. Besides the earthquake, the discussion involved the Olympics and skiing. Turns out Emily was/is a skier and a pretty proficient one at that. I thought she was born and raised in Key West. Not so. She was born in Indiana, spent time in Virginia and elsewhere. She developed her skiing prowess in those places.

Before heading to the Chart Room, I stopped at Christine’s opening night of her art exhibit. Christine Cordone has risen to a new level. She now has people in her paintings. I was impressed. Her water colors warm the heart and brighten a room!

Ralph Kiner died yesterday. A baseball great! Played many years with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Then spent even more years as the Mets broadcaster. He is a Hall of Famer.

My recollection goes back to the mid to late 1940s. Baseball was everything. My buddies and I used to spend some summer afternoons sitting around on the floor in someone’s living room listening to major league baseball games. One of our heroes was Ralph Kiner.

Listening is the operative word in the previous paragraph. There was no television back then. It was radio!

Enjoy your day!



Here it is mid October and still humid. Fantastic weather!

I walked my island yesterday. Early to beat the humidity. I live in Key Haven, three islands north of Key West. All of 2.5 miles.

Key Haven was originally known as Racoon Key. The maps still call it that. The reason for the name was that raccoons lived on the island. Many.

When I first bought my home here 16 years ago, there were raccoons all over the place. Ergo, the  name was appropriate. Today, there are none. Why, I do not know.

I spent most of yesterday glued to the TV. The Washington political mess intrigues me. Stupid! Thank you primarily to the tea party group. I might add….. And to the people who elected them!

While watching, I fined tuned last night’s blog talk radio show. The show was at 9. Went off with out a hitch. Two topics particularly interested me.

One was Congressional pensions as opposed to Social Security. Over 400 former Congressmen are receiving Congressional pensions from $40,000 to $71,000 a year. Not bad.

Whereas, the average Social Security benefit paid is $1,160 a month. Roughly $14,000 a year.

And Congress wants to cut Social Security! Cut the retired Congresspersons’ pensions first!

The other topic involved Germany. Germany has benefitted the most economically from the euro situation. Most European nations are suffering under Germany’s oppressive thumb.

When the European nations entered into the euro agreement some 15 years ago, there was a provision that one military be formed for all the nations. It has not happened yet. Germany is pushing the concept now. Germany wants to be the head of the air force and navy.

Germany gave us World Wars I and II. They helped give many euro nations a weak economy. Now, they want to head the military for all the euro nations. I would not trust them.

While screwing around on the internet yesterday, I came upon an interesting article involving Albania. You will recall that Albania is Flora’s home. Flora of Flora’s Story that I wrote about this summer.

I learned from the article that Albania is the other Riviera. As opposed to the French and Italian ones. However considerably cheaper. The article said the cost of lodging and drink was 1/10th of the other two Rivieras. I know the cost of the Italian Riviera. I visited there twice. Once each of the past two summers. I stayed in Camogli. Next door to Portofino. Perhaps I should visit Albania next year.

My hand is getting better. The swelling is down 95 per cent. No more itching.

The two bite marks remain pronounced, however. You can see the bites and the red skin around each. I am beginning to think I was only bit once. By some wide mouthed bug. The bites remind me of those on a person’s throat in a Dracula/vampire movie.

Enjoy your day!



Weather change in Key West can be dramatic. Just like that.

I woke two hours ago. The sun was shining. Little breeze. Everything calm. The start of another 80 degree day.

I stayed in bed an additional two hours. Got hooked on an old movie starring Mario Lanza and Katheryn Grayson. Great singing! When I got up again, the weather had changed. Dramatically!

The wind was blowing at least 30 miles per hour. The sky was laden with black clouds. The wind off the ocean was cool and made everything on land cool. White caps on the water.

The surprise will probably have left us in an hour. That is the way it is in the keys. Someone sneezes hard and the weather turns. The weather blows its nose and everything is back to normal.

Patty Andrews died yesterday. Ninety four. She was one of the Andrew Sisters. A singing trio from World War II days. Patty was the last of the Andrew Sisters.

One of their contributions to the war effort was participating in war bond drives. In order to raise money to conduct the war, the US government sold war bonds for $17.50 which were redeemable after 10 years for $25. Everyone purchased war bonds.

It was 1943 or 1944. I was 8 or 9 years old. The Andrew Sisters were appearing in downtown Utica as part of a war bond drive. My friends and I rode our bicycles to the event. The street was mobbed in four directions in front of the Savings Bank. The Andrew Sisters sang. Songs like Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, and Rum and Coca Cola. The crowd listened and then many rushed up to purchase war bonds.

The Savings Bank had a huge chain link fence around it. The links were at least 4 inches and thick as your thumb. It was announced as part of the war bond drive that day that the Savings Bank was donating their chain link fence to the war drive. A big deal! The US needed metal from where ever it could get it to make guns and ships, etc.

A passing thought. We used to pay for our wars on a pay as you go basis. Not like the last two wars that were not financed in any fashion. Wars don’t come cheap. The unfinanced two wars are part of today’s national debt.

May Patty Andrews rest in peace.

I had to grocery shop again yesterday. I needed more. I  bought more. More than the day before.

Spent a few hours afterwards at home writing. Finished a short story I have been working on. A Daughter of the American Revolution. I have written several others. I intend at some point this year to publish them. I promise.

I fine tuned tomorrow’s Key West Lou Legal Hour. Added additional topics like the prostitute who was not too bright, the Vienna Museum’s Naked Men show, the Battle Hymn of the Republic, a bit about Trygve Lie who was the first Secretary General of the United Nations, and David Letterman.

With all due modesty, it is a good show! Join me. You will find the comments made interesting and in some instances provocative.

The show is aired on television from Key West to Miami-Dade County on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. It is also available world wide on the internet. www.tvchannel19.com. Ten in the morning my time.

I babysat at dinner time. Robert and Ally performed for Poppa their parts as munchkins in the coming Wizard of Oz presentation. Ally skipped. Robert recited his 25 lines. He already has them down pat.

Then it was off to Don’s Place. Billy was intensely watching TV at the bar. Don, Tom, David, and Herschel were at the end.

Don’s grandson is in the Wizard, also. He is a clown munchkin. We will be two proud grandfathers at the event.

We talked about our beloved friend Frankie the Plumber. He is still recovering from big time heart surgery.

Larry Smith also occupied our conversation. He is having a terrific show next monday and tuesday at the Pier House’s Wine Galley. Entertainers coming in from all over the United States. I am going with Don, Steph, and Erika. Erika is my date. Her husband Herschel cannot attend.

Enjoy your day!