Sorry for the delay in getting this blog out. Friday morning is my TV/internet show and things get tight time wise.

Yesterday began with a haircut.  By Lori. A tiny very thin woman with long blond hair. A beauty to behold! I enjoy our conversations when she is cutting away. Not that much to cut these days. She takes a #1 and slides it over my head.

Visited the bank again.

A couple of weeks ago, the grandkids and I had lunch together. I was babysitting. I took Robert and Ally to lunch at Pepe’s. They had never been there.

Ally had a cheeseburger. I tasted it. Delicious! I have craved one for Louis ever since.

Ergo, I went to lunch yesterday at Pepe,s. Me and the newspapers. Ordered the large cheeseburger. Great taste!

Key West cheeseburgers were made famous by Jimmy Buffett. Cheeseburger in Paradise.

I occasionally would eat in the drug store. The one where Buffet got his inspiration for the song. It had  small tables and an old type drug store sitting counter. Drugs and lunches for sale.

The cheeseburger was not special. However, I always ordered it out of deference to Buffet. The drug store was purchased by a bank. A bank replaced a bit of Old Key West. Not nice.

My afternoon was spent working on this morning’s TV/internet show. It may be the best I have done. I had  a feeling it was special as I did it. All kinds of today/crazy things discussed. Like how Social Security has been stolen from us and additional examples of governmental waste. If you missed the show, it is on You Tube. Today’s show goes on tomorrow. Merely go to You Tube and enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

Bocce last night! We continue to play poorly. A gross misrepresentation. Lousy is a better description. We lost 2 of the 3 games.

To add to the shame of it, the other team had three new players. This is their first year. Only four showed up to play from the opposing team. Which meant the four had to play all four games. They played with honor! Nice guys! However, I was extremely unhappy when we lost 2 of 3 games.

No play offs for us again this year.

Tonight, Jenna! In all her pure unadulterated form. Sometimes I wish she were adulterated. Jenna does not tout a bible. She does not need one. Lines from Scripture roll off her tongue with regularity.

We will have a good time together. We always do.

Enjoy your day!

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