Needless to say, the 300 young girls abducted in Nigeria is disturbing. Watching the scenario play out difficult to understand.

First, it took two weeks for the international media to pick up on the event. After the oh how terribles, the four week search has yet to find and recapture the girls. Whereas millions were spent and are still being spent on the Malaysian plane that went down, the dollars to find these youngsters does not compare.

The 5/13/14 Miami Herald had a column by Frida Ghitis on the abduction issue. Ghitis is a world affairs writer for the Miami Herald. Certain portions of Ghitis’ column were directly to the point informationwise and otherwise.

Re the Islamic radical group Boko Haram responsible for the abductions, she wrote: The group’s name Boko Haram means “Western education is a sin…..but …..the kidnapping and selling of girls – most likely into sexual – is somehow acceptable.” She further wrote, “The gang of radicals want to impose…..their twisted version of Islamic law, Sharia.”

Why do I write about this situation. Simply, it bothers me. As it must you. The girls are reportedly 3-17 years old. Even if all were women, it would be bothersome. Certain interpretations of Islamic law permit young girls to be married and permit sexual slavery. Such situations in Nigeria and the Middle East are religiously motivated and/or justified.

How can the Western world combat such beliefs which are in direct contradiction to their own? I do not know. The problems reflected have been ongoing for many years. Attempted solutions in the past have failed. The differences may not be reconcilable.

Enough. Off the soapbox!

It was Blossom’s for lunch yesterday. I was the only customer till I was leaving. I lunched there two weeks ago and noticed fewer customers. I suspect a problem.

One problem is the new owners are not making the sandwiches the same as the former ones. The former ones made them as they had been prepared for some 20 years at Paradise Cafe. There is an old adage…..Never screw around with something that works.

My Cuban toast with tomato is never the same. Different size, never enough butter, sometimes on the cool side, not always crushed. The same with the Cuban coffee. Sometimes warm, sometimes luke warm. Never hot.

A greasy sandwich to eat. Fingers become licking good. Two napkins  before, only one now.

I have not had the courage to share my experiences with the new owners. They seem so happy and confident in what they are doing. As a result, I have gotten into the habit of going to Blossoms for lunch less frequently.

I spent the afternoon fine tuning last night’s blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The show went well. I spent the first half beating up Tim Geithner, banks, big corporations with off shore deposits, and insurance companies. Deservedly so.

Robert’s picture was in the Key West Weekly. There were a series of photos of the miniature golf event last week. Robert and a classmate were responsible for erection of hole 9. The hole was described as “…..one of the most artistic.”

A proud grandfather am I.

Enjoy your day!



  1. While the kidnapping of the Nigerian girls is terrible, it appears to me that more are concerned about these girls than the 4 Americans killed in Benghazi. Plus, the fact that hillary would not name the group boko haram as terrorists.

    I miss the old Paradise cafe, but, the current replacement [ I can’t remember the name] is great.

  2. Patrick. Seriously !!! 300 girls just trying to get an education. Verses 3 people who elected to work in a dangiorous part of the world. Your opinions continue to baffle and confuse!!!

  3. I love ” anonymous ” have the balls and the brains ( lacking) to at least stand up and name yourself when you decide to be STUPID..

  4. Its apparent ‘anonymous’ has a reading comprehension issue.

    Along with the terrible 300 girl kidnapping there was a previous problem with the same group recently kidnapping 59 young boys and burning them to death. Not much was said about that. Boko Haram should have been on the terrorist group list long ago and if had been under a watch order these tragedies may not have happened.

    But, I still feel more needs to done about the loss of our 4 Americans. I’m an American and my main concern is with Americans. Those 300 girls are still alive and I think they are folks looking for them.

  5. Bourdrox-
    Love the name but I wouldn’t bring up brains. Your sentience was improperly composed.
    I find it entertaining that so many raging conservatives feel the need to read Lou’s left wing blog.

    Will you guys EVER get over Benghazi !! It’s like beating a dead horse at this point.

    I throughly comprehend. Just in opposition to you in the majority of situations.
    No need to know my name. We are not in the same social circles… Thank goodness:)

  6. “Your sentience was improperly composed.” Actually Anonymous, your word “sentence” was improperly spelled.

    IMHO nothing wrong with getting to the bottom of things such as Benghazi as it does appear the Administration, like every one before it, was ill-prepared at best and lying at worst (i.e. Iran/Contra for Reagan fans, lest we forget Ronald’s words on Nov. 13, 1986 when President Reagan declared in a national address, “We did not — repeat — did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages — nor will we.” Dirt, as always, flows two ways as BOTH parties are thoroughly and entirely corrupt.

    The Republicans are merely trying to bruise Hillary before the most brutal Presidential race in history. So far, they have Benghazi as their bat. That is their motive if they wanted to be truthful and say so but veracity was lost in politics long ago, if it ever existed at all. Karl Rove also tried to throw in Hillary has “brain damage” and it will be all downhill from here. And the leftie nut machine has yet to wind up to find a target as the Elephants have too many potential candidates milling around the Koch Brother’s watering trough so far. Once the Koch’s anoint an opponent for the Bill & Hillary machine the fun begins for real. And the left has learned from the success of the Koch’s and now funded their own billionaire boys club to take on the Right’s billionaire boys club. I am sure it is the source of endless laughs and guffaws at the exclusive county clubs and on the posh estates.

    And it will all be downhill on both sides as we only have two sides of a coin in this supposed democracy, and they are not letting anyone else into their rigged system. It is all “smoke and mirrors” for the FOX and MSNBC/Bill Maher viewer.

  7. Patrick-
    I throughly comprehend. Just in opposition to you in the majority of situations.
    No need to know my name. We are not in the same social circles… Thank goodness:)
    end quote

    ‘Thank goodness’ Hmmm, shame. And here I thought you’d become another one of my liberal drinking buddies.

  8. hillary !

    Oh My Gosh ! I’ve been watching her [ and have had dealings with her] since she hit the news for being fired from the Watergate investigation for fraud, ethics violations and lying.
    I certainly hope this country comes to its senses before that election.

    • I wouldn’t count on it given the buffoon menu on the right.

      I also agree no the best choice but, as I say, everything is pretty much rigged anyway so…oh well.

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