An interesting title! Only peripherally related to some of yesterday’s happenings.

I was at Don’s Place last night for the Syracuse/Notre Dame game. Dave sitting next to me. He watching his Ohio State team win big time. I watching Syracuse take a drubbing from Notre Dame. Thank god for basketball! Otherwise, I might never get to cheer and feel good about a Syracuse team.

Don and Steph had gone to the movies and then stopped by. Dave, Don and Steph all left me at the end of the Ohio State game. There was yet the final half of the Syracuse game to play. It was a boring game.

Mary Todd became the wife of Abraham Lincoln. Mary Todd had nothing to do with last night. Mary and Todd did.

Mary and Todd are newly settled in Key West. About two weeks. Mary is originally from Don’s area in upstate New York. She grew up in Dunkirk. Todd is out of Pittsburg.

Todd is a banker. Prefers a smaller banking operation as opposed to a larger one. He has worked for banks in Phoenix and Naples 16 years combined. He wants Key West and one of its smaller banks. I am sure he will find the position he seeks.

I was more interested in Mary. Turns out Mary has been religiously reading my blog since 2007. Welcome to Key West, Mary! I love you!

The two have already settled in. They are living in Peary Court. A 20ish daughter living with them.

I look forward to sharing their company more.

One of the Yacht Club staff stopped in. I am forgetful. Could not recall her name. It was good to see her, however. We talked of Greece.

Jackson Pollack! One of the greats of the art world! He came into the picture yesterday with grandson Robert.

Ally has been painting. Easel, canvases, etc. She draws/sketches well. Still getting into the actual painting thing.

Robert has not wanted to participate. I feel bad since I am spending so much time with Ally. I do not wish him to feel neglected.

Turns out Robert does want to paint. His way!

He took a canvas outside and with brush and otherwise threw several different colors on the canvas. A Jackson Pollack masterpiece!

Robert came back into the house. Both Robert and the canvas were totally covered in paint. Lisa had Robert in the shower immediately.

Afterwards, I took Robert to the computer and showed him that some artists do paint in the fashion he had. One being Jackson Pollack.

I suspect I now have two artists in the making.

I spent my day otherwise working on next week’s KONK Life column. It will have to do with banks. The enemy of all!

Banks have a new game they are playing. It is called de-risking. They are dumping certain groups of customers. Those that might reflect unfavorably upon a bank. Like adult porn stars. What bugs me is that they still handle Mexican and Latin American drug cartel monies and those of terrorist groups. Billions in fees to be made. I call it hypocrisy.

Oh my Syracuse! I knew we would lose last night. Ergo, I was not disappointed. Syracuse played a good first quarter. Part of the second also. That was it. Notre Dame remains undefeated and ranked 8th nationwide.

I am going to Church this morning! The roof will probably cave in.

Larry Smith has been playing at Unity Church. He said I should hear the preacher. His sermons are fantastic. Not hail and brimstone as we Catholics were raised. Rather love. I will let you know what I think.

Enjoy your Sunday!


I had intended to join Lisa and family at Higgs Beach for the fireworks last night. At the last minute, I decided to stay home and watch the PBS Washington Symphony U.S. birthday extravaganza on TV. Great music, singing and fireworks!

The Washington show was outstanding! As always.

I can hear and see Key West’s fireworks from my home. The PBS show concluded at 9:30. Still no Key West fireworks. Shortly after 10, I began hearing the boom booms. I went outside on my deck. The Key West fireworks had begun. I sat down outside with a drink in hand and watched. A good show!

I did lose out however in not going to Higgs Beach. I enjoy watching Robert and Ally’s reactions to the fireworks. An exciting event for them.

The President and Mrs. Obama were not present for the Washington show. They usually are seated in the front row. A safety concern?

Lisa and family came over in the afternoon. To swim. Turns out my pool is sick. Pea green. Only the second time in 16 years. They went swimming in the canal instead.

Two days ago I mentioned George M. Cohan, the super dooper entertainer. I mentioned one of the songs he wrote. Yankee Doodle Dandy. Late yesterday afternoon, Turner Classic Movies showed the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy starring James Cagney. The life of George M. Cohan. I watched the movie for the 21st time.

Thursday was David’s birthday. I did not know. I feel even worse since I spent some time with him at Don’s Place thursday night. I called him yesterday to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Beware. Contraception is back on the table. More government intrusion. Not from Congress this time. From the Supreme Court.

The case involves Wheaton College. Wheaton College has a lawsuit pending before the Supreme Court. Wheaton does not want to provide insurance for contraception coverage. As with the Little Sisters of the Poor case, they do not want even to sign/self-certify that they are opting out in providing the coverage. They feel doing so makes them complicit in contraceptive activity.

Wheaton will not be heard for some time. Wheaton therefore asked the Court for an injunction allowing them to get off the hook, so to speak. Sign nothing till the Supreme court decides, not be required in any sense in even recognizing contraception. In a 6-3 decision thursday, the six males of the Supreme Court granted the injunction. The three female members dissented.

The gauntlet has been thrown big time!

On monday last, the Supreme Court decided in the Hobby Lobby case that abortive contraceptives were a no no for certain corporations. Twenty contraceptives were involved. The Court’s ruling seemed muddied. Abortion was the issue. Yet the Court intertwined abortion and contraceptives. In the end, the decision seemed to state the four abortion contraceptives did not have to be provided and the sixteen non-abortive contraceptives were permissible.

Louis, the media and some who read this blog were confused it appeared. I was not, though I did not state it. I recognized only abortive contraceptives were involved. As some of you did, also.

This past thursday, three days following the Hobby Lobby decision, the Supreme Court got involved with both feet in the contraception issue.

I did not know contraception per se was still an issue. The other side never gives up. Especially where a woman’s body and private rights are concerned. A bad situation overall.

As Justice Sotomayor said in the dissent, the Wheaton College ruling undermines confidence in the Court. It came out of the blue. It does.

Enjoy your day!



I appreciate I am being repetitive. However, there is no question about it. There is no place like home!

For whatever reason, I missed Key West the past two months while running around Europe. Missed family, friends and haunts. It is good to be back!

I write this blog each morning from my kitchen counter. I sit by the glass sliding doors to the deck and ocean. Always open.

It poured heavy this morning. Stopped just a few minutes ago. It was a pleasure to hear, smell and taste the rain. Key West rain! Ain’t nothing like it anywhere!

Jet lag is still with me. Not bad. However, consistent. It will probably last another 3-4 days.

Because of the heavy head caused by the jet lag, I hung around the house by day yesterday. Did a bit of writing and a bit of sleeping.

Last night started with the Chart Room. At 5, it was only Emily and me. She makes the best popcorn in town!

A group of guys came in. One was Carl Grooms. A relatively new face in Key West. He has been here 1-2 years. Last night was the first time we met.

Carl has an interesting background. His parents were in the diplomatic service. He did not reside in the United States till he was 15. He graduated from the Merchant Marine Academy. Joined the Navy. Became a jet pilot. Retired early. Went to the Wharton School of Business for his Master’s. Now into business for himself.

Wharton makes bankers. Banking did not interest him. He went into computers and the internet. The business which he operates from Key West is known as Flying Fish Apps. He and his team have created an app that will direct everyone where to drink, eat, events, music, etc. as it happens in Key West. Press the button and you have it all! An exclusive Key West where to go, what to see app.

I wish Carl good luck! He is committed. He cannot miss.

Don’s Place was my next stop. David and I sat together chatting. Bocce the big item of discussion. The new season starts thursday.

Don came in. He had just returned from his annual one month summer vacation in Indiana. It was good to see him again. Unquestionably one of the nicest guys in Key West.

Don enjoys a beer or two or more a day. However, he does not drink at all while in Indiana, except when he plays golf. He played golf three times. It was back to beer for him last night!

Mikey was bartending. It was good to see him again. I like his wife better.

I go back to work Tuesday night. My blog talk radio show will be live again. A quick half hour of interesting chatter. I can tell you now that most of the show will be devoted to the increasing power of the Nazi party in Greece. The media does not talk about it. I do not know why. The situation is real and frightening.

During the eight weeks I was gone and off the air, there was no blog talk show. My old shows are archived, however. As indicated in the past, few listen to my show at the appointed time on Tuesday evenings. However around 2,000 listen to the archive during the week. Even in my absence the past two months, from 600 to 1,000 listened to an archived show at some time each week.

Sloan. A wonder! She was my girl in Key West while I was away. Anything I needed or thought should be done was an e mail message to her. Sloan performed admirably. She handled everything efficiently and expeditiously.

Thank you, Sloan.

Enjoy your day!



I started coming down to Key West some 25 years ago. Two mainstays then either are or soon will be no more. I refer to Square One Restaurant and Fat Albert.

Square One Restaurant opened its doors about the time I discovered Key West. I became an instant customer. For years as much as 2-3 times a week. In recent years, not so much.

Michael Hayes opened Square One. In Duval Square. The perfect place for a restaurant. You had to look for it.

Michael was the perfect host. Always the gentleman. Tall and thin. His shirts perfectly pressed. He did them himself.

The bartender from almost day one was Patrick Hayes. Also known as Patty Cakes. Patrick knew everyone in Key West. Whenever I was in need of anything, I would ask Patrick. He would tell me who to see.

Patrick and Lisa have a bond. Patrick is Lisa’s best friend.

Square One’s food was great! Always! The service equal to the quality of the food. The restaurant attracted an upscale clientle.

Square One closed last thursday. For all time. The word is Michael sold to Carmelo. Carmelo is an experienced Key West restaurateur. He started the original La Trattore and Virgilio’s.

Whatever you do Michael, I wish you well. Patrick, also.

There is a large white blimp  that hovers over Cudjoe Key. To the left of US 1 going north. It has been there as long as I can remember. Turns out it has been operational for 33 years.

It took years for me to find out what the blimp was for. No one seemed to know. Then I was told it was for Radio Free America to air in Cuba.

Actually, the blimp had a two fold purpose. Beam television freedom type shows to Cuba was one. The other was as a tethered radar station. Generally used in recent times to help interdict drug runners.

The blimp acquired a name along the way. Fat Albert.

We are in an economic crunch. One of the things cut from the federal budget was Fat Albert. As of March 15, it will be no more. Not even to be seen. It will be taken down.

Turns out there were two blimps rather than one. A smaller one. Way up, also. I never saw it. Do not know any one who did.

I will miss Square One. It is another piece of Key West to disappear that will never be replaced. Probably could not be replaced. I will also miss seeing the big white blimp as I drive north on US 1.

My first stop early last night was Don’s Place. Sat and chatted with Herschel quite a while. I enjoy talking with him. He is a political junkie as I am.

David came in for a moment. He has a new dog. Female, 9 months old. She was jumping a bit as young ones are apt to do. David will have her trained shortly and she will be the perfect lady. David is a dog expert.

I stopped at the Chart Room. Captain Peter was there. I spent a couple of hours talking with Peter. Worldly, a knowledgeable man.

I was lucky. Two unusually intelligent people with whom to communicate.

My neighbor Andrew has returned. Andrew owns the MTV home across the water. He has spent the past several months in Switzerland. He called yesterday. We are having dinner together tonight.

Enjoy your day!




The diet was becoming increasingly difficult. Especially this week. I lost not a pound.

I was becoming sick of not leading my normal life. Going out, eating and drinking. Having fun.

Yesterday afternoon, I said screw it! I am done! End of diet.

I was at it for 2 months. Lost 23 pounds. Not as much as I wanted to, but as much as I could.

A yesterday afternoon experience contributed to my decision. I tried on clothes I had not worn in a couple of years. They fit!

Another 5-10 pounds would have been great. My enthusiasm and will power had waned, however.

I ate and drank at the bocce banquet last night. Two drinks. Plus, a small piece of filet mignon, a tablespoon of mashed potatoes, a bit of gravy, and a small piece of bread. I woke this morning and went to the scale as per my usual custom. I had lost a pound!

Later this morning, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV and internet show. A good one!

Things like who is really behind the NRA’s adamant position, why haven’t the ten injured Americans air lifted out of Benghazi told their stories of Benghazi publically, freshman Congressman having an average net worth in excess of $1 million, Bush’s Secretary of the Interior getting a new personal bathroom that cost $220,000, why Rick Santorum should not be President, the story of a woman who orgasmed constantly for 19 years and committed suicide this past week, the Boeing 787 story, and more.

The show airs at 10 am my time. Available on television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 through and including Miami-Dade county. Available world wide on the internet.

Bocce banquet last night at Don’s Place. Everyone there! Good to see them all! Fun!

This Lance Armstrong thing is amazing. Are sport heroes no longer pure? What a disgrace.

Morning Joe spent 15 minutes this morning discussing Armstrong’s confession. Consensus was that Armstrong was and is a sociopath. Interesting. There are many sociopaths in today’s society that destroy others’ lives for their own personal gain. With no remorse.

Africa is becoming international. We do not need another military involvement. Do what is necessary to get the American captives out. Then stay home! We have been in enough of these fights in recent years.

Again, watch my show this morning if you are able.

Enjoy your day!




Amorgos and Captain Peter! The two are nowhere related. However, both represent joyful experiences and so share the title of today’s blog.

Last night was a very good one. Unusually good. It was Captain Peter’s 70th birthday. We partied. Played in a bocce make up match. We won all three games. It is a pleasure to share the evening with you. First however, the Amorgos photos.

You will recall the Greek isle of Amorgos was my favorite of the five Greek places visited.

Amorgos is a nothing island sitting out in the extremes of the Agean Sea. I had not planned to visit Amorgos. I was stuck on Mykonos three extra days because of weather. I was desperate to get out. Finally a boat was available. To a place called Amorgos. I went.

Amorgos is a relatively small island. Has six towns. The population is limited. Not many people live on Amorgos. The official population is 1,859. Amorgos’ claim to fame is a Monastery and an earthquake. I have seaparate photos of the Monastery that will be shown in a day or two. The earthquake occurred on July 9, 1953. Left 53 dead. Amorgos was my third island. Santorini and Mykonos preceded it. All three had a history of volcanic explosions. Sort of compares to the hurricane season in Key West. A threat always there. You never know.

I stayed in the town of Katapola. I did not know the name when I landed.

Amorgos’ connection with the outside world is the boat that comes in once a week. On wednesday. Assuming the weather is ok. The winds can be horrific.

I saw very few automobiles on the island. Not ten total. There was a bus. I wondered then and wonder now how they got the gasoline to fuel the few cars, bus and fishing boats. The gasoline had to come in on the once a week boat. Where it was stored, pumped, I never learned.

I loved Amorgos! Again, the best of the Greek places visited. Why? Because it was so serene and quiet. Nothing to do. Peaceful. Old. The people were from another century. Men and women alike dressed in black. Regardless of age. I was told black shuns the sun better than light colored apparel.

Twelve photos.

The first is the view from my terrace. The view says it all.

The next is an inner shot of the terrace. I spent most of my time on the terrace sitting at the table during the ten days I was on Amorgos.

I sat on the terrace in the evening also, as seen in the next photo.

As indicated before, I spent considerable time on the terrace. The next photo is of me sitting on the terrace reading. I did this all day, every day. Never went in the water. Sat, read, and slept. And ate, of course. My landlord would bring me fresh apricots every morning from his garden to start my day.

Another shot of me on the terrace.

The bay I lived on was horseshoe in shape. I walked around the horseshoe one day and had lunch. The photo is me and the restaurant. On the water. Simple. I could not figure out how the owner made it. I was the only customer at lunch time.

Note the boats in the restauant picture and the ones in the next photo. Fishing is Amorgos’ industry. They fish for themselves and the few restauants on the island. Provincially. Most of the fishing boats are mere rowboats with a motor on the back.

Again, Amorgos is from another time.

Every Greek island has a chora. Also known as hora. Means old town. You saw Mykonos’ chora. Now, Amorgos’.

Amorgos’ chora was way up on a hill. Hills again! I took the bus up. The bus had to be 40 plus years old. Shaked, rattled and rolled. But made it! I thought as the bus traveled up the hill that I was like the bus. Getting older and still hanging in there.

Once you enter the chora, everything is up hill. Whether a path or steps. So many steps! A stress test unto itself.

The next photo is me starting into the chora. Old means old. This chora was more than a 1,000 years old. It consisted primarily of homes. People still live in the 1,000 year old buildings. There was also a bar or restaurant every 200 feet or so.

I was mid way into the chora and ready to die. I needed to sit. The yellow chairs in the next photo were my salvation.

The next pic is me sitting in a yellow chair. Tired! Note my beard was growing. I looked like a bum! Did not care!

The next photo is a chora street scene. Pretty. Narrow. Only room for a galloping horse when built 1,000 years ago. Today, only foot traffic. Cars would not fit.

The final photo is me sitting on a stoop. The steps to some one’s home. I was lost. Dead tired. Could not find my way out of the chora. Sat on that stoop till I regained my energies.

So much for Amorgos. Hope you enjoyed.

It was Peter’s birthday yesterday. Seventy years old. A surprise party was planned for him at 5 at the Chart Room. Many friends. Emily, Sheila, Sean, Che, David, Jean, John DeSantis, and many others.

Also present were some friends of Emily. She referred to them as her grad school friends. About 8-10. From Louisville and Pensacola and perhaps elsewhere. Nice people. One was Fred. Fred owns a parking lot at Churchill Downs. Must be like owning Sloppy Joe’s in Key West.

I was at the Chart Room for a half hour and still no Happy birthday! There was a table full of cake, key lime pie, and other goodies. The candle was on the key lime pie. Peter never realized the people and eats were for him. Not till Emily walked up with the pie and candle and every one sang Happy Birthday!

Peter is a good guy. Loved by all. May we all share more of his birthdays with him and with each other.

Bocce was part of my evening, also. We had a make up game for one that had been rained out.

I hurried over to the bocce courts. I knew I would be late. I had already told Captain David. I learned when I arrived that we had won the two final games after I had left the night before.

I played the third game. We won all three games last night. We are on a run! A total of six victories in two nights! Everyone is playing well. May we continue to so play.

It was very comfortable playing last night. No humidity. A cold front had come in in the afternoon. Dropped the temperature 10 degrees to the high 70s. The cold front is still here today. A strong wind is coming from the north. There are big waves off my deck.

I spent yesterday afternoon researching. Also published on Amazon Kindle an article I ran a few weeks ago in KONK Lfe: Catholic Church…..200 Years Out Of Date. It speaks of the death bed interview with Cardinal Carl Maria Martini. The Cardinal was high up in the Papal hierarchy. He thought Pope Brnedict II was being too hard ass (my language), supported condom use in certain circumstances, was not against birth control, remarriage after divorce was ok, and commented on many other things afflicting/conflicting the Catholic Church today. One of his most meaningful observations was to the effect that …..our Churches are empty.

The Cardinal died four days after the interview was given.

I mentioned my Quest neighbors yesterday, There is a film crew next door. Cameras and lights all over. On the roof, on the grounds, etc. It is a new TV film series being shot next door and in the lower Florida keys. Its stars are young men from all over the country. Eighteen to 23. I cannot tell you what the show is specically about. I do not know. It appears a lot of money is being spent on it.

The individual locally putting the show together is Key West’s Denise Jackson. I did not know her. Met her for the first time two nights ago.

Enjoy your day!



A glorious Sunday morning. Typical Key West beauty. Bright sun, blue water, blue sky.

I slept late. Sorry. It is about ten.

I had a business luncheon yesterday. My associates suggested the airport restaurant. A strange place, I thought. Nevertheless, the meeting went well. The place was quiet. A large booth. Food outstanding. I will eat there occasionally from this point forward.

Though it is September, the airport was busy. It is amazing how the airport has grown in the last ten years! A massive new building and tons more people flying in and out.

One of the bosses in Security is a friend. Her name escapes me. Old age. Her parents at one time owned Paradise cafe. That is where I first met her. We have become hugging friends.

I got a hug and gave one in return. We talked a bit.

Spent the better part of the afternoon watching golf and college football at home.

Headed over to Don’s place at 5. Everyone there. Don, David, Erika, Herschel, Angus, Toni, Boomer, Stephanie, and more. Watched Syracuse get beat by Southern Cal decidedly. It was ok. Syracuse still building. I thought Syracuse looked good under the circumstances. They were up against the #2 team in the country.

I stayed about three hours. Enjoyed everyone’s company. I became hungry and had to move on.

Stopped at the Marriott Beachside on the way home. Enjoyed the prime rib dinner at the bar while reading the newspapers. Excellent prime rib. The place was empty. Only a handful of people. A refection of the month. September is always slow in Key West.

I have not yet decided how to spend my Sunday. Have not even thought about it. I will take it as it comes.

Enjoy your day!