Good morning!

The start of another magnificent Key West day! Not a cloud in the sky. A good breeze. Too early for the humidity. A God is in His Heave, all is right with the world moment.

My blog talk radio show tonight. Nine o’clock my time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A fast moving half hour commentary on things happening world wide.

Some heavy topics. Revealing, also. Like the return of crucifixions. Hanging Christians on crosses to die because of their faith. Happening now in Syria and Nigeria as part of the conflicts in those countries.

I am also going to touch on the goblin shark that visited Key West waters this week, Monroe County cracking down on employee smoking, top US companies having the most accumulated offshore profits, big banks laundering drug money, the world’s first married lesbian threesome, and more.

Last night was Montessori!

Grandson Robert and classmates had constructed a 9 hole miniature gold course. Took them a month. Even made the putters. The task was in preparation for a Montessori fundraiser. $5 a head to play.

I brought Don with me.

Impressive is the only way to describe what we saw and experienced. The holes were mechanically set out. Tough! No kidding! I picked up after 5 strokes on some holes. Don played his usual solid game. He even pared one hole.

Each hole represented some historical fact. One hole was Rome, another Egypt, and so forth.

The kids did a great job!

It was dinner afterwards at Hot Tin Roof. Don’s wife Stephanie joined us. It was fun time. We laughed throughout dinner.

Enjoy your day!

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