This year’s Presidential campaign is moving rapidly. Tuesday next the first Obama-Romney debate.

There is another first. The first TV Presidential debate. It took place in 1960. Kennedy and Nixon.

Nixon was favored. Kennedy won.

Nixon had the reputation of being a debater. He refused to wear make up. His sweating was obvious to all watching. Beads of perspiration running down his face and dropping from his chin. Kennedy on the other hand looked cool and collected. He was wearing makeup. He also appeared more comfortable with the TV set up.

I know. I remember. I watched the Kennedy-Nixon debate on television live the evening of September 26, 1960. I was a young lawyer. Graduated from law school three months earlier. Married 5 weeks earlier.

The Kennedy-Nixon race was one of the closest in American history. One tenth of a point separated the two. In the end, Kennedy had 49.7 per cent of the vote. Nixon 49.6.

Historians tell us the deciding factor in the election was the first debate between the two. I agree.

I was up and at ’em early yesterday. Did my blog. Then out for a walk.

Walked the Home Depot. Two times. Up and down the aisles. Air conditioned.

Michael was working. For several years, he was my bocce partner. Working now interferes with his bocce playing.

Michael was a bit gutty during his bocce days. Now he is thin and trim. He says working at Home Depot is responsible. He has to wallk up and down the aisles several times a day. He estimates he walks seven miles a day on the job. Without dieting or anything else, he took off a lot of weight. Something like 20-30 pounds. Maybe I should get a job at Home Depot!

We had a nice talk.

Then to Lisa’s. My coffee machine broke. One of those that you put the little cup in and voila…..warm coffee! I gave Lisa and Corey one for a Christmas gift. They did not like it. It was stored in a back room. I asked Lisa if I could have it. Of course. Picked it up. Works good!

Spent the afternoon and early evening working on friday’s internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Lots of interesting topics out there this week. Things are happening all over the world.

I will be talking about the present Greek demonstrations. It was reported 5,000 were protesting in front of Parliament yesterday. When I was in Greece, I joined two demonstrations. Same place. 2,000-3,000 demonstrators. I will be sharing my thoughts once again about the Greek economy which is the cause for the demonstrations.

China and Japan are pushing each other. In each other’s face. I have some thoughts regarding both sides.

Other topics include 5 Guys being voted the #1 hamburger place in the U.S. Mc Donald ended up near the bottom. Plus, driverless cars legal in California, a new preventive HIV pill, a jail segregation issue involving HIV prisoners, Texas saying ok to paddling high school students, and more.

Interesting topics. Join me. Ten am friday morning my time. World wide.

I am into the third week of my diet. Not doing well. Cheated two times by drinking. Should have lost more weight in spite of the drinking. I am becoming discouraged. Not giving up…..yet!

Last week I mentioned the 14 war vessels from various Nations that were docked in Key West for several days. They are part of an international war pracitice operation.

Yesterday’s Key West Citizen carried a picture on the front page of one of the vessels shooting off a drone. Drones are an integral part of the pratice. Amazing how the means of war have changed over the years. And in recnent years, seem to change more rapidly.

Fantasy Fest is on the way. Starts in three weeks. For ten days. I can see it coming. Stores are opening up on a temporary basis to sell costumes for Fantasy Fest. There are already four.

Enjoy your day!


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