I left home after the Preakness yesterday to go to dinner. There were runners, police cars and people all over. Obviously a marathon. This took place around 7.

As I drove along the beach, I noticed the end of the marathon was Higgs Beach. A big blue tent, a tastey barbecue smell, music and tons of people!

I drove home around 10. Dark outside. Pitch black. There were still runners. In town and out of town. All the way up to Key Haven where I turned off US 1. I suspect some were further  up US 1 still running in.

The runners could not be missed. They all wore blinking lights around their necks. By 10, the pace was slower. Some were walking.

I figured it had to be a long run. I found out this morning how long. From Key Largo to Key West. Wow! One hundred miles, give or take.

The marathon was the Coast Guard Run To Remember. To honor fallen Coast Guardsmen. There were 90 runners entered. That number included some family members of fallen guardsmen.

The Boston Marathon is 26 point something miles. This run was four times longer!

Sloan worked with me yesterday morning. I am in the process of mastering my tablet. We also added apps and subscribed to the New York Times and Key West Citizen.

I am from that generation that is not mechanically inclined. I have to be taught everything in steps. Repeatedly before I grasp what ever it is.

It tires me out!

Tuesday, Sloan starts showing me how to add pictures to this blog. Finally! It will be a major achievement!

Mid afternoon I was upstairs sleeping. Heard noise. Kids yelling, a woman’s voice, a dog barking. It was Lisa and family. They had come to swim. Jake still does not like the water. I doubt he ever will.

I stayed home to watch the Preakness. From the comfort of my bed. My favorite place. I hope the bed is with me in my next life.

I was disappointed Orb lost. I thought he got boxed in and could not get to the front. From news reports this morning, it appears he just did not have it yesterday. Oxbow did. Ran a good race!

Felt like a change of venue for dinner. I wanted to be outside with an ocean view. It was the Southernmost Beach Bar. I sat, enjoyed the scenery and people, had a couple of drinks and a cheeseburger. A perfect evening!

The Beach Bar is the picture on my website. The picture at the top of this blog. That is where I was last night! Sat at the bar.

During the week, a dead crocodile was found in Lower Matecumbe Key. Nine feet long.

Turns out crocs are an endangered species. It is illegal to kill them in the State of Florida. Back in the 1970s there were about 300. Since protected, the croc group is estimated to have grown to between 1,500 and 3,000.

That is 1,500 to 3,000 too many.

There is now an investigation to find out who did the croc in. Whoever did will be arrested, etc.

Sometimes, I do not understand the law. There is no worthy reason why Florida should want crocs running around. They are dangerous. The only reason justifying their protection is that the species was dying out. So what?

Crocs are nasty. Let one of them snap off a person’s arm or chomp on a youngster playing in the backyard. People will be aroused. They would clamor for better protection. They would ask how could the State have permitted this too happen? The cry would be rid us of the crocs!

The problem is it will have been too late. Too late for the person with a missing arm or the maimed child.

Enjoy your Sunday!











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