I am 78 years old. Yesterday, I played Knock Knock with a 4 year old girl. Fortunately, I had the experience to play. In recent years, it has been with Robert and Ally.

I was at Lee Nails getting a manicure from Tammy. Her 4 year old daughter was about. All of a sudden she came up to me and said…..You no belong here, you boy!

Then it was Knock Knock. She stood behind me, to the front, all over and Knock Knocked me. I think she thought it was fun that I could play. Strange, also.

She followed me out the door when I left. Her mouth was going a mile a minute. You have bike? No, I have a car. Why no bike? Where your car? And so on.

It was the best part of my day.

I now have two little friends. Jake and Tammy’s daughter.

I recorded this morning’s show yesterday afternoon. Still cannot do it live. Something is broke and not yet fixed. It was Krystal and me. Krystal is a most talented person!

I look forward to watching the show on TV in about a half hour. Join me. I think you will find today’s show interesting. I am disappointed in Obama. Distrust Putin. Fear the Saudis. That is how the show begins!

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is at 10 my time. Available on television from Key West through Boca Raton. Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Available world wide via the internet.

Stopped at the Chart Room just after 4. It does not open till 4:30. Whoever is working always lets me in. Not yesterday.

It was Emily’s Day to work. No Emily. No JJ or Mary covering. A strange bartender. A bit of an ass, also. He saw me through the window and ignored me. I left.

Emily…..Where are you? I have bad vibes. Call or write me, please.

I had planned on watching my team play bocce last night. Never made it. I was tired from dragging the boot around all day. Heavy! Instead, I stayed home with my leg up watching television.

One thing, however. My ankle has not hurt since I was tapped up and began wearing the boot.

Tonight, I must go out! I am getting a bit stir crazy.

Enjoy your day!

One comment on “KNOCK KNOCK

  1. I’m learning from my grandchildren, ages 5 and 6, that interaction with toddlers can be very amusing but frustrating at times.

    OBTW…I’ll be having lunch next with one of your loyal followers. In fact, his Jasper Jottings eNewsletter first exposed me to My Life inf the Keys. John Renke and I will be having lunch Wednesday at Di Dominico’s in McLean. Real homestyle but elegant Italian food. Louis, you’d enjoy it.

    If there are any other Jaspers following this. We’ll be there at about 12:15. Join us. We’ll be the old guys with all the wine on the table


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