Common events can be happy ones. I have two ahead of me today.

At 3, I will be receiving a CT Angiogram of my chest. Recall last week, I suffered extreme heart pain. The worst ever! Thought I was getting the big time heart attack. Strange since recently I had received 3 heart surgeries at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami over a 5 week period in February and March.

The CT scan today is to determine why the pain. Fortunately, no pain since last week.

I am upset it took this long to get scheduled for the test. Eight days. I am doing it at the Key West Hospital. Nevertheless, I am thrilled the day is finally here.

Happy #2 is Cathy Holka arrives at 4:30 today for a few days. My Cocktails at 7 friend from Seattle. She is stopping in Key West for a three days visit. 

Cathy is on her way home from a trip to Belize. While there, she decided to spend a few days in Key West. 

In Belize, she broke a bone in her foot while snorkeling. Walking with a boot now.

She will be my dinner companion for the next few nights. And my companion day wise also. 

Cathy loves Key West. She resided her for a few years in the late 1980’s. She rented an apartment at the former Mercedes Hospital building on Virginia Street.

From the teens to early 1940’s, the Mercedes Hospital was administered by nurse Maria Valdez de Gutsens. Since her death, rumor has it she continues to walk its corridors and rooms. Touching and otherwise helping the sick.

Cathy claims she was “touched” by Mother Gutsens.

Cathy says she was really sick. A bronchial condition. Fever, sweats, body wracked in pain. She was asleep. Felt someone raise her arm as if taking her pulse. She could not see who it was. Mother Maria was not visually visible. She could feel, however. There were lights flashing through her window from the outside also.

Cathy describes her experience as “totally peaceful.” Yet, no words spoken. 

She describes the happening in the words of the time. She claims it was a “blast” and “cool.

Cathy would like to meet another who has had a similar experience. To discuss their happenings and how each felt about it.

I believe the whole Gutsens/Cathy story. A nut Cathy is not.

By the way, she did not get any better soon as a result of Mother Maria’s visit.

Cathy will arrive this afternoon wearing a boot.

Keep shooting! Continue selling guns without adequate safe guards!

Ty’oh Settles a lovely 3 year old. Will never make 4.

She was riding in a car which was caught in a Washington, D.C. crossfire. The vehicle, driver and Ty not pat of the crossfire battle.

A bullet struck and killed Ty.

Some things are hard hard to do.

Rudy Giuliani filed for bankruptcy last year. He since has been forced to live on a budget of $43,000 a month. He now says he cannot live on that amount. He requires an increase.

William Shakespeare’s words of centuries ago still commonplace today. Like “The course of true love never did run true…..Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once…..What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet….What’s love cannot be undone.”

Lunched yesterday with Theo and Dina at the Thai Light Restaurant at the foot of the Palm Street bridge. Sushi!

My friends loved it! Fortunately, I enjoyed their company. Thought I could handle a California roll without teeth. Could not. Theo ate my portion.

I pick up Cathy at 4:30 at the airport. My medical procedure should be over by that time. 

I am looking forward to her visit. She always cooks a meal for me. Lamb chops one of my favorites and she does them for me. Not this trip, however. No culinary efforts required of her. Cannot chew. Therefore cannot eat. Cathy will owe me two meals the next time she visits.

Enjoy your day!

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