Ho, ho, ho! The good guys won last night. We beat the opposing team 2-1. Wowie!

Everything has to be read in perspective. Our team is named Don’s Place. The other team, Not Don’s Place. Larry Smith humor. He captains Not Don’s Place.

The game was a money one. The inner competition five teams have.

Larry’s team came into the contest last night with a commendable record. 11-1. We, a modest 6-6. We killed them in the first game. Won a close second game. Lost the third. Who cared by the third game!

It was a difficult fun filled night. A lot of yelling and challenging back and forth. I mean yelling! Especially Larry who wants to make sure he is heard.

We all made our contributions to the victory. However, there was a star on our team. A person who excelled. Stan! Stan made a closing shot in the second game that gave us three points and the win. An impossible shot!

John from JDL came over to say hello. One of the nicest guys in town. I told him to save me a seat saturday at noon. I would be over to watch the Syracuse/E.Michigan game.

Started physiotherapy for the right shoulder yesterday morning. The torn rotator cuff problem. My therapist is Debbie. Welcome her to the blog.

Then to see Tammy for a manicure. I always feel better after I chat with her. She has a soothing disposition.

There was a pregnant woman enjoying a pedicure. Seven months. A girl. I felt sorry for the baby. Mom had the vibrator on and her body was rapidly bumping back and forth. The child in womb was reseiving a hell of a ride!  The baby had to wonder what mom was up to!

My column for next week’s KONK Life is researched. I will write it this morning after I finish this blog. It is titled Mob Rule. Interesting. It is my thoughts re where society in general is taking us these days. The article cannot help but be controversial. Not intended. I doubt many will agree with my observations.

Turtles. Back in the news.

First, the study I mentioned the other day will be difficult to interpose. It suggested kill off a portion of the turtle population world wide to save the seagrass. I discovered this morning that turtles are a federally listed endangered species. Good! The message is stay away from our turtles!

The other item concerns another turtle found in dire straits in the waters off Key West.  The turtle was entangled in a fishing line. It also had wrapped around its front right flipper a rope from a lobster trap. The rope was still attached to the trap. The turtle had been carrying the trap about. The flipper was almost completely severed. The turtle was taken to the Marathon Turtle hospital. Lets hope they can perform wonders. They usually do.

It rained big time yesterday afternoon and through out the night. The sky is black outside at the moment. No question, a rainy day ahead all day.

There was a question whether we would be able to play bocce last night. Obviously, we did. Between storms. The new courts are clay and the water was quickly absorbed. They were a wee bit slow when we started and soon were up to speed.

Enjoy your day!


Yesterday morning found Duval and Mallory Square quiet. The powerboat races were over. The participants had left town.

Things changed by late afternoon. Key Westers and tourists joined to celebrate Veterans Day. The curbs were crowded the whole length of the parade.

I was correct when I suggested earlier yesterday that small town parades were the best. Yesterday afternoon’s parade did not make a liar out of me.

Participating were the coast Guard, a Navy contingent, policemen on horses, high school students including cheerleaders and band, and two special cars carrying World War II veterans. The World War II veterans received loud cheers.

There were floats. Candy was thrown from the floats to children. The kids were running out to pick the candy up from where it landed on the street.

A special touch was the handing out to viewers of small American flags. Proudly waived during the parade by young and old alike.

I was watching the grandchildren earlier in the day. We walked around Mallory Square. Ended up at the Ocean Key House for lunch. Outside on the dock. Ally wanted an aqua colored table. Robert wanted one with an umbrella. Both requests were accommodated.

It was a first time visit for Robert and Ally. They enjoyed the whole scene, especially the boats. We were seated by the rail with the ocean immediately below us.

I never know what we are going to talk about. I let the grandkids take the lead. Robert got into evolution. Nine years old! He explained we were descendants of monkeys, baboons, and apes.

I asked…..What about Adam and Eve? I was shocked. Neither had ever heard of Adam and Eve. I got into God created the world, then Adam, and finally Eve. A first for them.

Tuesday again. Blog talk radio time. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. This evening at 9.

I wait till the day of the show to decide content. Things move so fast in today’s world that many times yesterday’s news is old hat.

I suspect I will be discussing whether Hilary Clinton’s time has passed for the Presidency. My concern is she represents a different generation. Perhaps we need a person closer to today’s problems. I have some things to say about General Motors which you will find interesting. Egypt and democracy is another topic.

Join me. The show is only a half hour. A fast moving half hour.

Enjoy your day!



Very interesting evening last night at the Chart Room!

Che and Peter engrossed in conversation in the corner with a couple from Las Vegas. Dorothy and Doc in for a drink. Mary bartending.

Me, I met Kevin from North Dakota. What an education I got! Learned so much! I want to share every morsel with you.

Kevin owns a small company that manufactures drill bits. He sells world wide. He is on vacation in Key West with his wife Sheila. First time. They love it!

He and I really got into North Dakota. Recall news over the past couple of years of building an oil pipeline running from Canada to Louisiana. Build or not to build the issue. Environmentalists strongly against it. The pipeline was an issue in the recent campaign.

North Dakota is presently benefiting from an oil boom. It would benefit even more if the pipeline were built. The pipeline would create thousands of good paying jobs up and down its length in the United States..

Here is what Kevin told me.

Young men just out of high school are earning $100,000  a year. Work a 60-70 hour week. Employed as roughnecks.

Wal-Mart is not know for generous wages. Wal-Mart pays its stock clerks $17 an hour.

MacDonald pays $15 an hour with a $300 sign up bonus.

There are presently 3,500 unfilled jobs. People are coming from all over to fill them. Kevin told me he sees many Florida plates.

Kevin lives in Williston. Five years ago it had a population of 15,000. Today, 50,000 and growing.

The United States is in an economic recession. We need jobs. Plain and simple. To build/extend the pipeline to Louisiana would create a ton of jobs. Good paying ones.

It is the eternal clash. I was an environmental attorney. I understand the importance of protecting our lands from damage caused by corporate greed. However on occasion the pendulum must swing when there is a greater need. In this instance, jobs!

The rest of my yesterday was not as exciting as my conversation with Kevin. I did the dentist thing again. Will be doing it for a while yet. Pain still there. However, minimal. Read a small news piece in the Key West Citizen about a Senator Stephen R. Mallory. From Key West. He as a US Senator in the 1850s. Came the Civil War, he went the other way. Joined the Confederacy where he served as Secretary of the Navy. Mallory Square is named after him.

The python hunt ends monday at 5. 1,500 hunters involved. Through last friday, a total of 50 pythons killed. Does not seem to have been worth the effort.

Pope Benedict XVI is retiring at the end of the month. I find his retirement strange.  I do not buy the age/health argument. Last Pope to retire was around 415 AD. I think it has more to do with the ongoing Vatican Bank investigation involving money laundering. Time will tell.

The Olympics have decreed wrestling will no longer be one of its sports. Beginning with the 2020 Olympics. What are they going to replace it with? Foosball?

I did my blog talk radio show this morning at 7. Still not enough people calling in. I had one this morning. It was over the Pope’s retirement. I am considering trying a new time. If it does not get enough call ins at a later time, then it is me. I would not have been cut out to be a blog talk radio host.

Enjoy your day!



I was up and at ’em early yesterday. Did my blog promptly. Then walked.

It was a big time walk. From Duval Square to Mallory Square and back. Criss crossed some of the side streets. The humidity was heavy. Too heavy. I had to take a break three times. Each time found a business with air conditioning with a place for me to sit for a few minutes.

Spent the afternoon researching and writing. Spent the evening working on friday’s internet show. I have two glass sliding doors in my kitchen. Open onto the deck and pool. The ocean about 50 feet away. There is a counter next to the sliding doors. It is where I work when I work inside.

Last night was exceptionally pleasant to work from the counter. The humidity was gone. There was a breeze coming in off the water.

I was researching a small South American air line that got started in 1920. I found it. But I found something even more important. A part of Key west history.

Pan Am World Airways. Commonly known as Pan Am.

Pan Am became one of the world’s largest international carriers. Then hard times hit. It filed for bankruptcy in 1991.

Pan Am was born in 1927 in Key West. Its first headquarters.

There was sentiment at the time that the United States needed a central American airline. To protect its economic Panama Canal interests. Ergo, Pan Am got started. The new airline provioded air mail and passenger service Key West to Havana, Cuba. The United States government provided the air mail contract thereby making the dream possible.

A problem developed. Pan Am had no aircraft landing rights in Cuba. It was obvious some heavy hitters were required to convice Cuba to grant the landing rights.

Threee of the primary founders of Pan Am were Majors at the time in the United States Army Air Force. Majors Hap Arnold, Carl Spaatz, and John Jouett. Arnold and Spaatz went on to become two of the most important U.S. generals of World War II.

Money and influence were required. Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney and Averell Harriman were the backers. Harriman went on to become an important part of the administrations of several U.S. Presidents. He also served as Governor of New York.

The aforementioned individuals worked out the Cuban landing problem.

The new airline required a headquaters. In Key West. It was located in a white two story building on a corner on Whitehead Street. That building today is the home of the famous Kelly’s Restaurant.

Pan Am began business with one airlplane. An eight seater.

Some 25 odd years ago, Kelly Mc Gillis and Fred Tilman, then married, opened Kelly’s Restaurant in the former Pan Am headquarters. The restaurant is still there today doing a flourishing business.

Kelly Mc Gillis was of movie fame. Movies like Top gun, Witness, and The Accused.

I knew Kelly and Fred back when. Primarily from social gatherings. After Kelly and Fred divorced, Fred kept the restaurant. He also became my neighbior in Key Haven. Lisa and Fred are friends. Fred catered Lisa’s wedding. Did a great job!

That other airline I was searching for turned out to be a German airline out of Columbia which started in 1920. The German airline and the Panama Canal were the influences which gave birth to Pan Am.

Such is the story of Pan Am and Key West. Interesting.

Enjoy your day!