My yesterday began with a lengthy noon time meeting downtown. The balance of the afternoon following the meeting watching TV at home. It was a lazy day.

Several years ago, I mentioned that I had spent a few days with Rodney Dangerfield at the fat farm La Costa. A place where people went to lose weight. We got chummy. We would chat in the hot tub and steam room. Played volley ball together bare ass twice a day. Ate together. Each off us on the 800 calorie a day diet.

I watched a Rodney Dangerfield movie in the afternoon. The one where he went to college when a senior citizen. He was as wacky as ever.

Rodney was wacky in his everyday life, also. What you saw on the movie screen and on TV was Rodney Dangerfield in the flesh. It was the real him. He made millions merely being himself.

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town. Saturday seems to attract me to the place. Probably because it is the night Bobby Nesbitt entertains.

As I walked into the Marriott, I ran into Joe and Beth Pizzo. I had not seen them in a couple of years. Key West friends going back more than 20 years. Happy hellos and hugs exchanged.

A corner of the bar had several male members of the Yacht club enjoying drinks together. The same group that were at the Yacht Club bar almost daily. The Yacht club is closed Saturday nights. Happy hellos again.

Bobby’s music I love! Songs from the ’50s and ’60s. Bobby came over and chatted while he was on break. He looks the same as when I met him for the first time 25 years ago. Nary a wrinkle.

Journey and Judy bartending. I asked for my usual Beefeaters. Judy said no Beefeaters. First time. I knew why. I said to Judy, you have a new alcohol distributor. Yes, she said. There is one who services the keys that does not handle Beefeaters.

I felt like I was back in London where I spent a week a few years ago. Only one bar carried Beefeaters. Most did not even know what it was. Shocking since the bottle looks like London and suggests Beefeaters is a drink of English origin.

It dawned on me last night that Tavern ‘n Town has become a local’s hangout.

Salt Island Seaplanes has been in business three weeks. The seaplane service between Naples and Key West. A 55 minute air trip.

I hate to be a wet blanket, but I do not see how the company is going to succeed. The ride is expensive. $210 one way. The plane does not land in Key West. It lands at a mooring field somewhere northeast of Fleming Key. Passengers then get a seven minute boat ride to the Conch Harbor Marina dock. From there, you either walk or cab to where ever you are going.

This week’s Keynoter had two interesting items.

The first was the man who was arrested on the complaint of his girl friend that he had stolen her money. While in the back of the police car, the officer driving heard “chewing and chomping.” The guy was eating the cash. He got $277 down before stopped.

The other involved the Southern Keys Cemetery in Big Coppit. The cemetery ran an ad stating there were 75,351 residents in Monroe County and only 4,200 burial plots. Brilliant advertising!

I have been to the Cemetery. It is modern compared to the Key West one. I have gone there several times. An old friend, Jack Baron, is buried there. I enjoyed my almost daily conversations with him over the years and consider him one of the smartest people I ever met. Crazy as it may sound, I stop by not only to pay my respects but also to talk to him a bit.

Syracuse basketball today at 4. Syracuse is playing Long Beach State. Syracuse an 11 point favorite.

I have Sloan here at 10:30 to work. Have to hustle.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I am a creature of habit. I returned to Tavern ‘n Town last night after having been there thursday evening. Two reasons. Dieting, I have to go where I can get the best meal for my diet. There is also Bobby Nesbitt. He entertains friday evenings at the bar. I have enjoyed his singing for over 20 years. He sings songs I know. Songs from my past. I quietly sing along with him.

Tavern ‘n Town was packed both bar and dining room. Mostly locals. They were having an early dinner before heading over to the Tennessee Williams Theater for the Nutcracker Suite.

Key West’s Nutcracker is presented every two years. Artistic liberty taken.  The mice, etc. are chickens and fish to reflect the Key West life style.

I was banking at noon time. Afterwards stopped at Don’s Place. No Don nor anyone I knew. I left.

This diet has introduced me to organic foods. Emily is an organic nut. She finally drove me to shopping correctly in certain instances.

I had heard of the Organic Cafe on Fleming. Had never been there. Stopped yesterday for a sandwich. The Cafe is in a former gas station.

I could not order. The menu was too confusing. The place crowded. A line to place an order. I took a menu home and read it. Interesting. No question healthy food. Also, very expensive. I was shocked. I guess you pay the price for healthy food.

The place unquestionably a gold mine. People buying!

I am into sitting on the deck. Spent some thoughtful time. Much happening in my life at the moment.

I dislike bike riders. Accidents waiting to happen. Electric carts joined the club yesterday.

I was driving up US 1. North, heading home. Just past Cross Street, traffic got heavy. I was in the passing lane. Backed up badly. Hard to pull out because of traffic in the driving lane.

Finally got to where I could pass. There were two electric  carts driving in the passing lane up US 1. Where they were going, I know not. Doing probably 30 miles an hour at best. They were placing their lives in jeopardy. Perhaps even that of a car driver.

While enjoying my diet food at the bar at Tavern ‘n Town, I was watching a basketball game. It was a high school game. Simeon v. St. Rita. Could not understand why a major channel would carry a high school game in prime time.

Turns out it was a national championship round. Simeon #2 in the country, St. Rita #5. These kids played well. College Division I well. I read afterwards that certain players from the two teams are already committed to Kentucky, Tennessee, and Tulane.

All over Key West people are discussing the Cuba thing. All in favor. Not one I heard against. The reason generally being that the U.S. program has existed for 50 years and nothing has changed. The program did not work.

Cuba brought to mind the nuclear showdown between the U.S. and Russia involving Cuba. It was October 1963. Russia had nuclear missiles in Cuba. The U.S. said get them out. Russia said no.

U.S. ships were blocking the way to Cuba. Russian vessels were heading for Cuba and reached the American line. World War III was imminent. Ships facing each other. Within several hundred feet. Russia blinked. I can still see clearly the Russian vessel turning around and heading home.

In the last coupe of days, an al-Qaeda/ISIS group in Nigeria attacked a village. Killed 35. Took captive around 140. Mostly young women, girls and children. The last time this occurred a few months ago, 300 young girls were captured. The word is they were sold into slavery.

ISIS published a manual in Mosul recently. It had to do with slaves and sex. What the man could do and not do. Not much he could not do. Females considered property. Intercourse before puberty permitted.

These people are crazy!

The market has had a good week. Up, up and up. Very upward. I have been a market player my entire life. People should recall that whatever goes up rapidly, comes down even more rapidly.

Syracuse/Villanova today at 1. Villanova a 12 point favorite. The game is ccarried on a major channel. I shall be watching it from the comfort of home.

Enjoy your day!


I mentioned a few days ago that the mini lobster season begins this week. An armada of boats will be on the waters diving for lobsters.

What I did not realize is how unhappy some of the locals are with the mini lobster season. Which lasts only two days, by the way.

Yesterday’s Keynoter and one its readers reflected the unhappiness in the paper’s editorial and a letter to the editor.

The editorial made mention of the tens of thousands of lobster hunters who would be descending on the Florida keys. Thirty thousand are expected. Only 71,000 people live in the keys. Hotels, motels, restaurants, and bars will benefit. Some locals will nod their heads in disapproval.

The person who penned the letter to the editor should have been an author by profession. He described the mini lobster season as the lobster mobster season. He also stated that the large number of boats result in chaos on the water.

Mack the turtle is on the mend. Mack who somehow found his way to the boat basin of the Marathon Turtle Hospital in May. At that time, he was wrapped in fishing line and his body was loaded with tumors. Mack has had five operations since May. The tumors are the big problem. The hospital plans on keeping Mack another year to make sure there are no tumor regrowths. Then if all is well, Mack returns home to the ocean.

A keys resident on Plantation Key has a big problem. The resident owns Jersey Boardwalk Pizza. He has also been using a logo that very much looks like the logo used by the State of New Jersey for the Garden State Parkway. Two different shades of green and round. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority says he cannot. Constitutes trademark infringement. The pizza guy says my restaurant, I am going to continue using the name and logo.

New Jersey has sued our Plantation Key friend in federal court.

A stupid waste of State funds. No one is going to think New Jersey or its highway system are operating a pizza parlor on Plantation Key in the Florida Keys. However…..I believe New Jersey will win.

Thirty years ago, I had a similar case in upstate New York. My client’s last name was Sears. He was a retired police officer. He lived in some very small town in the Adirondack Mountains. Probably less than 500 people. For fifteen years, he had been operating the Sears Realty Company in that little town.

Sears Roebuck found out. They sued him in federal court for trademark infringement. They wanted my client to cease and desist using the name Sears. They claimed people might become confused and think Sears Realty was the big time Sears. Impossible!

I laid the facts before the Judge, Suggested Sears was overly concerned and unfair. The Judge said, Mr. Petrone, I agree…..however the law is the law, your client is infringing and must stop using the Sears name. It was immaterial that Sears was my client’s real name.

So it goes. That is why our Plantation Key neighbor is going to lose. The shame of it all is that it will cost him a ton of money to fight New Jersey in federal court.

Tavern ‘n Town last night. It was saturday. Bobby Nesbitt time. Sat at the bar and enjoyed him. Manager Judy stopped by to say hello. Ran into Allan Wimer who ironically I spoke with on the telephone a few days ago for the first time in at least 10 years. He was at a wedding dinner. We had a good chat.

I have a birthday party this afternoon. Dan who owns WeBeFit  is 45 years old. The party should be fun. I hope these health aficionados eat bad food and drink alcohol.

I said yesterday that Michelle Obama had teamed up with Monsanto to provide healthy genetically modified food to America’s children. I could not understand.

I was wrong. The story was out there. It was being reported. Had gone viral. However subsequent reports indicate it was a false statement. My apologies to the First Lady.

Enjoy your sunday!


My saturday nights have become routine. A good routine. Bobby Nesbitt!

Bobby entertains saturday evenings at Tavern ‘n Town. He has long been a favorite of mine. Going back at least 20 years.

Lately, I have been having dinner at Tavern ‘n Town saturday evenings just to hear Bobby.

I grab a couple of newspapers on the way in. Find a corner bar seat. Have a couple of drinks and dinner and read the newspapers. All the while enjoying Nesbitt at his best. I generally quietly sing along with him. I can be multi-faceted.

The bar was packed last night. A noisy crowd. Mostly tourists. I thought how sad they do not take a few minutes to quiet down and give Bobby time to enrich their souls with his singing.

I was reading saturday’s Keynoter. A twice a week local publication. On the editorial page, there was an old photo. Jack Williams’ Saloon at 101 Simonton. Back around 1890. The sign in the window said…..Draft Beer 5 cents.

No more 5 cent beers. No more Jack Williams’ Saloon.

I discovered a great article on Key West female foot attire in the Keynoter. Written by Leah Maki. She is a blogger and claims to be a fashion obsessed one. I enjoyed her column. I am adding her blog to my list of must reads.

The article was titled…..Find Your Keys Sole. Her knowledge and writing style caught my fancy. A discovery!

Five beauties walked into the bar at one point. Knockouts! Absolutely beautiful! Just passed the age of consent. One wore a sash saying Miss Centaro. They walked in smartly. Saw the bar was crowded and walked out just as smartly. I was disappointed.

I ran Centaro through the internet. I could not determine which Centaro the sash applied to. There were tons of them.

Cindy came by and gave me a kiss. Cindy is a casual Key West friend. Looked devastating in a black pants outfit.

Today’s Key West Citizen has on its front page with both a large picture and title, an iguana story. Iguanas are all over out island. My rear deck and front yard, roadways, the golf course, where ever you go. They are stoic. They generally sit and face the sun. They fear humans not. You can walk right up to one and the iguana will not flinch.

I dislike iguanas. They eat my shrubbery and flowers. Defecate in my pool and on the deck. I am not the only one who has no love for them. Most do not.

The Citizen article had a subtitle…..The Rats of the Reptile Kingdom. Says it all.

Interestingly, iguanas are considered good eating. In Central and South America. Not here. Though some have tried iguana. It supposedly tastes like chicken. I cannot envision myself indulging!

I spent my daytime yesterday researching next week’s column for KONK Life. I am getting a head start on the column this week. It will be about politics. I think I may title it Politics As Usual. It will begin with Eric Cantor’s recent defeat and go from there.

The Second Annual Key Lime Festival is July 3-5. Typical of Key West, it starts with a bar crawl on July 3. Spelled in this instance K R A W L. Pink lime martinis and margaritas the featured drinks.

Enjoy your sunday!



















To all fathers, Happy Father’s Day! Recognition earned and well deserved. Ain’t easy to be a father!

Who do we thank for Father’s Day? The idea began in 1910. A woman named Sonora Dodd started pushing the concept. It took hold a bit, and then kerplunk! The idea bounced around, was suggested off and on, over the years. It started taking hold again with World War II.

President Johnson signed a Proclamation in 1966 declaring the 3rd Sunday in June to be known as Father’s Day. President Nixon made it law. He signed the necessary legislation in 1972.

Walked yesterday. In Home Depot. That is where I will be walking for the next three months. The humidity is already a killer!

Researched further in preparation for my Tuesday blog talk radio show. Some interesting points of information will be discussed. Like Merkel and the Muslims, England and the Muslims, the Kurds and oil companies, the US Supreme Court permitting a lawsuit against Coke for false advertising, a skirt a half inch too short, the impact on Boeing of Eric Cantor’s defeat, and more.

Bobby Nesbitt and a prime rib! Last night at Marriott Beachside’s Tavern ‘n Town. A great combination! Nothing better!

Don’t forget PrideFest’s parade tonight beginning at 5. One of the best of the year!

Enjoy your Sunday!


Good morning! Happy Sunday! An absolutely glorious morning! Key West at its best!

Spent yesterday afternoon writing next week’s KONK Life column. Human Organs For Sale. Got it to de Boer two days late. He will not be happy.

Watched the Belmont at Don’s Place. A happy jovial crowd. I felt sorry for California Chrome. I question whether any horse today is capable of winning all three races of the Triple Crown. Horses of yesteryear were trained for stamina. Today’s horses, speed. One and a half miles is a long jaunt. Especially after running two big races within weeks of the Belmont.

One of California Chrome’s owners spouted off after the race about horses that only run one of the races. As happened yesterday. The winner did not run the Kentucky Derby and Preakness. I thought the owner was out of line. Showed poor sportsmanship. He should have saved his heart felt comments for a week from now. Rules and tradition are rules and tradition. The horse that won yesterday won within the rules and traditions of a great race.

I was on my way home when I decided to stop at Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. Glad I did.

Bobby Nesbitt was playing. His singing makes me happy. Bobby is one of Key West’s best entertainers!

It was old home week! Bobby’s fans follow him. I saw some people I have not seen in a while. Like Lynda and Bob Fraschette. Jimmy Olsen. And Stevie! Steve is the former bartender at the Wine Galley. The new management upset him and he told then to shove it. About a year ago. I have not seen him since. He looked good. Thinner. Was as happy to see me as I him.

I did my bar routine. Read the newspapers and listened to Bobby sing while enjoying a first rate dinner. I had salmon over risotto. Wow! Delicious! I was pleased by my choice.

I was too overjoyed with the evening, perhaps. I finished it off with a snifter of Grand Marnier. It did me in! I could not believe it! I have been exercising and watching what I eat of late. My drinking has been substantially less as a result. My drinking was out of training last night.

Enjoy your Sunday!


The title should be read with the tune from Gene Kelley’s Dancing in the Rain in mind.

Yesterday was a rain day. Big time! Rain is forecast for the rest of the week. We are into the rainy season.

It is amazing how the weather changes so dramatically in the Keys. Storms come out of nowhere. As do cold fronts. If anyone had told me sunday that this would be a rain week, I would have laughed.

Merely for information purposes, the hurricane season started June 1.

Rain flooded the streets. As usual. I was wandering around downtown. Front Street was flooded. Only ankle deep. People were walking through the water shoes in hand.

I attended Ally’s graduation in the morning. Wearing a yellow slicker, hat and crocs. Rain attire.

Cute is the only way to describe the ceremony. They were 9 year olds. A bit uncomfortable. All proud. Ally was beautiful! Robert was there as a school elder I assume welcoming the graduates with a rose.

My blog talk radio show has been going smoothly the past several months. Audio perfect. No hitches. Not last night, however. When I went to sign in, I could not. Technical difficulties. I could not figure it out. I improvised. I ended doing the show over my cell phone. I did not even know if anyone could hear me. Apparently everyone did. Two e mails this morning said sound was ok No hiccups.

The Spectrelles are new to me, though old to Key West. I think they are terrific singers. They are appearing tonight at the Bull, tomorrow night at the Key West Pub, and friday night at La Te Da. Enjoy them, if you can.

Police raids across the country are getting out of hand, Too much modern equipment and too much aggressiveness.

Habersham County Sheriff Deputies were conducting a drug raid. The county is in Georgia. Middle of the night. No warrant required. Just bang on the door and rush in.

The Phonesavanh family were visiting. Mom, Dad and four little ones. One of the children was 19 month old Bou Bou. Bou Bou was sleeping in a play pen. When the deputies opened the door, one of them threw a flash bang grenade in. It landed in the play pen and went off in Bou Bou’s face.

The baby’s face is badly burned and swollen. A picture was exhibited on the internet. Bou Bou is in  a medically induced coma. Doctors give the child a 50 percent chance to survive.

No drugs were found. Later the next day, the son of the homeowners admitted to police that he was involved with drugs. Bou Bou’s family had nothing to do with the drugs and were leaving to return to Wisconsin the next morning.

All of Georgia is upset from the Governor down. Bou Bou needs our prayers.

Judges are getting cantankerous/out of hand, also. Such was evident in a Viera, Florida courtroom this week. Judge John Murphy got upset with defense counsel. He invited the attorney outside with the following words “…..let’s go out back and I’ll beat your ass.” Prior thereto, the Judge told the attorney to “…..stop pissing me off.”

They did go outside. The Judge hit the attorney.

The Judge is not working today. He is undergoing anger management counseling.

The events in the courtroom were recorded on a closed circuit camera.

I am back to the gym later this morning. Neck and thighs still hurt, though not as much. Will advise trainer before I start.

Enjoy your day!




A terrific Sunday morning! Sun, sky and water magnificent! A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world morning.

Did a noon visit yesterday with Tammy at Lee Nail’s. Needed a manicure. The place bustling with customers. I was glad I had an appoinment. I think I am the only customer who is not asked to pick out a color upon arriving.

Afterwards visited with Lisa for a while.

Dinner last night was a big deal! A date was daughter Lisa. Just me and her. Tavern ‘N Town. A long slow meal. No pressures or distractions.

Lisa insisted on paying the bill. I let her. A thoughtful end to what had already been a very pleasant evening.

Bobby Nesbitt was performing at Tavern ‘N Town. An added pleasure.

I was home early. Before nine. I had no desire to drive into town. The construction is a pain in the butt.

Donna and Terri were sitting outside. We chatted a bit. They are in the process of moving to Los Angeles. They are in Key West to get their furniture out of storage. Then to New York City to empty their apartment out there. Finally the drive cross country to Los Angeles. They are driving the van themselves. One in the car and one in the van. Unless they decide to hook the car to the back of the van. Going to be a hell of a trip!

Once Donna and Terri are settled in in their new apartment in L.A., they have to hop a plane to Germany. Terri is performing two evenings with a German Symphony.

Sloan will be here at 10:30 this morning. I hope we will be able to conclude our work re the trip pictures.

Tonight is Donna and Terri night. They are my guests at the Yacht Club.

Enjoy your Sunday!