Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother is long gone. I miss her. I sound like a child when I say it. That’s the way it is. We are all children when we think of our mothers.

Yesterday, my second bowling event in three years. Prior thereto, sometime back in the 1960s. Total bowling times in my life, 4-5.

It was a Don bowling party at the U.S. Navy Air Base at Boca Chica. There were 25 of us. Don divided us into five 5 person teams. My team mates were Stan, Tom, Clare, and Hershel.

We played well. Very well! We won! We had the highest score each of the three games played. Don’s team was second. We spotted them 15 points in the third game and still won.

I was of exceptional assistance. 84 in the first game. Followed up by something in the 60s the next two. Everyone was better than me! Did not bother me in the least. I had a wonderful time! Did not bother my team mates either.

One problem. The ball was heavy. Every time I picked it up. For real. I dropped it three times as I was in my stride preparing to throw the ball. I attribute the heavy feeling and dropping the ball to my age and being out of shape. More to being out of shape.

The food and drink were appropriate to the occasion. There was no gin of quality. I drank a brand I never heard of. Tom jokingly told me not to light a match near it. The food consisted of chicken fingers, onion rings and pizza.

Travel time and bowling itself consumed five hours. It was six when I arrived home. I had intended to go downtown for the Songwriter’s Festival. Duval was closed yesterday. A stage was erected in the street in front of Sloppy Joe’s. A free concert was scheduled  for 7. I never made it. Did not even try. I was tired. 

Another open house today. Will my home ever sell? I have to find a quiet place to sit with my computer and work on the Greece book.

Enjoy your Sunday!



I shoved Mother’s Day aside yesterday to express my feelings regarding the possible closing of the Chart Room and Wine Galley.

Sorry Mom! I still love you!

My mother is no longer with me. She passed on some 25 years ago. However, I am certain she walks with me every day.

To all mothers everywhere…..Happy Mother’s Day! Belatedly!

I now celebrate Mother’s Day with Lisa and her family. We went to Sunday dinner at the Yacht Club. Always a pleasant family experience.

Ally is 7, soon to be 8. She has begun to express her independence. She wants long hair. Long long hair! It is already down to her shoulders, if not a bit below. Her bangs cover her nose.

I suggested to Ally she have her hair cut. No way!!!

Robert is 8. He will be 9 wednesday. His independence is obvious, also. His hair is a bit long. One missed haircut long. Robert’s hair has become extremely curly. He looks terrific! The young ladies will be after him some day.

Great golf yesterday afternoon! I am glad Tiger won. Golf needs the excitement he brings to the game. I was pulling for Jeff Maggert, also. At 49 considered old for golf. He was in it till the end. Came in tied for second. Sergio committed the master screw up of the day. He put two in the water on 17.

Dinner was over by 8. I was showered, shaved and dressed. I did not want to go home. Decided to stop at Don’s Place. Only five at the bar. I knew no one. I surmised everyone was celebrating with their mothers and went home.

Jake got out of the yard. Lisa’s home is surrounded by fence. Robert and Ally left the front gate open when they came home from school. Jake went exploring.

Lisa was terrified! She found him a block away. Running all over. Jake is not car trained. She finally got him. Got Robert and Ally also. They were properly admonished. I doubt the front gate will ever be left open by them again.

The annual Truman Symposium is at the end of this week. Technically referred to as the Truman Legacy Symposium. May 17-18. At the Little White House. Truman made 11 different trips to Key West while President and stayed a total of 175 days.

Key West loves Harry Truman!

Doom and gloom abounds! Word is the Chart Room is going down. Could be unfounded gossip. The rumor is based on the fact that the Chart Room will be closed today. The employees have been told not to come in. As I understand it, they have not been told either way whether they have or do not have jobs.

No word on the Wine Galley.

Show time tomorrow night! Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. My blog talk radio show. Two items up for discussion. One is the IRS oppressing tea party organizations. The other, Muslims beheading 813 Italians in the late 1400s for refusing to convert to the Islamic religion. Plus anything else that comes to mind. Mine or yours.

Join me at 9 in the evening. An internet radio talk show.

Enjoy your day!



























Happy Mother’s Day!

My mother died almost 25 years ago. My father this past week. I guess that makes me an orphan of sorts.

Many thoughts have run through my mind this past week. Like I am now the patriarch of the family. A position I  would gladly have forsaken if it meant keeping Dad alive. A position that means I am probably the next one to go.

Strange how children think of their parents after they are gone. Mom is gone a long time and she is still in my thoughts every day. Yes, every day. She is in my mind now more than when she was alive.

I know it will be the same with my father.

I apologize for the morbidity in my recent blogs. I am sure you understand. Life goes on, however. Commencing tomorrow my blogs will be as they were.

My Mother’s Day will be with Lisa. A good mother!

By the way, Robert finally got better after being sick for six days. Ally came down with whatever he had yesterday. That is the way it goes.

Enjoy Mother’s Day!