The dinner party I attended last night was one of the best. I have gone to many. This one turned out to be special. From the people to the food to the conversations.

Larry and Christine Smith were the hosts. The party at their lovely home. About 20 people. Christine dressed in season attire. A red dress and Santa cap. A  great hostess. The martini glasses were chilled. I was impressed.

There was one more hostess. Kathleen Peace. Kathleen is visiting and staying for a few days with Larry and Christine. Kathleen did the cooking. Everything tasty. Especially the best chicken I ever tasted which turned out not to be chicken. It was pork! At that point, I only had had one drink.

Kathleen prepared a special sauce. It would have made steak taste like chicken! She cooked the roast seven hours.

I was back at the buffet table for my second helping of the “chicken.” Kathleen was nearby. I told her the best chicken ever! What chicken, she asked. I pointed. She laughed. It’s pork!

John and Ali are visiting Key West once again. They come every year at this time for one month. They reside in Leeds, England. Great people.

Larry is getting along well. He can stand. He can walk with a cane. He is driving. Still in pain on occasion.

There came a time when there was only Larry, Don, and I sitting outside by the pool. Don and I had overstayed our welcome. Everyone else had left. The three of us were having a fun conversation. A lot of Roger Bell talk. I knew I should have left earlier when Kathleen came out of the kitchen and announced she was going to bed.

The party conflicted with the Christmas Boat Parade. I made the wise choice. As good  as the boat parade generally is, the party was much better.

I babysit today at noon. Lisa is going Christmas shopping for Robert and Ally. Gifts from Santa Claus. They still believe.

I never made it to the turtle event yesterday. A once very sick turtle now healthy was being returned to its natural habitat. The Atlantic. I did find out the turtle’s name. Hunter. The Turtle Hospital people want Hunter to go forth and make baby turtles. For real. It is the season.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I have never seen police cheered. Watertown last night was a first. Even during 9/11 there was not a similar reaction.

The only other time I can recall cheering in the streets similar to last night was in World War II.  On VE Day and VJ Day. My recollection is clear of people pouring out of their homes and cheering in the streets. Not for police, but for the event. The cheering was the same however.

I thought my back was getting better. Ergo, I did not take the pain pill last night that helps me sleep. I apparently needed it. I did not fall asleep till 4 this morning.

I am trying to get off the pain killers. It may not be time yet. I hurt this morning.

My back kept me in last night once more. Hopefully, I will be into Key West tonight. I think a couple of gins would help better than anything else. Another reason I am getting off the pain killers.

Key West weather continues to be perfect. Mid 80s by day. A clear sky. A slight breeze. And humid. Not bad yet. Need air conditioning, however. I am doing this blog at the kitchen counter with the doors to the deck and ocean open. It is 8:45. The temperature in my kitchen is 81 degrees. I fight air conditioning.

Today is Earth Day. Big doings in the Keys. Turtles getting a big play. Many children’s activities involving turtles. There are beach clean-ups planned and a mediation walk at Higgs Beach in addition.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. I sat in pain. Did the show in pain. I do not know if it was obvious.

Viewers commented most about designer vaginas and tittoos. The last word is spelled correctly.

Yesterday’s show is being rerun by the television studio today at 4:30. If you missed it yesterday, you might want to watch it today. You will be able then to get the full flavor. The show is also being rerun sunday at 3 and wednesday at 6. Via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide. www.weyw19.com.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour is now also You Tubed. The You Tube show runs one week behind. However, they are all there.

Whew! Glad I have finished. My back continues to bother me. I am off to bed.

Enjoy your day!





The weeks move swiftly by. Tuesday is here again. Tonight at 9, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou. One half hour of interesting insights. You can even call in and chat with me! Please do.

I plan this evening to talk first about banks and the Cyprus situation. Banks that were first too big to fail and then too big to prosecute are now putting their hands where they do not belong. They have become thieves and whores. On a world wide basis. And no government stops them.

The other topic concerns same sex marriage. The Supreme Court hears two cases on the issue today and tomorrow. As recently as last year, I thought the issue would fail by a 5-4 vote. Now I believe it can win by as much as 6-3.

Tuesday Talk can be found on the internet. Your computer is the radio. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

The show is 9 weeks old. Recent stats show already a following of 1,800.

Another cold front is upon Key West! Our winter has come late. We had no winter when we were supposed to. Actually, present weather is crazy. Key West goes a week or two in the 80s and then drops into the 60s or worse. Last night was in the mid 60s. The high today will be 67. It is 65 as I write this morning. Tonight, 57.

Yesterday, I walked the waterfront. Dante’s, Schooner Wharf area. Lunched at Blossoms. I make it sound like a swanky place. It is not. Its Cuban toast is the best, however!

Watched the balance of the Arnold Palmer Tournament. Glad Tiger won. He appears to have come back. I am surprised. I did not think it possible.

Stayed in last night and wrote. I feel good this morning. A sense of accomplishment. My time was well spent.

As you are aware, the Blue Angels were here with a spectacular show this weekend. The Key West Citizen reports this morning it may have been the last Blue Angles show for a while. Sequestration. Some Congressmen said do not worry. They were going to save the shows. They have yet to perform.

My hometown Utica is in the foothills of the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York. Adirondack animals were always of great concern to the authorities. Especially deer.

In the Florida keys, it is the creatures of the ocean.

Makes sense.

Two men were arrested yesterday for allegedly killing a turtle. Meat parts were found in a bag by wildlife officers when the culprits’ boat docked at Stock Island. If convicted, they will probably do time. Properly so. Turtles generally are an endangered species. Keys people have a great concern for their well being. Evidenced in part by the fact there is a Turtle Hospital in Marathon.

The significance of the crime is that out of every 100 turtles born, only one will survive and make it to adulthood.

Enjoy your day!



Yesterday’s internet show went well.

One topic received the most post show comment. It involved a Robert who wanted to become a Michelle. A convicted murderer who was spending the rest of his life in jail. He claimed he wanted to be a woman. He went to court to force the State of Massachusetts to pay for the sex change surgery. The court said Massachusetts had to pay. Taxpayer dollars to provide a convicted murderer with what the judge considered necessary medical care.

Society amuck!

I wrote a detailed article on the subject. It will run in next week’s KONK Life.

Lunched at Blossoms. The surroundings are a bit dismal. However, the food is outstanding! I enjoyed my favorite. Cuban cheese toast with tomato. Plus a large cup of Cuban coffee.

Visted with Lisa. She fell the day before. Sprained her ankle. She had it all taped up. Was hobbling around.

The Chart Room in the evening. It turned out to be my entire evening. Never made it to dinner.

Emily was not there. On a two week vacation. I missed her. Mary was bartending in her place. Always glad to see Mary.

I spent a few hours chatting with David, Peter and Che. We covered a multitude of issues. The word issues is appropriate. Everything discussed becomes a battle. We went from Jewish circumcision to cremation to literature to Greece to London to whatever else.

I learned a new word from David and Che. Reliquary. A receptacle for ashes.

There was a lovely young lady seated at the end of the bar. I briefly talked with her. She was Donna from Dearborn, Michigan. Here with her husband Rex who was not at the bar with her at the time. They are in Key West on a one week vacation. Staying at the Pier House.

By the time I left the Chart Room, it was too late for dinner. I drove directly home. Enjoyed a left over half of a roast beef sub from the day before.

Glad it is Saturday. For whatever reason, the week was tiring. I am going to rest and screw off this weekend. After Sloan leaves me this afternoon.

Enjoy your day!




It was Sunday. It was Mothers Day. I said hello to my Mom up above. Told her to take care of Dad.

Then I settled in to watch Meet The Press.

This J P Morgan Chase thing is an abomination! Losing $2 billion. This morning’s news says it may reach $3 billion.

The guest was Jamie Dimon. CEO of J P Morgan Chase. What a cavalier attitude! A few mistakes had been made, he said.

This morning’s news also reports that three heads will roll this week. All top people. All earning multimillion dollars a year. One is a woman by the name of Drew. She reportedly is earning $15 million a year. None of them worth their money if they lose $2 billion.

No word yet as to whether Jamie Dimon is on his way out. He should be. He was captain of the ship when everything occurred.

No one has faith in banks any more. And properly so. First they screwed Main street. Now they are screwing Wall Street, themselves.

Later in the morning, I had an airport run. A neighbor flying out who needed a ride. This task/help is a big thing in Key West. I am always happy to do it when asked.

The airport has changed. Key West is changing. Instead of a half dozen cabs, there are close to a dozen and a half. Instead of small planes, most are jets. They arrive three at a time. The arriving area is bursting with people waiting for their bags.

I was up and out. Might as well go to breakfast.  I ended up at Harpoon Harry’s. Eggs benedict crab meat and the Sunday papers.

Mothers Day dinner was at Lisa’s. Last year we went to the Yacht Club. This year we celebrated at home. Ally was sick. It was a pleasant family dinner, except for poor Ally. She looked terrible. Face flushed, eyes half closed, quiet, eating nothing.

It is turtle birthing time again. Smathers Beach has many places where the eggs have been buried. The hatching process takes 55 days. Once hatched, there are no mothers to take care of the little ones. The mothers are long gone. The baby turtles head for the ocean. They are directed to the water by the moon light. Such is their instinct.

A few years ago, the turtles became confused. They saw the street lights. The lights are located on the opposite side of the beach. The turtles assumed the street lights were the moon. They headed for them and the street. Obviously, many were run over.

Since then, all street lights along Smathers Beach are not turned on for a three month period so the baby turtles will not be confused.

We take care of our own in Key West.

Enjoy your day!