The last time I visited the Hemingway House was 15 years ago. I decided to give it another shot yesterday. I am a fan and admirer of one of the world’s great writers. Imagine, he lived in Key West for ten years!

I did the touristy thing. Stood in line for a short while to purchase my admission. I think, $13. I thought the amount a bit steep. Did not recall paying that much 15 years ago. But then, it was 15 years ago!

The thing that impressed me the most was the same that did 15 years ago. The room where Hemingway wrote. It was over the garage. The garage was not attached to the house. No stairs to the room. Entrance was gained by sliding a board from a second floor window in the house to a window in the top floor room of the garage. Hemingway’s intent was to isolate himself. Not to be disturbed while he was writing.

The six toed cats intrigued me once again. Unusual.

There are a couple of urinals sitting on the lawn. By urinals, I mean those things men step up to and relieve themselves in. About five feet in length. Made of ceramic tiles. Bright tiny tiles.

The urinals have been hooked up to water lines and now serve as the cats’ drinking fountain.

The urinals are from the original Sloppy Joe’s on Green Street. Now, Captain Tony’s. When Joe was moving from Green Street to his present location on Duval, his friend Hemingway helped him. A bunch of guys literally carried the bar furniture from one place to another sometime after midnight one evening. A bit tipsy, I am sure.

Joe was not taking the urinals. Hemingway thought they were too attractive to leave. He disengaged them from the wall and had them removed to his house. The story is Hemingway carried them. I doubt it. Two or three together would be too heavy and cumbersome. On the other hand, Hemingway was a big man.

Then to the gym. One hour with Albert. Tough! I could get to dislike Albert.

Spent the rest of the day researching next week’s KONK Life column. It will involve the House of Representative threat to shut down the government again. This time over the EPA. The column will be revealing. I spent the last 25 years of my career in the environmental field. I know the motivations of the players first hand.

I find it interesting that this Congress that has passed little legislation has the time once again for a government shut down. And as of yesterday, Speaker Boehner announced the House intends to sue the President for purportedly over extending his Constitutional powers. Better the House do what they were elected to do. Pass legislation. Not be involved in political ploys.

The Supreme cCurt decided yesterday that cell phones are free from police seizure and inspection without a search warrant. Strange that the conservative portion of the Court supported the decision. Chief Justice Roberts even wrote it.

There is an Op-Ed column in this morning’s New York Times by Linda Greenfield. The title explains it…..Supreme Court Justices Have Cell Phones, Too.

Enjoy your day!



The title is a joke! We all know better!

It is however the title to my column in this week’s KONK Life which will be published Thursday. What it concerns is the fact that the House only worked 126 days this year and plans on working  113 days next year. The point of the article is if House members only work part time, they should be paid part time.

I believe you will find the column interesting.

The weather fantastic! Low 80s yesterday. The cool breeze off the ocean makes everything comfortable. It is a strong wind. At least 30 mph this morning.

I walked in the late morning yesterday. Parked the car at Square One. Headed toward the Atlantic. Went through the Southernmost Complex. Then the Reach. Followed the same path on the return trip. The walk took me through parking lots and garages, pool areas, and beaches. Excellent sight seeing. The water generally in my view.

Stayed in the rest of the day. Some reading, writing, and napping.

Permit me to share progress with regard to my book which will be published sometime this month. When I know the exact date, I will share it with you. The title is The World Upside Down.

The cover was finally agreed to by all concerned yesterday. I never realized how much time goes into a book cover. I like it. I hope you will. More so the book itself, of course. Parts of the book are still being edited.

We live and learn. Especially me. I refer to the following.

Tide is being stolen off store shelves in big numbers. Some stores to the extent of $10,000 to $15,000 a month. The stealing is across the United States. Why is Tide detergent all of a sudden in such big demand by thieves?

Tide is now a currency in the drug trade. It is used to purchase marijuana and cocaine. Interesting in itself. More interesting would be to know how the drug dealers turn the Tide into hard dollars.

Enjoy your day!






North Roosevelt Boulevard went two ways yesterday. I was not impressed.

I had to go into town twice. Traffic backed up big time going and coming. Used to be a four lane highway. Two lanes each way. I am doubtful this new temporary concept which also permits a middle turn lane will work. Besides delay, my sense is that there will be an increase in accidents.

I have decided to use Flagler for going and coming for a while. It will be out of my way a bit on the ingress portion of a trip. However, faster and safer.

Lisa and family over for a swim. The grandkids are fish!

I watched most of the Syracuse/North Carolina State game in the later afternoon. Syracuse won! 24-10. A big victory for the Orange who were a 6 point underdog.

Syracuse’s ground game looked good. Especially in the second half. Syracuse is now 3-3.

If I were inclined to suicide and cut my wrists, my blood would have flowed orange in pride.

Saturday bocce last night. A make up game. Could not be played when scheduled because of rain.

We won the first two games. I left at the start of the third. For some reason, I was very tired.

I played the first game. Frankie my partner. Don and Stan playing the other side. I sucked. Those three were the ones who actually won.

The second game found us down 10-0. I hate those games. We won 16-11. A comeback!

People are starting to get angry with the Washington fiasco. Here and there. From Washington to Hawaii. Veterans asserted themselves yesterday by visiting the World War II Memorial. Some came from as far away as Florida. Same in Hawaii where the December 7th Memorial was visited. Each time gates and barriers were opened by the visiting veterans. The  police never interfered.

I view the happenings here and there as seeds of unrest. The beginning of protests of sorts. In these instances, silent ones.

With regard to federal activities, only those deemed essential remain open. The House of Representatives have their own private gym. Must be essential. It is still open.

Most of the House members are still being paid, also. A small number have said they will donate their pay to charity. Most have not. Probably because they need a check to live on. Just as the hundred of thousands of furloughed federal employees do.

Our county is Monroe County. We house federal prisoners for periods of time in the county jail. The federal government pays rent for this service. Rather than a check, an IOU was received last week by the Sheriff.

Enjoy your Sunday!