Although relative to baseball, the line can be applied to any sport. There is joy in Mudville! There is joy for Syracuse fans world wide! Syracuse beat Georgetown last night 58-55.

We came back!

Tonight Louisville for the Big East Tournament championship. Another great game awaits!

I watched last night’s game with my friend Andrew at the Big Ten Sports Pub. Andew is my neighbor. He owns the MTV home across the water. He was supposed to be in Thailand. He telephoned me to say hello, I am here, let’s have dinner tonight. A business matter required a quick return to Key West. He left wife Jas and son Kai in Thailand. In a few days, Jas and Kai will be in Sweden with Jas’ mother. Thereafter, Key West.

This is St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Actually, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. I love corned beef and cabbage. Once a year. Today or tomorrow is the time.

My mother made corned beef and cabbage frequently. It tasted better back then. Whatever my mother did. Plus, the meat was extra fatty which contributed to the great flavor. I do not recognize that taste anymore.

Schooner Wharf is big on corned beef and cabbage this holiday. They cook it special. I may stop to enjoy the meal.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour aired yesterday morning. Love doing it! Post show comments indicated the bank issue hit home. People understood. The thrust of the topic was that the same banks that were too big to fail several years ago, are now too big to prosecute. The shame of it all.

After the show, I went over to the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

The deadline for my KONK Life column is The article was entitled: New Pope and U.S. Catholic Social Issues…..Resolutions? I mentioned at length that I thought the new Pope was more inclined to deal with basic issues affecting the poor rather than the social issues confronting the U.S. Things like priests marrying, a woman eligible to be Pope, birth control, same sex marriage, pedophilia, etc.

The BBC this morning quoted Pope Francis as saying yesterday that he wanted “…a poor Church for the poor…I would like a Church that is poor working for the poor.”

I am sorry to say I called it correctly. I think it is time to deal with all issues. The Catholic Church has been floundering too long.

I published the KONK Life article to Amazon Kindle, also.

Jake has been part of the family all of five days. He seems to be doing well. He loves Robert, Ally, Corey and Lisa. They love him. He is out car riding this morning and walking Duval. What a life! I told lisa… green beer for him!

I was speaking with my friend Anna yesterday. I was complaining about Key West’s cold front. It was 68 degrees at the time. She told me not to complain. It is cold and snowy in Italy. A new storm had come down from Siberia. Siberia? Just the mention of it gives me a cold chill!

That’s it for this morning.

Enjoy your day!




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