I am alive and well this morning!

Full of energy and exuberance!

Hit the bed mid afternoon yesterday and stayed there till this morning. Slept off and on into the evening and watched TV. Then slept soundly from 11 to 5.

Yesterday’s blog provided the details of my energy downfall. The blog also included the little I did yesterday till mid afternoon when yesterday’s blog was finally published..

I have told you what I did from 3 on. There is nothing left for me to relate.

However, more is expected from me and I want to provide more. So…..join me in taking a brief walk back in history regarding this day, September 23.

1779. John Paul Jones uttered the memorable words “I have not yet begun to fight.” The time the Revolution. Jones was Captain of the Bonhomme Richard which was engaged in a sea battle with the British HMS Serepis. Jones and the new USA won.

1938. Neville Chamberlain flew to Munich for that fateful meeting with Hitler. When he returned, he flashed the document Hitler had signed for the world to see. At the same time, Chamberlain announced, “Peace in our time!” He got conned.

1942. Auschwitz begins experimental gassing executions. The event is set forth as a reminder. Lest we forget.

1952. Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey Joe Wolcott in round 13 to become heavy weight champion of the world.

Enjoy your Sunday!

One comment on “A NEW DAY! FEEL GREAT!

  1. Hi Lou,

    We did the Cuban toast “taste test” between Blossoms and 5 Brothers and decided it was a draw. We liked different things about each but neither stood out as a clear winner. We’ll have to try them again to see if we can determine which is best.

    Sorry if we had anything to do with the hangover, when the blog was so late yesterday we thought something bad had happened. Thankfully everything was OK.

    Len & Heidi

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