Yesterday…..What a day!

Terrible afternoon, wonderful evening.

I had a CAT scan angiogram at 3. To possibly discover the cause of the extreme heart pain I had last week. Did not make sense in view of three heart surgeries I had recently.

It turned into a torture. Not blaming the Key West Hospital personnel. The cause may perhaps go back to Mount Sinai. The first pacemaker surgery which failed and had to be redone left me with three blood clots. Two in my left arm. My left arm is still in rest mode. Use it little. No blood work advised.

So it was the right arm yesterday. Four professionals tried to grab a vein from the wrist to my armpit. Finally succeeded near the armpit. Had to bring in an ultra sound machine to find deeper veins that might be usable. The regular ones still too beat up to take. They have shrunk among other things.

Took 45 minutes, but finally succeeded. My right arm covered with six bandages, the last near the armpit large. The arm slightly swollen at midsection.

I was not a happy camper, but did not complain. Everyone was doing their best. The last opportunity was the ultra sound and armpit. Glad it finally worked.

Now for the good.

I rushed to the airport to pick up Cathy. She had to wait a bit for me. Did not complain.

Her luggage is in Fort Lauderdale. Everyone on her Key West plane had their luggage left in Fort Lauderdale.

Cathy took it like a good sport.

Checked her into Silver Palms. Great rooms. 

Then we were both hungry. I had neither drunk nor eaten since the night before. We enjoyed an early dinner at Pepe’s. Then a long walk along the water. Stopped at Schooner’s Wharf for a while. I’m being a good boy and drinking diet Pepsi all the time. More walking and talking. Took her back to her room early and went home.

We are meeting Theos and Dina from Greece and Steve and Cindy Thompson at 4 today at The Grand.

Cathy renting a scooter this morning to do her thing. No baggage till 11:30. She slept last night in one of my old Key West Lou tee shirts.

Israel does not know when enough is enough. The nation has gone too far in seeking retribution. Israel will pay 50-100 years for its miscarriage. The problem has wrongfully extended throughout much of the world. Even to U.S. college campuses. 

Enough is enough!

History is interesting. Takes time for the “full truth” to come to light. Genghis Khan an example. He is rightfully known as one of history’s greatest conquerors. He established the largest contiguous land empire known to man up to his time. By winning battles. He was a brutal diabolical killer. Murdered whole peoples on his road to success.

He did accomplish good to some degree. Most dictators do. Mussolini gave Italy a good water system and made the trains run on time. Even Hitler achieved a degree of good in his early years. He gave his followers pride and economic security.

What did Genghis Kahn do? He established a “postal system.” Known at the time  as the “Yam” and “Orboo.” Stations were placed 20-30 miles from one to another, each featuring food, lodging and horses.

It was limited, however. The postal system was only available to merchants and travelers who could afford it. Eventually as most dictators do, Kahn abused the system and lost it.

Trump fined again for violating the gag order. The Judge warned him he is forcing him to jail Trump if he does not stop so doing.

It appears Trump wants to be jailed. Believes it will assist him in attracting voters. After all, he claims he is permitting himself to be “persecuted” in order to protect his followers.

Jail him. Let’s see how it plays out. Everyone is equal under the law. Trump must be stopped from destroying our judicial system. His anti-gag postures are just one example.

There is talk that Florida schools may stop teaching cursive writing. Cursive is writing with letters that flow. As children are taught to write today. Years ago, cursive writing was set aside and replaced by block letter writing. 

The Citizens’ Voice had a comment directed to the issue in today’s paper: “If schools stop teaching cursive, then how will anyone be able to read our founding documents or the signatures affixed thereto? What about wartime letters between your great-grandparents? The world will be poorer if this skill disappears.”

Many years ago, I dwelled on the issue. I was shocked by the result. Many persons, friends and strangers, went out of their way to tell me they could only write by printing letters. They had never been taught cursive.

Let’s leave cursive alone this time around. Government should find more important things to disrupt. That need disrupting. Florida has been under a disruptive binge under DeSantis. Nothing to be proud of.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I agree with you Lou, I think Trump should be more harshly punished for ignoring the gag orders he’s blatantly ignored. No one should be above the law and ESPECIALLY a former president who at one time was tasked with upholding all laws.

    I say, give him the same cell as Jeffery Epstein and hope he doesn’t screw that up too.

    …and if he wants to fund raise off of that, prohibit all photographs and all contacts, no press.

  2. Lou, have you forgotten? College Campus objections were forcibly eliminated, mostly because of objections from people like you.

    Now the Israel Gaza thing isn’t even happening any more is it. Israel and Netanyahu can do what ever they want and Americans won’t know or care.

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