From the depths of the Bible comes today’s David and Goliath story. Syracuse v. Florida State.

Florida State is ranked #2 in the country. Syracuse unranked. Florida State is 9-0. Syracuse 5-4.

The Vegas line is 38.5 points.

Take Syracuse. A chancy but good bet in my opinion.

In the 60 odd years I have been a diehard Syracuse fan, there have been 3-4 upsets. Games where a lowly Syracuse team beat a high ranked one. It happens.

This year’s Syracuse team has been improving. If our quarterback and receivers can meld and the defense plays its finest game, Syracuse wins! Again, it has happened. It can happen.

I have that feeling. Nothing more.

As to the 38.5 point Vegas difference, a good bet. I do not see a 50-7 game here. Again, simply my opinion. One which is not supported by any data.

The game will be nationally televised on ABC at 3:30. I will probably be at John Lukas’ Big Ten Sports Pub watching the game.

I spent a day and a half in bed. By last night, my stomach appeared back to normal. I did not eat, however. Waited till this morning.

Around 9 last night, I got chest pains. Sort of big. They came and went for 5 minutes. I used my nitroglycerin spray. Within 45 seconds, the pain was gone. A few minutes later, they came back. Nitroglycerin spray again. Pain went away again in 45 seconds. A few minutes later, the chest pain again.

This time I telephoned my heart doctor. I spent some time in the hospital last night. He examined me, had me tested, etc. While all this was going on, I had no chest pains. He could find nothing. That was ok with me. There have been no pains since.

However, I am scheduled 7:30 Monday morning for a stress test. He also has put me on a small dose nitroglycerin pill which I am to take every day.

There are some inconveniences to getting old. I do not view them as disadvantages. The inconveniences are health problems. As long as correctable, who am I to complain.

Almost forgot! My book! The World Upside Down. The book was published last wednesday. It is available in ebook and paperback on and

Enjoy your day!


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