A terrific Sunday morning! Sun, sky and water magnificent! A God is in His Heaven, all is right with the world morning.

Did a noon visit yesterday with Tammy at Lee Nail’s. Needed a manicure. The place bustling with customers. I was glad I had an appoinment. I think I am the only customer who is not asked to pick out a color upon arriving.

Afterwards visited with Lisa for a while.

Dinner last night was a big deal! A date was daughter Lisa. Just me and her. Tavern ‘N Town. A long slow meal. No pressures or distractions.

Lisa insisted on paying the bill. I let her. A thoughtful end to what had already been a very pleasant evening.

Bobby Nesbitt was performing at Tavern ‘N Town. An added pleasure.

I was home early. Before nine. I had no desire to drive into town. The construction is a pain in the butt.

Donna and Terri were sitting outside. We chatted a bit. They are in the process of moving to Los Angeles. They are in Key West to get their furniture out of storage. Then to New York City to empty their apartment out there. Finally the drive cross country to Los Angeles. They are driving the van themselves. One in the car and one in the van. Unless they decide to hook the car to the back of the van. Going to be a hell of a trip!

Once Donna and Terri are settled in in their new apartment in L.A., they have to hop a plane to Germany. Terri is performing two evenings with a German Symphony.

Sloan will be here at 10:30 this morning. I hope we will be able to conclude our work re the trip pictures.

Tonight is Donna and Terri night. They are my guests at the Yacht Club.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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