The diet was becoming increasingly difficult. Especially this week. I lost not a pound.

I was becoming sick of not leading my normal life. Going out, eating and drinking. Having fun.

Yesterday afternoon, I said screw it! I am done! End of diet.

I was at it for 2 months. Lost 23 pounds. Not as much as I wanted to, but as much as I could.

A yesterday afternoon experience contributed to my decision. I tried on clothes I had not worn in a couple of years. They fit!

Another 5-10 pounds would have been great. My enthusiasm and will power had waned, however.

I ate and drank at the bocce banquet last night. Two drinks. Plus, a small piece of filet mignon, a tablespoon of mashed potatoes, a bit of gravy, and a small piece of bread. I woke this morning and went to the scale as per my usual custom. I had lost a pound!

Later this morning, The Key West Lou Legal Hour. My TV and internet show. A good one!

Things like who is really behind the NRA’s adamant position, why haven’t the ten injured Americans air lifted out of Benghazi told their stories of Benghazi publically, freshman Congressman having an average net worth in excess of $1 million, Bush’s Secretary of the Interior getting a new personal bathroom that cost $220,000, why Rick Santorum should not be President, the story of a woman who orgasmed constantly for 19 years and committed suicide this past week, the Boeing 787 story, and more.

The show airs at 10 am my time. Available on television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19 through and including Miami-Dade county. Available world wide on the internet.

Bocce banquet last night at Don’s Place. Everyone there! Good to see them all! Fun!

This Lance Armstrong thing is amazing. Are sport heroes no longer pure? What a disgrace.

Morning Joe spent 15 minutes this morning discussing Armstrong’s confession. Consensus was that Armstrong was and is a sociopath. Interesting. There are many sociopaths in today’s society that destroy others’ lives for their own personal gain. With no remorse.

Africa is becoming international. We do not need another military involvement. Do what is necessary to get the American captives out. Then stay home! We have been in enough of these fights in recent years.

Again, watch my show this morning if you are able.

Enjoy your day!



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  1. Lance Armstrong is just a sad indictment on our drive to win at all costs, need for fame and wealth and total lack of moral judgement.

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