It was Don’s night last night. Even though we were out together, we did not get very far. Don got comfortable talking with people at the Chart Room and we never left.

We were headed for dinner at Hot Tin Roof. I had to satisfy my pangs of hunger with pop corn.

In spite of no food, the evening was good. Ran into a fellow Manhattan graduate. Jack Kelley. He and wife Sabina used to own a home in Key West. Sold it. Still visit. Their full time home is Washington, DC. Jack is retired, Sabina still working.

Che at the bar. Chastised me for not losing weight. He needs new specs. I told him I had just lost 21 pounds and was still working at it.

Mary bartending. She normally works the beach bar. Emily is on vacation. If I recall correctly, somewhere in one of the Carolinas.

Met RD for the first time. Former manager of Cowboy Bill’s. Consults for several bars in town now. Spent a significant part of his life in the meat packing business.

I found his meat packing experience interesting. During college, summers and each vacation that I was home, I worked the midnight shift at a meat packing house in Utica. I did it all!

When I finally was able to drag Don away, it was too late for dinner. I dropped him off at Don’s Place and headed home.

My first evening stop was Don’s Place. That is where I hooked up with Don. When I arrived, he was sitting at the bar chatting with Sam. I had not met Sam before. Nor had Don. This was Sam’s first time at Don’s Place.

Sam has lived in Key West ten years. He is a civilian employee with the Army at Boca Chica. Interesting and good company. The three of us spent a considerable amount of time talking about Cuba.

Obama announced yesterday that the U.S. is reopening relations with Cuba after more than 50 years. Native Key Westers have always thought that when Cuba opened again, Key West would benefit. Key West is only 90 miles from Cuba. I never thought so. I do not think so even today. The best I see coming out of it is a new ferry boat service Key West to Havana and return.

My initial impression is Obama did the right thing in starting the necessary steps to solidify a friendly relationship with Cuba. The Cuban revolution was in 1959. I was a senior in law school at the time. It is 55 years later. Time to lay differences aside and move on. The Germans and Japanese did more to us and other peoples during World War II. It did not take anywhere near 50 years to put our differences aside and move on.

I made a brief visit in the afternoon to Lisa’s. The grandkids are off from school afternoons this week. Spent some time with Robert and Ally. Robert has a cold and sore throat. Nothing bad. Lisa fears Ally is coming down with the same thing.

Friend Jake met me at the door. I continue to be amazed at how we have become friends.

Enjoy your day!


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