Yesterday’s internet show went well.

One topic received the most post show comment. It involved a Robert who wanted to become a Michelle. A convicted murderer who was spending the rest of his life in jail. He claimed he wanted to be a woman. He went to court to force the State of Massachusetts to pay for the sex change surgery. The court said Massachusetts had to pay. Taxpayer dollars to provide a convicted murderer with what the judge considered necessary medical care.

Society amuck!

I wrote a detailed article on the subject. It will run in next week’s KONK Life.

Lunched at Blossoms. The surroundings are a bit dismal. However, the food is outstanding! I enjoyed my favorite. Cuban cheese toast with tomato. Plus a large cup of Cuban coffee.

Visted with Lisa. She fell the day before. Sprained her ankle. She had it all taped up. Was hobbling around.

The Chart Room in the evening. It turned out to be my entire evening. Never made it to dinner.

Emily was not there. On a two week vacation. I missed her. Mary was bartending in her place. Always glad to see Mary.

I spent a few hours chatting with David, Peter and Che. We covered a multitude of issues. The word issues is appropriate. Everything discussed becomes a battle. We went from Jewish circumcision to cremation to literature to Greece to London to whatever else.

I learned a new word from David and Che. Reliquary. A receptacle for ashes.

There was a lovely young lady seated at the end of the bar. I briefly talked with her. She was Donna from Dearborn, Michigan. Here with her husband Rex who was not at the bar with her at the time. They are in Key West on a one week vacation. Staying at the Pier House.

By the time I left the Chart Room, it was too late for dinner. I drove directly home. Enjoyed a left over half of a roast beef sub from the day before.

Glad it is Saturday. For whatever reason, the week was tiring. I am going to rest and screw off this weekend. After Sloan leaves me this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Looking for some of the European trip pictures Lou! I hope you and Sloan can wade through them so a few can be posted.

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