I am late today! Sorry! Had a full morning.

Tomorrow morning the Key West Lou Legal Hour airs. Nine my time. Great topics! What is Sotomayor doing?, French tax 75 per cent of all executive salaries in excess of one million euros, too many antibiotics finding their way into our bodies, anal cavity searches on the rise, some Oregon citizens take policing into their own hands, government refusing to subpoena JP Morgan Chase records, fracking, drug testing Florida welfare recipients declared unconstitutional, and more.

All interesting issues. In many instances, revealing. I bring to your attention things you might not know or have heard.

The show can be seen on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 from Key West to Boca Raton. Otherwise available via the internet worldwide.

Staying with tomorrow’s show, I spent a good deal of yesterday afternoon working on it. Not finished yet. I have another two hours to put in later today.

Chart Room last night. Fewer tourists. The locals returned. En masse. Visited with Emily, Sheila, Peter, Jean, Katherine, Katherine’s cousin Katherine, Sean, and Cheryl.

Cousin Katherine presently hails from Dallas. She is somehow affiliated with the Dallas Cowboys.

Cheryl is held in high regard by our family. Especially Lisa. Cheryl was the technician who performed the sonogram on Robert when he was born and discovered his cancered liver. Nine years ago. Seems like yesterday. Cheryl recently returned to Key West. She is working as a nurse in Dr. Boro’s new walk in clinic on the boulevard.

I had been looking for Jean Thornton for 3-4 days. We finally met up last night. Chatted a while. Then decided to head over to the Hot Tin Roof for dinner. I invited Sheila to join us. She declined.

Joseph managing, Matias bartending.

Jean and I had a long and interesting evening. We conversed about everything. We stopped back at the Chart Room after dinner. Ollie was there.

With final prep still awaiting me re tomorrow’s TV/internet show, I doubt I will get out this afternoon or evening.

Enjoy your day!


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