Jake visited my home for the first time yesterday. The house he liked. The outdoor deck he enjoyed. The pool…..forget it! Jake is afraid of the water, whether ocean or pool.

Really afraid!

Corey and the grandkids gently took him in the pool on three different occasions. He came right out. Once when he thought one of them was going to pick him up and take him back in, he ran like hell the other way.

So be it. At least we will not have to worry about Jake drowning.

After the family left, I headed over to Publix to pick up a few things. I went to the old Publix.

I bought little and the cost was $71! How do families do it, plus the cost of gasoline?

The old Publix is being remodeled. Signs everywhere. Dust settled around. I could not help but think the remodeling was one of the places Publix’s huge profit was going. I would have preferred their keeping the store as it was and offering lower prices.

Sunday dinner was at the Yacht Club. Love dining with the grandkids.

Lisa serves very little meat to her family. She herself is a vegetarian. Definitely no meat bacon. Turkey, yes. When Robert was at camp this summer, he was served pig bacon each morning with his breakfast. He acquired an instantaneous taste for it.

When he returned home, he turned Ally on to bacon.

Lisa did not and does not relent. It is still turkey bacon in her house.

The Yacht Club has a salad bar. One of the items is bacon pieces. Robert and Ally headed to the salad bar immediately upon arriving. They loaded up on the bacon. Two helpings each!

When dessert time arrived, we ordered three hot fudge sundaes. One for Robert, one for Ally, and one for me. I have my weight under such control that I can eat bad stuff on occasion. The hot fudge sundae was good!

Ally told me she finally decided on what to make for the recyclable project. A paper dress.

My back still bothers me. An occasional abrupt spasm. Please make it go away Lord!

Big doings in the Keys starting mid-week and running through Sunday.

The first is the Humphrey Bogart Film Festival in Key Largo. The first of what is hoped will be an annual event. Key Largo is the perfect venue. Bogart and wife Lauren Bacall made the movie Key Largo there. Plus, for several years there has been a Key Largo visitors’ site at the house which was featured in the film.

Many of Bogart’s films will be shown. Among them, two greats. Casablanca and the African Queen. The boat that was in the African Queen putting around African waters was brought to the United States several years ago and restored. The original African Queen will be a feature attraction at the Bogart Film Festival. Available for rides.

The other biggie this week is the Annual Smokin’ Tuna Key West Songwriters Festival. A mouthful!

This is the festival’s 18th year. Country and western stars from all over come to Key West to play and party together. From what I have seen in previous years, the partying actually involves sitting together and jamming. Is jamming the proper word? Whatever. They sit and enjoy playing music together.

The playing takes place all over Key West. Day time and night time.

Some big names in country and western music will be in Key West for the event. The hit maker Jeffrey Steele, guitarist Gary Clark, Jr., twice Grammy Award winner Rebecca Lynn Howard, and the legendary duo Steve Cropper and Chuck Cannon.

A big time with big names!

Today would have been my parent’s 79th wedding anniversary, if they were still here. My mother passed away 24 years ago. My Dad last year. At 98, I might add.

For their 50th, I threw a party. A big one. It was the wedding reception they never had. About 300 guests. At Alfredo’s in the Utica area. My mother was dressed in long. She had broken one of her big toes earlier in the day. It was not going to prevent her from having a good time. She danced barefoot all night.

I miss them both.

Enjoy your day!

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