I have been up since 5 this morning. Paying for my sins. Primarily, avoidance.

My KONK Life column for this week was due last Wednesday. I completed research Monday. Never got to writing the column. For whatever reason, I kept putting it off. I should have written the article yesterday afternoon. Forgot it was due. Overdue, rather. Instead I wrote another chapter for what may be my next published book, Growing Up Italian.

When I got home last night, there was a message from Guy de Boer. In effect, where is the column… are making my life difficult.

It was too late and I thought perhaps I might have had one drink too many. I went to bed. I would get to he column in the morning.

I did. At 5 in the morning. I woke early and decided to get right to it. Took three hours to compose and refine. At 8, it was on its way to Guy with my mea culpas.

The column is Banks Divorce Porn Stars…..Hypocrisy. Concerns itself with a new bank game called de-risking. A game it is not. The column publishes Wednesday.

Lunch yesterday was at Roostica. I was in the mood for Italian. A hot meatball sandwich. Roostica’s food gets better with every visit. Try the place. Low key and reasonable prices.

Megan waited on me. Lovely Megan. An interesting young lady. If I were 50 years younger, I would court her.

Last night began with the Chart Room. Stopped for a drink. Jean Thornton is back. Returned to Key West only yesterday.  Sheila, also. They introduced me to Linda Grist Cunningham. A Key West visitor for many years. She and her husband finally bought in 2012.

Linda was enjoyable company. She operates a business called KEYWESTWATCH. News, political writings, social media, etc. In her other life, she was an editor and journalist.

She is a liberal at heart. We instantly bonded!

Jean and I had dinner at Hot Tin Roof at the bar. It was catch up time. She and Joe have recently returned from a 15 day river boat cruise through several European countries. It was exciting listening to her describe the trip. She told me English Peter would be returning for a 10 day visit in a month. Good!

I read an interesting article yesterday. Concerned itself with the shrinking middle class. McDonald’s business was down for the year ending in June one percent. Fine dining was up three percent. The thrust…..the poor cannot afford McDonald’s.

I had intended to try Unity Church again today. Too late. Perhaps next week.

This afternoon will be professional football at Don’s Place.

Enjoy your Sunday!




I am presently in Courmayeur, Italy. Yesterday, I decided to go to Chamonix, France. Mont Blanc was in the way.

No big deal. Around 1960, Italy and France built a tunnel under Mont Blanc connecting the two cities and two nations. Travelers were able to save 60-100 miles as a result.

The tunnel took eight years to construct.

It is a little over seven miles long. Only 28 feet wide. A few inches over fourteen feet high. Two lanes, one each way.

Additional lanes are needed. However construction costs are prohibitive and have prevented the construction.

There was a major fire in the tunnel in 1999. Thirty nine people killed. Amongst other things, the ventilation system did not work properly. Instead of sucking the toxic fire fumes out, it drove them back into the tunnel.

Everything purportedly fixed now and it is not supposed to happen again.

I went through the tunnel several times last year. I went through it twice yesterday. Once each way.

Traffic entering the tunnel from both sides is controlled. When the toll is paid, vehicles are not permitted to immediately take off. There is a time factor between each vehicle. About two minutes.

Cars are not permitted to piggy back or get close in any way. Each vehicle must remain at least 500 feet behind the one in front. All through the tunnel, there are blue blinking lights on each side measuring the 500 foot distance for drivers.

Speed is controlled. Fifty to 70 km per hour.

The traffic control is so efficient that when there is going to be a delay, blinking signs miles away announce the delay and how long. I got stuck in a 90 minute delay on the way back to Italy. The traffic was backed up on the French side 3 miles. When I say backed up, it means no movement. The motor is turned off and you sit for 10-20 minutes. Then on again to move forward a few car lengths.

It was not a bad situation. People get out of their cars and talk with each other. I enjoyed the company of my neighbors. Precisely 90 minutes after I entered the 3 mile span, I was in the tunnel.

The delay in itself was an experience. Expected and accepted. Nothing anyone could do about it anyhow.

Other than the tunnel delay, yesterday was basically unexciting. McDonalds was the big event for me. After McDonalds, my plans got screwed up. I intended to go up in a cable car or train over the top of Mont Blanc. A WOW I assumed. However, it started raining. Pouring. The end of trips up and down for the day. I was disappointed. The experience would have been unique.

I was back in my chalet early. Read. Not a bad situation. I was able to sit on the terrace. The one facing Mont Blanc. Each time I looked up, there was the glacier topped peak. A sight to behold.

To my friend Don, a message. If Don is still up north at his camp, someone please bring my message to his attention. The message: Don, I am out of cigarettes!

The honeymoon is over come this wednesday. I will be back in Key West wednesday evening.

Enjoy your day!


You will never believe from where I am writing this blog. McDonalds in Chamonix, France! The only good part of it is that I am in France. The McDonalds sucks. Large, crowded, no air conditioning. It has to be a 120 degrees in here. Many Europeans do not use deodorant. The fact is very obvious at the moment.

I am not complaining. Just sharing.

I went to Vodaphone in Novara. I should have known better. They are Verizon’s informal partner in Europe. I said sell me something that I can use in Italy that will act as my wi fi. No problem, I was told. Twenty euros later I had this little thing to plug in my computer. No wi fi number needed. Just type away!


My luck was consistent. It did not work. It will not work.

I stayed in a hillside Swiss chalet last night with no wi fi connection. I am in Chamonix this morning. I figured Chamonix would have all sorts of cafes and places with wi fi. Good luck! Everyone directed me to McDonalds. Wi fi! It works! However, the conditions under which I am writing leave something to be desired.

I am supposed to take a train or cable car to the top and over Mont Blanc into Switzerland later in the afternoon. There is a stop for lunch near the top. I will need the glacier to cool down.

Enough of the pain in the ass stuff. Now for the good stuff.

I drove to Courmayeur from Novara yesterday. A 3 1/2 hour drive. A different one. The speed limit was 130 kilometers. That translates to 135 miles per hour. I drove it! Sometimes as high as 150 miles per hour.

No special thrill involved. It is the same as driving 60-70 mph in the States. The difference I suspect would be if an accident occurred.

Would you believe that at 135 mph, everyone was passing me.

The drive was pleasant view wise. Early on, I entered into the Alps. The mountain chain starts small. The whole of each mountain was green with foliage and trees. Then a bit of brown started to appear high up. Dirt. The mountain had grown beyond the tree line. Then gray rock on top of the brown. Even higher. Then glaring white. Glaciers! Real high up!

I was also driving gradually up hill the whole way.

Castles galore. On both sides of the highway. One every mile or so. Each constructed on top of a steep rocky hill. Apparently to make it difficult for an enemy to attack the castle.

Keep in mind how close the castles were to each other. One mile. A half days horse ride From one to the other. Not difficult to engage in warfare at that distance. They frequently did back then.

The evening was outstanding!

Last year, I stayed on the outskirts of Courmayeur. I did not go into the center of town. Last night, I did. What beauty! What a wonderful place!

Picture streets for pedestrians only. No vehicular traffic. Each building styled like a Swiss chalet. Very smart boutiques, cafes and restaurants along the way.
All a pleasure to behold.

The people were different. Courmayeur is a high end place. People in summer attire. Not the summer attire I wear in Key West or saw in Athens or the Greek isles. Very few shorts here. Men and women in long slacks. The women in tight legged pants. The place reeked of money, money, and more money.

I was able to determine that most of those I saw were residents of Milan. They have second homes in Courmayeur to escape the summer heat and to ski in the winter.

Keep in mind that the Alps are all around. Mont Blanc with its glacier appeared close enough to touch.

What a setting!

I did two outdoor cafes. At each, the drinks were served with a bit of food. Free. Lazy susans were used. Ten inches in diameter. Loaded with goodies! Slices of pastrami, salami and ham. Different filled tiny puffs. Different kinds of finger sandwiches. Butter generally used on the them. Pizza. Tiny olive sandwiches. Little pieces of bread covered with goat cheese topped with apricot marmalade.

All free!

I had two gins at the first place. Ate 2 of the lazy susans all alone. At the second place, I finished again the whole thing. Completed my informal dining with a piece of cake. I had to pay for the desert.

I had gone to Courmayeur intending to have dinner. No way! I was stuffed! So was my pocketbook. The three gins, the piece of cake, and all the food goodies cost me a mere 18 euros.

I even learned bocce is popular.

Everything I saw is an inducement to return.

I met a woman. Everyone has a dog. The dogs were well trained and well groomed. At the table next to me at the first place were 6 people and 3 dogs. The dogs sat or laid by their masters and did not move. Except once. One of the three dogs was a large black curly haired one. He or she scooted over and under my table. Started sniffing my feet, then my legs, and was probably going for my crotch. The dog’s mistress pulled her dog back and apologized.

I suspect the dog was so trained.

We started talking.

What a lovely woman! Mid 50s to early 60s. Beautiful face. Short cropped hair. A well kept body. She was wearing tan riding trousers and a tight white shirt. The fit was perfect.

Her name Justine. A divorcee. Resides in Milan. She has an apartment in Coumayeur. We chatted quite a while. Enjoyed the moment and each other’s company. At the end, we exchanged e mails and telephone numbers.

Justine told me Courmayeur is considered the flower of Europe. She further told me that Christmas and New Years are especially exciting. On Christmas eve, skiers come down Mont Blanc holding candles. A sight to behold I was told.

So much for yesterday. Enough for today. The humidity is so heavy in this place that I am beginning to smell like my European compatriots.

Enjoy your day!



Friday again. The days move swiftly. The weeks pile up.

This morning…..The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Watch on the internet. Ten this morning my time. World wide.

I spent part of my yesterday fine tuning today’s show. Interesting topics. Some challenging. Like a comparison of the shortcomings of the Presidential candidates, Mc Nabb to be a sports announcer, Isaac and rats on Mississippi beaches, Isaac and a turtle story, the end of World War II, a Crusade battle, Orthodox Jewish circumcision and herpes, the woman with non stop orgasms, another example of a sick society, and more.

Hopefully you will have time to join me.

The other part of my day was spent working on trip photos. What a labor! Of love, of course. But when will it end? I took too many pictures.

Bocce last night. We won 2 of 3 games. It was a strange evening. We won the first game 16-0. Can’t do better than that! We were beat in the second game 16-2. You figure! We won the last game 16-7.

I hurried home after bocce. No Don’s Place for me. I wanted to watch Obama and Biden.

I enjoyed both of their speeches.

Evaluating the conventions, the trophy for form and substance has to go to the Democrats. Whether it will make any difference, remains to be seen.

The humidity was heavy yesterday. I can see from this morning that it will be heavy today, also. Knocks you on your ass if you stay out in it too long.

Enjoy your day!