Normality has returned to my life! With the demise of the diet, I was out and about yesterday. Freedom!

Last night it was the Chart Room. For about two hours. Friends like Captain Peter, Ollie, Sean, Katherine, Dave and Sheila. And the always charming Emily! I chatted with all about things important and unimportant. While enjoying two drinks and popcorn.

A glorious evening! I did not go out to eat. I did not want to push my luck.

I experienced another enjoyable Key West Lou Legal Hour yesterday on TV and the internet. Apparently my viewers did also. The NRA issue attracted the most comment. The gun issue heats up more each day.

Two phases of the issue struck a chord. The one dealing with 67 million guns having been sold in the United States since Obama’s election in 2008. The other being the reponsibility of gun manufacturers and retailers for the fervor generated by the NRA. They are the power behind the scene.

After the show, I went over to the Plantation Coffee House. Enjoyed a cup of coffee and read the newspapers. Charming Diane and husband Theo were watching the shop. I avoided the Plantation Coffee House during the two months I was dieting. Normally, I would order a toasted bagel loaded with cream cheese. Not healthy for a diet.

I was pleased with myself yesterday. Even though back in the saddle, I did not order a bagel. Not even tempted.

Then to Lisa’s for a visit. Robert and Ally were home. A pleasant surprise. For whatever reason,  no school in the afternoon. Robert was outside. He has a pocket knife. His father is teaching him responsibility. Worries me. He was carving on a piece of wood. Ally was inside at the kitchen table with Lisa playing a game.

Syracuse basketball this afternoon at 4! A big game! The biggest so far this year. Syracuse plays #1 ranked Louisville. Both teams have lost one game. Statistically, the teams are evenly matched. Louisville however is a 7 point favorite on the Vegas Line.

Louisville has always been a tough game for Syracuse. Pitino who worked under Boeheim early on in his career, seems to have Boeheim’s number. Additionally, Louisville is at full strength whereas Sutherland, Syracuse’s third highest scorer, is benched for academics.

My gut tells me we are going to lose. Hope I am wrong.

I will be watching the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub along with Dan and Lisa and Don and Chris and a multitude of other Syracuse fans.

The weather was as I predicted two days ago. The cold front came in about 5 in the afternoon thursday. It always happens fast. Within ten minutes, the wind was howling, the sky black and the temperature dropped 10 degrees. Dropped another 8 during the night to 62. Cold!

Yesterday and last night were cold also. Temperature in the low 60s. I wore long pants and a leather jacket while out.

Temperature is slated to return to 75 today. Already in the low 70s outside.

Enjoy your day!





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