I write today’s blog with all due respect to the ladies. Offensive I am not trying to be. However, this is the week of many bare breasts in Key West. It is Fantasy Fest!

There is regulation with regard to permitted nudity. You cannot run around bare ass. Though a few do.

There are two basic ordinances/laws to be followed. If not, a person is subject to arrest.

The first involves a woman’s breasts.  The nipple area must be covered. If body painted, it will be considered covered. Some ladies opt for pasties which are considered ok.

The ladies have their breasts painted. There are stands/tents all over Duval performing the service. Prices anywhere from $75 to $125. The paint job lasts a week. After the first 24 hours, a woman can shower and the paint will not come off.

Some ladies push the envelope. They wish to be as nude as possible. All nude if such can be legally accomplished. The breasts are normally painted with large palm trees, birds or fish. Shades of Key West. However, a certain number who want to cover as little as possible, have an inch or two surrounding the nipple area painted. No more.

The female genitals come into play. The area is spray painted. Not much. Just enough to cover what must be covered.

In recent years, a new gambit has come into play. The ladies have their entire bodies spray painted. Faces, also. All one color. I think mentally they believe this is closer to true nudity.

The second law/ordinance to be concerned with involves sex itself. Sex acts in public places are strictly prohibited. Makes sense. Although an adult party, people should only go so far.

I was up before the sun this morning. Dressed and out in my car. Just before 7. Still dark.

I was on my way to Publix. I have been dieting all week and had absolutely nothing I considered diet food in the house. Not wishing to screw up what thus far has been a successful five days, I decided to shop.

I was at Publix just as the doors opened. About 20 people shopping. A good time to shop. You basically have the store to yourself. I did not need much. But what I needed I had to have lest I blow my diet. I spent all of $17.

The ants have returned! In a new place in the kitchen.

There is a high dining counter at one end. I sit on a high stool. It is where I write this blog and all my writings. It is also where I eat. I suspect I may have dropped a crumb or two.

As I began this blog, I felt something crawling up my leg. It was an ant! The tiny ones. I looked on the floor and they were all over below me. TERRO houses have been laid out. I suspect the ants will be gone by tomorrow.

A pain in the ass!

The Key West Citizen reported this morning that the Florida keys are the most vulnerable to a sea rise. Caused by global warming, of course. The most vulnerable spot to be affected by rising waters in all of the United States. Perhaps, the world.

Syracuse my Syracuse! Got beat big time yesterday. 55-0 by Georgia Tech. We shall return. The trip back is painful, however.

I have to avoid the near occasions of sin when I diet. On the other hand, I have to get out. Last night I went downtown. One stop only. Irish Kevin’s for two drinks. I did not eat last night at all.

I like Irish Kevin’s, though I rarely go. It is a couple of doors down from Sloppy Joe’s on Duval. The attraction for me are the young lady customers who go up on stage and exhibit their breasts. I am a voyeur at heart.

My Friday TV/internet show, The Key West Lou Legal Hour, is You Tubed. I am having a problem. Perhaps some of you may be able to help.

The shows are not being You Tubed in order. The show consists of five segments. They do not show up on You Tube in sequential order nor are they all grouped together. Shows from three or six months ago pop up in between segments. How do I get them to show in order?

Please understand that the show cannot be You Tubed as one item. Television station personnel tell me it has to be in separate segments. I do not understand why, except that it may have to do with time at the TV station’s end.

My shows have been You Tubed for several months. I do the show Friday mornings. My show is rerun on television Saturday afternoons. It is supposed to be You Tubed at six Saturday evening. Sometimes nothing appears. Like here it is Sunday morning and Friday’s show is not yet up.

It is not easy.

The You Tubed shows in whatever order are available for viewing, never the less. Go to You Tube. Then enter Lou’s Legal Hour.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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