A good person has passed on.

William S. Calli Sr. Better known as Bill Calli.

Bill was a fellow Utican and attorney. 87 at the time of his passing yesterday. An automobile accident. A distinguished attorney and public servant. He spent many years as a member of the New York State Assembly. He finished his public career as a member of the New York State Senate.

We were friends. Not drinking buddies. Professionally and a bit more.

If there was one word to describe Bill, he was a gentleman.

I interviewed for employment with his law firm when I graduated. It was Bill and his father Rocco heading the firm. Several attorneys were associated with them. I had three separate interviews. I did not make it. I was not hired. I was very disappointed at the time. We used to laugh about it in later years when my practice blossomed. I used to remind Bill he would be sharing in my financial success had he and his Dad hired me back when. Not that he had any need for my earnings. He was extremely successful in his own right.

When Bill arrived at the pearly gates yeserday, if there was any hesitancy as to his admission, I am sure he calmly talked his way in.

May he rest in peace.

The Navy is in town. Ships of several nations. Something like 14 destroyers and amphibious assault ships. All here for a joint Caribbean training excercise. Locals who were in Key West during the Cuban missle crisis in the early 1960s were telling me last night this is the largest assemblage of war vessels since that time.

I started with the Chart Room last night. Mary bartending. Poor Mary is working her butt off. She is covering for Emily who is on a two week vacation. Che there also.

Che and I spent much time together last night. I sometimes introduce Che to people as a participant in the Cuban revolution. Actually, a joke. Che is a Jewish mercant from New York City transplanted many years ago to Key West.

There was a gentleman named Ron sitting next to us. From Atlanta. Here with his new bride of one week. She was not with him. Still in their room. Ron was an interesting and intelligent fellow. The three of us discussed many things. Like religion, Catholicism and politics. A good talk.

There is a new bar in town. On Duval. Opened last Wednesday. The Ugly Coyote. I wanted to see it. Che joined me.

I was not impressed. Nor was Che. Actually, I was depressed. The bar gave me that feeling.

It is an old time salon. The ladies working there get up on the bar and talk, sing and dance. All in tight jeans. Not all good bodies, however. Young. Very young. Early 20s at best. Sad appearing. Tired faces. I doubt they were locals. Appeared imported.

The bar had a good crowd for a Monday night at eight. This is a man’s place. There were only two female guests. The guys were mostly young. A strange group. We needed another bar stool. There were several available. One had a customer’s foot on it. Another an arm. I asked if the stools were in use, could I have them? All I got was a blank look in response. No words.

When Che and I were finally seated, we figured it out. All the young fellows had crew cuts, short cropped hair. They were part of the navys of several nations in Key West this week for joint maneuvers. When I asked for the stools, they did not know what I was saying!

One of the bouncers was named Lou. He seemed to be the boss. He came over to talk with us and invited us to return.

Lou sws a nice guy. Looked tough, however. Big and burly with a gut.

The place obviously is not for the older generation. Che and I were the only ones over 40. Maybe 30.

I had the feeling when I walked in that I could get rolled. The place was tough appearing. Rolled I was not and would not be. However, I share my initial impression with you.

Will Ugly Coyote make it in Key West? I woukd like to be favorable. I cannot. It does not fit into the Key West atmosphere. We like young good looking women who fit into the Key West life style. The bar they work at must also have the Key West flavor. Remember, Hooters did not make it in Key West.

I suspect Coyote Ugly’s rent has to be $35,000 a month. That is the tab in that section of Duval. A big monthly bill to pay!

I doubt Coyote Ugly will be here next year at this time. It may even be gone by year end.

I forgot to mention. Coyote Ugly is a chain. They have been in business for many years. Hooters was a chain also in business for many years.

I hope I am wrong. I wish Coyote Ugly good luck.

Stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Had my final diet coke of the evening. Chatted a bit with Billy and left.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Romney. He cannot keep his foot out of his mouth!

Enjoy your day!

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